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8 Best Examples of Click Through Landing Pages

What is a (click-through) Click-Through landing page? Click-through landing pages are most valuable at the bottom of every funnel for warming up the leads to a particularly high-scrutiny offer.

This landing page type allows visitors to read persuasive information about an offer without being distracted by the terrifying “buy” button.

How do you “warm them up”? Intrigue them with your headline, promise to solve their problems with your copy, and help them imagine themselves as a hero with your images.

Below we’ve taken some examples of click through landing pages from across the web to give you an idea of the best, and worst ways, to convince your prospects to click through:

Click-Through Landing Pages: Google Cloud Platform


• The headline and CTA both include the word “free.”

• A testimonial from the creator of popular game, Angry Birds, aligns Google with well-known brands.

• Bulleted copy above the CTA quickly conveys the benefit of converting, making it one of the best examples of click through landing pages.

Click-Through Landing Pages: Moz Pro


• The image gives prospects a sneak peek into what Moz dashboards look like.

• The yellow CTA button stands out against a dark blue background.

• The call-to-action is written in first person.

• Social proof reading “35,000 customers use razorfish” showcase Moz’s popularity.

• Authority badges align Moz with some powerful brands.

• Short paragraphs quickly explain the benefits of Moz’s software.

• A testimonial, complete with full name, position, and company name, is as credible and powerful as testimonials get.

• Two cooperative CTAs give prospects the opportunity to convert more than once.

Click-Through Landing Pages: Atlassian


• Social proof below the headline displays how widely used JIRA is.

• The video quickly explains the benefit of using the software.

• Short paragraphs tout the benefits of using the software.

• Uber-short, benefit-centered videos take advantage of our visual nature.

• A testimonial that includes name, position, and company name adds credibility to Atlassian’s software.

• The call-to-action includes the word “Free.” A single reason why Atlassian is easily the best example of click through landing pages.

Click-Through Landing Pages: Animoto


• The headline conveys a clear benefit “Create professional video slideshows,” however, it could be better. What will creating professional video slideshows help prospects do? How about “‘Wow’ your audience with professional video slideshows.”

• The video samples show the versatility of the software without driving visitors off the page.

• Bulleted copy quickly conveys the benefits of using Animoto.

• The text “No credit card required” comforts prospects by ensuring the trial is actually free.

• The word “free” is used multiple times on the page.

CTA Landing Pages: Intuit


• The logo is not clickable, making it impossible to escape through.

• The headline conveys a clear benefit.

• The word “free” is mentioned in relation to the offer.

• The text “Limited time offer” creates scarcity.

Click-Through Landing Pages: Lumosity


• The CTA button color “pops” off the page.

• Social proof in the text “70 million brain trainers in 182 countries” highlights how many people use Lumosity.

• The text “100+ researchers worldwide” adds authority to the page, indicating that even leading scientists use the program to explore new areas of human cognition.

• The case study proves that Lumosity actually is one of the best examples of click through landing pages.

Click-Through Landing Pages: Sallie Mae


• The model’s gaze is in the direction of the CTA button, serving as a visual cue leading us to it. Studies have shown that we tend to look where humans in images do.

• Bulleted copy below the image quickly conveys the benefits of taking out this loan.

• Two cooperative CTAs give users more than one chance to convert.

Click-Through Landing Pages: Nationwide Pet Insurance


• This headline, while not conveying a benefit, does serve as social proof. If Nationwide is the most trusted pet insurer in the US, wouldn’t you be more likely to use them, too?

Bulleted copy makes it easy to learn why Nationwide is flexible, risk-free, trustworthy, and stable.

• The yellow button contrasts the white background nicely, commanding visitor attention.

• The phone number is click-to-call, making it easy for viewers to contact Nationwide.

A Click-Through landing page has the power to “warm up” your visitors to your offer, or to drive them away. Try not to design your landing page so as to do the latter, instead, take inspiration from these best examples of click through landing pages and shine in glory!