Case Study Landing Page

5 Great Case Study Landing Page Examples To Inspire You

Case Study Landing Page Examples: With the ever-growing digital marketing competitions, you need to find effective ways to design your web page.

This will not only help you get traffic to your page, but it will also help retain people who visit the page and even make it easy for them to undertake actions as you direct.

Landing pages have various elements which must be properly incorporated to fit a particular business venture. Necessary adjustments should also be made when the need arises to meet the market demand which changes daily.

This article will highlight some case study landing page examples to inspire you and help you get it right with the landing pages.

Below are the examples of the case studies:

Case Study Landing Page Example #1: Betting Expert


This is a site for online sports betting. They tested various elements of a landing page to know which element combinations gave them higher conversion rates.

Their control form page had the generic ‘’sign up’’ and they did not provide any offer in the form to entice their customers as shown in the image below:

Case Study Landing Page

They have customized their entry form with a simple and lead oriented call to action, making it easy for customers to recognize the value to be achieved rather than the generic simple call to action. The result was a 31.54% increase in customer conversion.

Case Study Landing Page

Reasons for the increase in conversion rate

• The treatment focused on communicating the benefit ‘’FREE betting tips’’ as early as possible, arousing curiosity. Who doesn’t love free things?

• They customized call to action ‘’sign up & get the best daily tips,’’ is not only enticing but it is also manipulative in a way. The words are coined so well to include both the CTA and value.

Case Study Landing Page Example #2: Vendio


Vendio was worried about the low conversion rates and the main contributor to this was their entry form. Their initial Signup form appeared as shown below:

Case Study Landing Page

They had to devise ways to increase the conversion rates. They removed the less eye-catching entry form. The result was:

• A room for larger and eye-catching images.

• Space for a larger USP.

• Strategically placed call to action button.

• A 60% rise in customer conversion.

Important Suggestion

• Placing the sign-up form on the right side instead of the left side could result in more lead generations. This is because many people view forms from top left, right and finally down to the left. This would entice more customers to sign up.

These are the changes Vendio made on their entry form:

Case Study Landing Page

Case Study Landing Page Example #3: WikiJob


WikiJob was enjoying a large number of customers subscribing to their free tools. But the number greatly reduced in the case of their paid tools. To deal with this, they resorted to including testimonials from their previous customers.

This helped them achieve the following results:

• They gave their visitors evidence that their values and offers were genuine and legitimate.

• Their potential customers were able to see the success of subscribed users, giving them the urge to also try.

• They boosted trust and credibility and in return got a 34% increase in visitor conversion rates.

Before adding customer testimonials:

Case Study Landing Page

After adding customer testimonials:

Case Study Landing Page

Case Study Landing Page Example #4: Bag Servant


This is an eCommerce bag servant site committed to displaying both small name and big-name bag brands. They recently won an impressive sector award and they used the award to generate more leads entry form.

Below is the form they used before the impressive sector award:

Case Study Landing Page

Their landing page form after the award:

Case Study Landing Page

Including the award in the entry form has a great effect on their business success, mainly for the lesser known bag brands. Just like testimonials, the award:

• Make the business more recognizable.

• Gives the new visitors evidence that their values and offers were genuine and legitimate.

• Potential customers are able to gauge quality based on the award, giving them the urge to also try.

• Boosts trust and credibility and in return, they got a 72.05% increase in visitor conversion rates.

Case Study Landing Page Example #5: Underwater Headphones


The waterproof headphones developer recently experienced a lack of increase in their lead generation rate. They devised ways to deal with this by making a few formatting changes and the result was a 35.6% increase in their customer conversion rate.

Initially, Underwater headphones designed their landing page focusing on Call to action. Testimonials from previous customers came after the call to action. This was not so enticing since it is the nature of human beings to read from left to right, top to bottom.

Case Study Landing Page

The initial web page also had their product covered with texts, limiting visibility, hence discouraging people to take the required call to action.

Case Study Landing Page


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Tips to increase conversion rates

Every business is unique and therefore requires a unique approach. Below are general tips you can use to improve your landing page.

1. General Design


Page design is the essential aspect of landing page elements. Have a clean design that does not confuse your visitors. For the best design,

• Limit the calls to action in your design and make it clear and simple to undertake

• Make the form appear as professional and credible as possible by including awards and testimonials from customers.

• Start with testimonials and awards on the left before including the CTA button on the right.

• Use simple images that tell people what lies behind the landing page.

2. Remove the Main Navigation Menu


You do not want your visitors to abandon the page before converting, do you? Remove the main navigation from the page to avoid distracting them and keep them longer on your page to perform the intended tasks hence high conversion rates on your landing page.

3. Make your Page as Simple as Possible


Use simple words which are clear and easy to understand. Do not clutter your page with unnecessary words to eliminate distraction, confusion or overwhelming your visitors.

However, you should take note of the value of your offer and get the right balance. Just include what is related to your offer and what will entice customers to subscribe to the offers.

4. Customize the Sign-Up Button


Avoid using the term ‘’submit’’ on your form button as much as you can so as not to make people shy away from performing the required tasks.

You can instead opt for statements that relate to values to be achieved in return.
“Sign up and get FREE betting tips’’ is an example of the statements you can opt for instead of the generic ‘’submit.’’ Ensure that the button you are giving is big, bold and colorful.

5. Give Proof Elements


People tend to resist giving out their personal details due to spam related issues. To counter this, add security features to your landing page to eliminate visitors’ anxiety.

These features include:

• A private message that indicates visitors’ email address will not be shared.

• Security seals, a BBB rating or certifications for sensitive information.

• Testimonials or customer logos to leverage social proof and reinforce credibility.



From the landing page case study and the various landing page elements we have looked at, you can choose which elements work best for you. Lander is a leader in creating landing pages; seek our input today and enjoy lead generation on your page.