Content Marketing Website

Anatomy of a Content Marketing Website That Converts

Your content marketing website has the most difficult job ever since it not only has to be appealing to your site visitors but it also has to encourage them to engage with it and also guide the users towards taking the necessary action.

The website does all this without necessarily knowing anything about the visitors when they first land on the website. Your content marketing website should be able to do the following even without having any personal information about the prospect.

• It should be able to address any problems that the prospect may have

• It should be able to educate the prospect

• The website should be able to showcase your experience or expertise

• The content marketing website should be able to prove the effectiveness of your solutions

• It should be able to build trust between your prospects and your brand

• The website should provide visitors with a way to get in touch with you

The effectiveness of your content marketing website will depend on the planning and strategy you put into it. Don’t be worried we will give you tips on how to do all that.

1. Content Marketing Website Tip: Define Success


It is important that you first determine what you consider to be the success of your website before you even start constructing it.

If you know what you want to achieve using the website then you will be able to design it with your goal in mind. You may have more than one success point for your website but that should not be a problem because a website can be a multifunctional tool.

The goals that you set will vary with the content piece that you produce. The most important thing to keep in mind throughout this process is that despite the differences in the number of goals that each content piece has they should all tie back to achieving one common business goal.

2.Content Marketing Website Tip: Take Stock Of Where You Are


Before you can even start thinking about creating your website you have to do an inventory of the content that you already have.

You may even be able to reuse some of the old content that you have, which will save you a lot of money and resources which you can channel elsewhere.

If you have old content that just needs to be changed a little so as to conform to the new marketing campaign you have then you will be able to save a lot of time that would otherwise have been used in doing research for content to be used.

3.Content Marketing Website Tip: Adopt The Proper Perspective


It is important that you make sure that your website is organized, written, and focused according to your prospect’s perspective.

You have to be able to convince the prospects that the solutions you are offering can solve their problems. You should not push your agendas and values or inspirations to the users during the early stages of the funnel.

Ensure that the content marketing pages are dedicated to the early-funnel prospects who have not yet decided that they would like to get their problem solutions from you.

4. Content Marketing Website Tip: Do Your Research


Content Marketing Website


Before you can come up with the content to use for your content marketing website you have to do a lot of valuable research. The things that you have to think about include the following:

• Where does your target audience spend most of their time when they are online

• The behavior, demography, and psychographics of your target audience

• What keywords you should have in your content so as to maximize your search engine optimization campaign.

• You should research on what people are currently talking about on social media and what type of questions they are asking as well as all other content gaps in the market currently.

5. Content Marketing Website Tip: Answer The Right Questions


If you do not know the common questions that prospects ask then it’s time that you stop thinking of creating your content marketing page and consult with your customer service team and sales reps.

Ensure that the website you create is able to answer the questions that are common to all prospects, effectively. You can also go a step further to answer those questions the prospects don’t even know they want to ask yet.

This is a very crucial step in creating your marketing content pages as it will determine whether or not the prospects will feel comfortable enough to engage with your brand or if he/she will just casually pass through your page.

6. Content Marketing Website Tip: Come Up With An Editorial Plan


The first thing that you should consider when coming up with an editorial plan is the tone and voice your brand uses and then look for a way to apply that to your content.

It is important to make sure that the tone you use directly speaks to your target audience and also has personality.

When your brand’s voice shines through your content pieces it helps to eliminate any confusion on the part of your audience.

This strategy is extremely important if you are running a cross-channel marketing campaign and you would like your prospects to remain loyal to you.

7. Content Marketing Website Tip: Content Creation


Content Marketing Website


This is the most interesting and involving part of this whole process. There are so many ways to create content including blog posts, photo albums, slideshows, podcasts and so much more.

You have to decide who will be creating the content you will use for your marketing campaign and then you should draft a creative brief for the one you chose to create your content.

Provide the content creator with all the research material that you have to acquire in order to help him/her to have the bigger picture of what exactly you want.

8. Content Marketing Website Tip: Content Distribution And Promotion


This is the most important step in the creation of your content marketing website. Getting your content in front of your target audience is the goal of your marketing campaign and thus you should be diligent about this stage.

The promotion of your content is what will actually drive traffic to your website. You can use different methods to do this which include blogger outreach and traditional public relations which could go a long way in giving your content the exposure it greatly needs.

You can even share a link on the social media sites your company is active on which can be used by your fans to visit your website and they can also share your link with their social networks.

9. Content Marketing Website Tip: Ask For Action


Content Marketing Website


Every page that you have on your website should lead the prospects towards a specific action which should be taking the next step in their buyers’ journey.

It may prove to be a bit difficult to balance staying focused while at the same time presenting your visitors with options that are reasonable for their next step.

This will require a lot of planning as well-being strategic so as to determine which options to give.

10. Content Marketing Website Tip: Measure Your Results


You should make sure you keep track of how your content marketing website is performing and measure it against the benchmark you had set when you came up with the goals for your page.