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Best Content Marketing Brands To copy

Every year companies and enterprises come up to the top to become leaders in content marketing.

They might be awesome new start-up ventures or global giants or even small outlets offering some novelty to the consumers out there.

The best are the ones with lit interactive content hubs that drive conversions, lead social media following, innovative integrations, and strong back stage strategies and measurement plans.

They’re the brands that make us halt and observe what we’re doing and serve as an inspiration for other companies too.

These companies are currently greatest performers in this genre of marketing. Their approaches to marketing are fresh, innovative, and creative.

It’s clear that these companies are fully invested in this marketing. Take a look at some of the top content marketing brands been collected for you here and be inspired to get innovating with your content marketing.

A few of the Top Content Marketers entities for you—

Content Marketing #1: American Express


American Express was a hit in content marketing this year. The credit card company can be described as the “gold standard” of content marketing brands, or a “shining example” for brands using content marketing.

For a decade now, the brand has had its Open Forum, a blog and website dedicated to small businesses.

It has reached more than one million monthly visitors, and has more than 10,000 small businesses signed up for its directory. Open Forum does well because it gives small businesses a place to go for advice and help, as well as to sound off.

Content Marketing #2: Domino’s


Domino’s Pizza is possibly the “next big tech giant” due to its commitment to using technology at its best to serve its customers better.

Around half of the pizza company’s sales are through digital channels and social media channels these days. It’s truly one of the top content marketing brands.


Content Marketing


With clever content marketing concepts, Domino’s has jumped on the market real high, and it’s paid off for the brand. Their determination towards their idea is really inspirational for others to look upto.

Content Marketing #3: Cisco

Cisco, a tech empire that sells networking hardware, might not sound like the most exciting company — but it’s one of the top content marketing brands.

Its technology news site containing a series of videos showcasing how professionals around the world are using technology is a major hit.

It also has a series of blogs that give readers helpful tips and information. Cisco also uses social media to great success.

Content Marketing #4: Virgin Mobile


Virgin Mobile was one of the early birds to content marketing strategy. As one of the top content marketing brands, it created Virgin Mobile Live, a newsroom that shared and published content several times a day, every day.

Virgin also worked with Buzzfeed, creating nearly 200 pieces of content on the site and leading to more than nine million total engagements.

Content Marketing #5: Starbucks


This brand needs no introduction; and because of it no one needs an introduction to coffee. In September, Starbucks launched “Upstanders,” its first content series that featured videos, written stories, and podcasts.

In December, the company launched “1st and Main,” an animated web series. Starbucks has a blog too, 1912 Pike, that offers recipes and information about brewing and sourcing coffee.

Content Marketing #6: Intel iQ


With nearly 3 million unique visitors a month, Intel iQ has traffic numbers that many content marketers would envy. They have created an iQ editorial bible that defines the site’s mission, voice, tone, and standards that every person who works on each site follows.

The central content their team strives to create pieces that will appeal to all markets, and local editors customize content so it speaks to their audiences.

Beyond traffic, they are also focused on conversions as the ultimate KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to ensure they’re engaging and retaining an audience of Intel loyalists.

Content Marketing #7: LEGO


LEGO is on a quest to become the world’s largest toymaker and is almost there, thanks to its best-in-class content marketing efforts.

LEGO’s core content strategy focuses on UGC (User Generated Content), which is reasonable, given the nature of the product.

Users are proud of their LEGO creations, and they post photos and videos of them on social media. On YouTube, alone, LEGO fans have created 20 times more videos than LEGO, itself.

Plus their 2017 film, The LEGO Batman Movie helped raise numbers to a great extent.

Content Marketing #8: Rolex


Rolex is a swanky, old luxury brand that’s done well with content marketing. The brand does well with its marketing by creating a consistent voice.

While other brands have shown that being weird works, Rolex takes the opposite approach. It comes off as tasteful and refined on its Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Not to mention, its publicity of the fact that most of its earnings go into charity, people love it as they see it as an act of generosity also, while buying their products.

Content Marketing #9: Coca-Cola


Coke has shown itself to be good at content marketing, creating an online magazine and going all in with a marketing mission known as Content 2020.

Simply put, Coke knows that it needs to produce the best and most engaging content if it wants to continue to connect with its customers, provided the fact that global soda consumption levels are going down.

Content Marketing #10: LinkedIn


LinkedIn may be considered a social site as cool as Facebook, or maybe barely qualifies as one for many, but it deployed its own tactics to its rescue.

Its platform is for elitist professionals and businesses, and it’s making a point to show that off.

One way it’s doing that is through its Marketing Solutions arm, which offers tips to businesses who want to reach a B2B (Business-to-Business) audience through content on LinkedIn.


Content Marketing


Along with offering original content, LinkedIn also has Pulse, which administers content for its users, and showcases that content right at their homepage.

Hope you’re motivated enough looking at these brands get all crazy with their content marketing schemes, in some cases to save their play in the market; you should at least consider beginning with it. Content marketing can either make you or break you. You should get to it.