Content Marketing Ideas You Should Stop Ignoring for Your eCommerce Business

Content Marketing Ideas You Should Stop Ignoring for Your eCommerce Business

Content marketing is the soul of search engine optimization. No matter how effective your SEO strategy is, it is incomplete without unique, crisp, and engaging content. As eCommerce businesses continue to take the internet by storm, content marketing can make a difference where it counts.

Blog Regularly

Any decent eCommerce site requires a blog. Blogs serve two primary functions - providing news on a business’s niche to its customers, and utilizing this as a social marketing and SEO tool. The aim here is to establish credibility with the customers, as well as the search engines.

Blogging on an eCommerce site helps form a bond with customers and encourages a longer term relationship. But to achieve that your blog needs to be authoritative, useful and unique.

Since your blog should be of interest both to your business niche and your customers, try to blog about a mix of both news in your market and innovations on your own site. For example, if you have just implemented a new checkout system or site redesign, draw your customers’ attention to it, and make sure they understand its benefit.

And remember to use lot of photos in your content to engage the readers, while introducing them to your products in a visually appealing manner.

Create Interesting Videos

Creating creative, useful, and informative videos are an essential attribute of content marketing. Making how-to and product description videos that help the customers understand your products can go a long way in winning the loyalty of the existing customers, and attracting new ones.

The videos can showcase how to use the product, it’s uniqueness, features and so on. Videos are a friendly yet effective call-to-action. The more illustrative and precise the video is, the better your conversion rate will be.

Remember that it’s essential to share the video on various social media sites for effective outreach.

Creating Unique, Friendly and Creative FAQ

Sort through your inbox to find out the most frequently asked questions and answer them in not only the crisp and concise manner, but in a way that adds a flavor of originality, and humor if your line of business permits it.

It is a fun way to keep your visitors engaged, and create a unique impression. Adding humor to the FAQ is nothing new, but do not force it. Simply, reflect upon your experience and wrap the answers with your brand’s personality.

From search engine optimization or content marketing point of view, the FAQ section is a good place to add internal and external links, as well as targeted keywords and keyword phrases.

Utilize Guest Posts

Guest posts are highly powerful content pieces, which combines the power of marketing and public relation. They can not only introduce your brand through an already popular blog to a new audience, but with authority and useful content, also generate organic traffic. Word of mouth marketing is triggered through guest posts, which is known to generate some very potential leads.

Promote Your Content

Your content won’t be the asset you need it to be till you promote it well. If it doesn't reach your target audience through various platforms on the internet, it would not create impact or generate the kind of attention it deserves.This can be a deal breaker in ways more than one, and can have grave consequences in the long-term.

Content marketing is all about spreading your ‘branded’ content online.

This, in other words, means that it’s a very subtle way to enhance your online presence, not only through powerful and persuasive content, but through links that the content is embedded with.

An eCommerce site relies greatly on social recommendation, and this is triggered by earning the credibility of the target audience. The first step to earn the credibility in the online B2B marketplace is to know who your target audience is, know what they are looking for. Then, address their needs.

Promotion can be anything from generating QR codes and placing them in surprising places, to social media advertising. Be as creative as your site requires.


In conclusion, marketing can be done through not only products and services that you sell on your eCommerce site, but also through content that is powerful, convincing and can lead to conversion.

Create content and market it, not only to generate traffic, but to set a trend and showcase your brand’s personality. Educate your customers through useful content, video and blog posts; don’t just put it out there for the sake of it. Communicate with your audience through comments and other mediums, and increase the lifespan of your content.

Creatively use your keywords, but do not stuff your content with it. Focus on building relationships with your customers, and go an extra mile for that. If you are able to achieve that, the content will market itself.