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How to Collaborate on Creating an Effective Landing Page

Creating an effective landing page, like most things, is better when working with a team. Collaboration might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about creating your landing page, but there are some key reasons that collaboration could make a big difference during this process.

In this article, we will define visual collaboration, demonstrate its importance in landing page generation, and go over some strategies that emphasize its efficacy.

Visual Collaboration Definition

As defined on Fresco, “Visual collaboration is the practice of workplace collaboration driven by technology. It hinges on the ability for people to collaborate using visual elements as tools to expand their understanding and communicative abilities.”

For some, visual collaboration might be an inherent part of their workplace, and for others, it can be a completely foreign concept. The important thing to recognize about visual collaboration is that it emphasizes using visual aids to assist in the general collaborative process.

This could look like a simple brainstorming session that adds some images, graphics, or organizational structure, or could be a completely unique exercise like design thinking

Either way, it’s important to recognize the visual component that makes this style of collaboration distinct and important.

Landing page analysis

Why Visual Collaboration is Important for Landing Page Generation

Yes visual collaboration is unique, but how is it relevant to landing page generation?

Visual collaboration is a very similar technique to design thinking, a strategy we will discuss momentarily and allows your team to think beyond the capacity of verbalizing your contributions and ideas.

This style of collaboration and brainstorming relies on your shared ability to visualize the items you’re talking about and look at them from an entirely new angle.

Putting things in a different light is an extremely important aspect of creating an effective landing page because it enables your team to find diverse solutions to your pain points and also emphasizes the visualization of these solutions. Visualizing your solution is critical because the final product will be inherently visual, so it only makes sense to use a visual brainstorming method to get to that solution.

Now that we have a solid understanding of visual collaboration let’s go into some specific collaboration strategies that help with landing page creation.

Collaboration Strategies for Landing Page Creation

Collaboration is always helpful, but it’s most effective when applied to some specific exercises that benefit the most from its inclusion. Here are some of our favorite collaboration exercises when building a landing page.

Design Thinking

Design thinking in many ways is the manifestation of visual collaboration and is one of the best exercises to engage in when your team is building a new landing page.

Design thinking is a problem-solving strategy that presents a unique and alternate method for ideating solutions. This problem-solving method focuses on visual elements in order to find a new perspective on both your problems and your solutions.

Design thinking asks its participants to think about their problems from a visual perspective: What does it look like? How is it interpreted? How does it manifest? 

It also asks them to look at the solutions through a similar lens: How do we want it to look? How does it address the problem? What are some visual inspirations?

Landing Page Creation

Being able to talk about visualization and solution-ideation is important, but doing so in collaboration is what makes design thinking special. Design thinking prioritizes ideation as a group, swapping ideas and thinking about solutions that go much deeper than surface-level concerns. This might seem bold but when you’re collaborating with visual elements you are able to understand each other on a very deep level almost instantly.

One of the reasons design thinking is so important for creating a landing page is that the final product is inherently one that is based around clean visuals and high-value content. Design thinking prioritizes those aspects in the brainstorming process which makes it a valuable exercise for teams looking to build an effective landing page.

Create Simplicity

One of the most important things that a landing page can be is simple. When you have a simple message, visuals that are basic and digestible, and content that is valuable and to the point, you have a recipe for a great landing page. Creating simplicity isn’t easy however and can make a big difference when attracting and retaining visitors. 

When faced with a problem of over-complication, it’s important to look at the specific ways that the problem manifests in your landing page/content while also thinking about why it’s getting complicated in the first place. This is a great opportunity to use a collaboration template known as the solution laddering board.

Solution laddering poses an initial problem statement and asks you to brainstorm ways that this problem manifests in your landing page and the reasons behind its manifestation. 

Fresco Design Evolution

By analyzing both the “how” and the “why”, you and your team are able to find all the places that can be simplified further and can also realize the reasons behind the complication in the first place. This strategy helps avoid similar issues in the future.

Solution laddering is simply one example of how creating simplicity is extremely helpful when building an effective landing page and adds a layer of collaboration that is incredibly helpful for any online team.

Design Evolution Template

The design evolution template is important for any product/service and is a great way to visualize the creation process for your landing page design.

This template allows your team to collaborate on a board that highlights multiple different phases of the design process and proceeds from iteration to iteration while making important changes to your plan.

This template also emphasizes simplicity within your landing page and is geared towards creating a design that you know you love. Understanding what your landing page will look like and feel like is critical to being able to translate your design to your website, and creating multiple iterations on the design evolution template is a great way to do this collaboratively. So whether you want to build a client portal with the help of your landing page or boost sales, visual elements are crucial for success. 

By creating iterations and collaborating on them, your team can find areas to streamline and areas to beef up before submitting a final design. Having a solid design file is critical to making an effective landing page and using the design evolution template is a way to create that while also collaborating with your team.

Deliver Value

Creating a landing page with serious value is one of the best ways to keep people coming back to your page and eventually transition them to be paying customers.

This is the principal ideology behind content marketing, which we define as “... a marketing strategy that emphasizes pushing high-value content to consumers in an attempt to broaden your audience and ultimately increase profitable actions from those consumers”.

Promoting good, high-value content to your visitors is one of the best strategies to creating brand value/brand loyalty and should be at the very top of your list when building an effective landing page.

When creating high-value content and selecting what content will appear on your landing page, it’s also important to integrate collaboration into your creative process. 

Collaborating when creating long-form content is crucial, but also when selecting headlines, designs, and infographics, it’s important to get multiple sets of eyes on your content. This ensures that it’s informed by multiple perspectives and is really hitting the goal of providing as much value as possible.

By collaborating on a content marketing strategy you can ensure that your design is providing ample value to your users and integrate multiple different perspectives into the content creation process.

Fresco Solution Laddering

Collaborative Optimization

Landing Page Optimization is the process of analyzing the successes & failures of previous landing pages and conducting A/B testing with your team to figure out where the best places to optimize your strategy are.

This is important to do in collaboration because, just like when creating valuable content, people will always have a slightly different idea of what’s important and what needs to be prioritized in order to create a perfect landing page.

The different campaign variables that are usually analyzed and optimized are the headings, the imagery, your value proposition, your sign-up form, and your distinct call to action. Some might think headings are the most vital piece, while others might say the imagery used is crucial.

Having multiple perspectives when looking into landing page optimization helps highlight all of the diverse viewpoints your users might have and gives you the best chance at running the most successful campaign possible.

Team Testing

Optimization is not the only way you can come together to analyze your landing page. One of the best ways to expose flaws in your design or places that can be optimized is simply through testing.

Testing is not something that should be done by a single individual, however, but can be accomplished by an entire team.

Whether your team conducts multiple individual tests or has one large testing session together, it’s important that you ensure your landing page design gets a ton of different eyes on it.

Collaborating on testing is super helpful in exposing some small, and large, flaws in your design system and making sure no error goes unnoticed. Without an entire team dedicated to finding these errors and posing solutions, it’s much more likely that some errors will slip through the cracks and find their way into your final landing page.

While team testing isn’t required, it’s a great strategy to implement when iterating your landing page to ensure it looks exactly how you want.


Creating an effective landing page is one of the best things you can do for your business, and creating instances of collaboration is critical in order to ensure it looks exactly like you want. If you want to learn more about how to collaborate online, make sure you check out Fresco.