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How to Build a Facebook Email List from Your Facebook Visitors

Facebook Email List: Facebook is a great online marketing platform. It has many active users who you can easily turn to the visitors and leads to your website page. You can achieve this goal by collecting their email addresses.

Knowing how to collect email addresses on Facebook is, therefore, a very important step in lead generation.

Quick Steps you can use to Build a Facebook Email List


You can integrate a third-party email marketing service such as the AWeber to help get new leads directly from your Facebook page.

Use the simple steps below:

1. Install the email service provider app of your choice, for example, the AWeber app. Simply search for ‘Mail Chimp Facebook opt-in’ then select your preferred app.

2. Scroll down on the result and click on how to add an opt-in from the Facebook page.

3. Select the app you intend to use. Click on it, then select the page you want the app to be added to.

4. Go back to your Facebook page and configure the ‘Email Sign up.’ Click on the access button.

5. Choose the list you intend to collect emails from. You can use the drop-down menu or create the list yourself.

6. Select a web form depending on your list. You will see the generic “sign up” button. You can customize it to look more appealing and enticing. Quickly log into your app.

Click on ‘Sign up forms’ before clicking on the “create your first sign up form” button. Customize the button according to your own preferences.

7. Save the changes.

8. On the Facebook page, scroll down the page and edit the generic ‘’Email Signup.’’

9. Your next step is to upload a compelling and an enticing image. Make sure that the image is as relevant as possible.

10. Give your page a new customized tab name. Customize the submit button to make it value oriented. Something like “get a free e-book’’ would be more appealing and attention-grabbing.

11. Save the changes and start collecting the new emails.

Tips you can use to Build a Facebook Email List

Add a Signup Form On Your Facebook Page

Facebook Email List

Put the ‘’join my mailing list’’ to automatically add the emails to your Facebook email list as early as possible.

You can customize the form using your logo together with a short description of your offers.

Make it your Cover Photo Theme


Your cover photo is the first thing the visitors will see on your Facebook page. Capitalize on this fact by creating an image that calls out your email updates.

Use the Facebook Call to Action Button


Facebook recently launched the call to action feature. The button is located near the ‘like’ button on your cover photo. Provide the ‘Signup’ button with a link to the ‘Signup’ form to give the visitors easy access to your Facebook email list.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the visitors will just know the next step to take. Direct them.

We advise you to customize the call to action to make it more eye-catching. Avoid the generic ‘sign up’ instead, personalize and customize the action button to make it strong and value driven.

Provide a Great Content

Facebook Email List

Your business may not be product oriented. In this case, offer an exclusive content. Something like a downloadable free guide to carpet cleaning will work miracles for you. Make the offer as enticing as possible, then, strive to deliver your promise.

Make sure that the content is relevant and speaks about what you can deliver.

Host an Event


It doesn’t matter whether you are a product seller or a service provider. Host events at your business or conduct an online webinar to connect with your current and potential clients.

Collect as many emails as possible during the registration process to the event and build your Facebook email list.

Run a Contest


Running a contest on Facebook is a great way to encourage your audience to share their email addresses.

You can easily do this by selecting services, products or opportunities you are willing to give away for free or at a discounted price.

Make it simple for your audience to join the contest so that you can build a big Facebook email list.

Choose a winner at random from the emails you collected or ask your audience to vote to make it even more interesting.

Allow more entries to increase chances of winning for those who invite their friends into the contest.

Share Newsletters

Facebook Email List

Give your audience a tip of what to expect in your mailings. This will actually persuade them to sign up for your mailing list.

Share the Newsletter on the relevant social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp groups.

Make sure you customize the caption to make it more appealing. You should also provide a link to your ‘Signup’ page to make it easy for those who want to learn more about your business to subscribe.

Run a Facebook ad


You may opt for the free Facebook ads, but for greater results, consider promoting your page through the paid ads.

While at it, add an easy ‘sign up’ feature and ensure that your ads target the right audience. Keep records to assess the effectiveness of the ad.

Promote a Text-to-Join


A large number of your audience will access the page using mobile devices. Send them an inbox text explaining how and why they should join your mailing list. Use the right words to avoid being marked as spam.

Run a Co-promotion


What about partnering with another business to co-promote giveaways?

Partner with a mentor company. This way, you will gain more experience in the process, offer the best services to your clients and get more clients.

Drive Traffic to your Website


Drive traffic away from the Facebook page to your homepage or landing page. The news feed algorithm update makes this possible. Make sure you share great contents, then provide an opt-in email on your posts.

Offer Incentives


Provide incentives to make your audience feel that they are giving out their email addresses in exchange for something valuable.

An e-book, video, free guide, discounted tickets, white paper and free recipe are some of the incentives you can offer.

Use Visuals


People have a short attention span. Use relevant images to grab attention and enhance memorability.

You can create your own images or use the viral photo features to add the images.

Keep it Simple

Facebook Email List

Use simple words that the audience can easily understand. Try to keep the form as short as possible by capturing what is important.

Your main aim here is collecting email addresses. Asking questions about the date of birth or area of residence is irrelevant and confidential and will drive people away.



Many companies have not tapped the Facebook market as they should. Take advantage of this laxity to grow your business. You can build the Facebook email list using the simple DIY tips we have discussed or opt for professional input.

At Lander, we have the best expertise when it comes to email marketing. You can contact us to learn more about how to collect email addresses on Facebook and also to get professionals to help you build a Facebook email list.