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12 Key Elements of Catchy Email Subject Lines That Will Increase ROI

Having great and informative email content is an excellent job. However, you need to devise ways to attract the attention of your audience and give them the urge to click and read through the information you are presenting to them. The best way to achieve this is by having great email subject lines.

Remember, it is a competitive world out there and a great email header will help you stand out from the crowd and give you the maximum desired results.

Qualities of great email subject lines

For great results, your email header should:

Email Subject Lines Tip #1: Have a sense of urgency


Creating an email title is an art that requires creativity. Strategically position it and use words that indicate a sense of urgency.

This will drive your readers to open and read the email and even take any required action.

Email Subject Lines Tip #2: Arouse Curiosity


Use power words that will trigger your readers’ interest and natural desire to find more about your subject.

This will automatically push them to open the email and in return a higher opening rate for you.

Email Subject Lines Tip #3: Give an Offer

Email Subject Lines

Who doesn’t love free things or experiences? Include your free offers or discount as early as possible in your title and you will experience great traffic in your email.

Email Subject Lines Tip #4: Be Personalized


It is so much discouraging for a reader to open an email and discover it is not what they are interested in.

Understanding the needs, interest, likes, and dislikes of your audience is important.

This will help you gear your title towards their individual needs and specifications.

Make it relevant and timely so that they are encouraged to click on your email. This will help you gear your title towards their individual needs and specifications.

Email Subject Lines Tip #5: Be Timely


Study the market trend and know any changes in your audience’ needs and specifications.

Craft a subject that addresses these trends. This will not only generate more traffic but it will also help you establish your brand in the market.

Email Subject Lines Tip #6: Give an Indication Of A Great Content


People will become even more intrigued if you give them a clue that your content is a great one.

You can briefly highlight the content of your piece in the subject line. Make the readers feel that the content is clickable and readable as soon as possible.

Email Subject Lines Tip #7: Address Individuals As Much As Possible


What if you personalized the subject line so that you are able to address each audience by their individual name?

Mentioning the readers by their name will give them a feeling that you value them and their needs. This will just create more traffic for you.

12 Tips To Create An Excellent Email Subject Lines

Email Subject Lines

It is good that you are now familiar with the qualities to make your email header great.

But this will not be enough if you really don’t know how to go about arousing curiosity, giving an offer, recognizing your audience or any other feature that will grab the attention of your audience as early as possible.

Below are tips to help you get your audience hooked and interested in the information you want to communicate:

Use Short, Sweet And Clear Subject Line


More is boring. Besides, you don’t want to ignore the readers that use phone devices.

Do you? Longer email subject lines will be cut off on such devices. We suggest at most 50 characters so that all the information reaches the audience.

You can achieve this by carefully choosing your words and ignoring the words that add no value.

Use Recognized Sender Name


Who wants to talk to robots? Ensure that you use famous and familiar names that the readers can easily recognize. Otherwise, they will consider it spam.

Avoiding generic addresses gives the audience the feeling that they are actually speaking to a real person. This will boost trust and credibility.

Use Personalization Tokens


Build a rapport by addressing the readers by their name in the subject line. This will not only make them feel special but it will also give you higher clicks.

Make Genuine Offers


Remember you need to give an offer in your subject line. This can range from giving discounts, free gifts or fascinating experience.

Just be sure to offer what you can deliver. False promises will reduce the readers’ trust and many of them will just unsubscribe from your email altogether.

Make the offer clear and specific. Words like ‘’ get your guide’’ works magic than the generic ‘’thank you’’

Make It Timely


Imagine sending emails about winter during summer time. No one will click that and even if you are lucky to get a few people to open the mail, they will unsubscribe as fast as possible.

Be familiar with current happenings and identify the needs, then give an indication that you are addressing them in the subject line.

This will see the readers get hooked on the piece as well as taking the necessary call to action.

Use Concise And Specific Value Driven Words


Make your subject line clear and concise. Avoid flowered words and instead, go for words that communicate of specific value or benefits the reader will acquire from reading the email.

A subject line like, ‘’Increase your traffic by 60% now ‘’ is more enticing than ‘’How to increase traffic.’’

Start With A Strong Call To Action

Email Subject Lines

You want to grab attention as early as possible. Start the subject line with a strong and actionable CTA.

This will entice your audience to click through the mail by giving a sense of urgency, curiosity, and excitement. ‘’Dine with the kings’’ is more enticing than the generic ‘’ a great meal for the kings.’’

Make Your Audience Feel Great


Coin your subject line to make the readers feel special. This is purely psychological and the intention is to give your audience a sense of belonging. You want to make them feel loved and appreciated. The result will be long-term loyalty and a higher traffic rates.

Phrases like, “Our best customer only’’ or ‘’special invite’’ are known to work magic.

Use Compelling Rhetoric Questions


Questions are known to create alertness and to draw more attention. Use questions that are directly related to the problems that they seek solutions to.

Spice It Up With A Good Pun


Use pun words to make it interesting and delightful. Though this depends on the professionalism of your email, a little pun will ease the air. Just don’t overdo it.

Don’t Use All Caps Or Unnecessary Exclamation Marks


Don’t shout at your readers or clatter the subject line with unwanted and irritating exclamation marks.

Readers consider them irritating, disruptive and disturbing to the eye. To stand out in your readers’ inbox, personalize your email, be relevant and use simple language.

Test Your Subject Line


It is important to note that what tip work for company A might not work for company B. Conduct a test for each element to know which combination works best for you.



Use these tips to create a great email subject line today. For professional help, you can seek the input of Lander and their experienced staff will help you with your email marketing.