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How to Build an AdWords Landing Page – Part 2

If you are advertising online, then, more likely than not, you are using Google AdWords service. It is the most most effective, online advertising platform, especially for clickable ads. If your landing page visitors are being redirected from AdWords clicks, then your landing page needs to factor that in its overall design.

In Part 1 we reviewed the content that would improve an AdWords landing page . This article will provide insight into the characteristic that makes an AdWord landing page more effective.

Adwords Landing Page should have minimal loading time

Statistics show that there are more than a billion active websites on the internet. All of them compete with your landing page for the visitors’ attention. Very few people browse the internet specifically to look for advertisements.

Usually, a user browses their favorite content when your AdWord advertisement catches their attention. If  your ad takes too long to load then the visitor might choose to direct their internet activities elsewhere.

The time period between when a potential client clicks on your ad, and them to get to your landing page should minimal as possible. Make your landing page light to ensure that it loads faster.

 How to Create an AdWords Landing Page - Part 2

The light phone landing page above shows a simple design which makes a landing page lighter fo faster loading times.

Adwords Landing Page should be an honest representation of your business

One of the biggest mistakes that online marketers make is that they promise more than they can deliver on their online marketing efforts. While it is tempting to over-promise in order to stand out from competing businesses, in the long term, such strategy only hurts your business.

People are very wary when dealing with a business over the internet due to the numerous publicized cases of fraudulent activities by online businesses. When a client clicks on your ad, they are looking for the slightest excuse not to do business with you.

If your advertisement stated that they are getting a certain product for free, and your landing page asks them to pay a fee (no matter how minimal), you have immediately lost their trust.

The popularity of online review sites means that a few negative reviews can irreparably damage your reputation as an honest business.

If your product does not have certain features, make that explicit on your landing page. Avoid undisclosed fees to your visitors. Basically, ensure that they get EXACTLY what you advertised.

 Original and Unique Content

It is virtually impossible to be the only player in a business; you must have rival companies offering competing products.

Your marketing campaign can be inspired by previous efforts made by more illustrious competitors. However one of the biggest mistakes that companies make is to copy-paste the content in rival landing pages.

Firstly, this shows the clients that you are not original. If your content is similar to one of your competitors, the assumption is your product is also a cheaper thus lowering your sales.

Similarly, Google will not rank your web pages favorably if your  content is identical to existing websites ; that reduces your online visibility.

Ensure that your landing page stands out from your competitors in all aspects.

Adwords Landing Page should be Navigable

Another mistake that landing page designers make is to ‘trap’ visitors on the landing page by omitting navigation options to leave the site. Your only functioning button cannot be the positive response to the call to action.

Any mischievous tactics in online marketing are viewed as warning signs for a scam.
Ensure that your navigation buttons are in position and visible on both computer and mobile platforms.

Give visitors an option to opt-out and navigate to other parts of your website. Making the landing page easily navigable increases the pleasantness of the visitor’s interaction with you. It also increases the chances that they would chose to do business with you (if not now, maybe in future).