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Hot Tips to Unleash the Power in Bot Marketing

Bot Marketing: A bot is any software that automates repetitive tasks over the internet. They are normally made out of artificial intelligence making them possible to perform a number of activities.

They are made to help marketers in certain web roles which in turn help them increase their sales. Normally they are used by Google Bing and other search engines to browse the web pages.

Have you been wondering what bots are and why they key in your digital marketing strategy? Then you are reading the right article!

Some bots may be good or bad; the bad bots are normally associated with questionable activities in websites.

They perform certain activities such as filing in multiple forms on a homepage or even generating a huge number of clicks in a PPC campaign which is actually unethical.

You may be wondering why so they do this. The reason behind this is to generate impressive performance reports of the web pages. They actually provide false information and data about a particular visitor of a website.

Let’s Look At The Good Bots in Bot Marketing

They are mostly used by search engines, for example, Google, Ask and Bing. They collect a lot of data from their browsers and analyses it to help in better customer service.

They also collect personal data such as location and the device being used by the customer or web visitor.

Another good example of a bot is Siri. This bot is mostly used by Apple and it is estimated that 67% of Apple users use Siri. What makes Siri this popular, is the fact that it has a very personalized way of communication to the user.

Some of the activities Siri can do is to give information to the user through question-answer conversations, assist the user to solve certain problems or even entertain the user according to his requests.

Now that we have the knowledge of what bots are let’s look at how they can be used in marketing.

Bots in Marketing


Bots have been successfully used in marketing and the most successful bot is the chatbot. A chatbot is a software that has conversations with customers in a more personalized manner.

Chatbots have the ability to converse verbally or use texting due to artificial knowledge gained by the bot.

They acquire the artificial knowledge through a processed termed as machine learning. A chatbot is mostly used in marketing and is one of the most important tools when it comes to Facebook, Twitter or any other digital marketing activity marketing.

Why are bots key in a digital marketing strategy?

Bot Marketing: Customer Support Service


Bot Marketing

Chatbots offer customer support services using the chat interface in digital marketing. Chatbots can communicate with clients, answer their questions and inform them on any product according to their requests.

Chatbots also provide additional service for your marketing efforts such as entertainment.

Bot Marketing: Messaging Customers On Social Media Platforms


The most successful marketers can tell you that marketing strategies without the use of social media are incomplete. Social media boosts sales by making sure there is increased customer interaction with the business.

Let’s take an example with a Facebook messenger. Facebook messenger has over 1.2 billion active users who are increasing daily.

You can now register many answers in Chabot and integrate it in the application to allow simple access to information by your customers.

Bots actually offer 24 hours service to customers which might be challenging when it comes to a human being.

Bot Marketing: Conducting Market Researches


If you have done a market research before you can agree with me that it’s one of the tiring things you can do in marketing. Bots take off the load from your hands and allow you to do other important activities.

Marketers need to analyze the performance of their businesses. They also need the monitor how the campaigns are doing.

Bots can be of great help to them because they can be tailored to meet the target audience and can be optimized to achieve the wanted goal. This will generate attractive revenue to the marketer.

Bot Marketing: Providing Newsletters And Notifications To Customers


Bots also perform a number of activities such as encouraging customers to subscribe to your newsletter so as to complete a purchase. I bet you know the importance of newsletters to a business.

Bot Marketing: Sell Your Products On Your Behalf


You can design a bot to sell products on its own. To know which products the customer requires the bot engages the customer in order to recognize his needs and respond accordingly.

Bot Marketing: Offering Lead Management


Bots can qualify leads for you and take the burden of doing lead management. The bot sets questions to the customer to help recognize where the customer is in the sales funnel.

Bot Marketing: Personalizing The Experience Of The User


Bot Marketing

Bots personalize the users experience using a number of quizzes and questions. They send customized feeds to users based on their previous searches and the list of options available.

Bots are able to analyze the behaviour of customers during interactions so as to give them more personalized customer service.

After having the uses of bots let’s see how you can use effectively bots to maximize your marketing activities.

Bot Marketing:  You Need To Develop A Plan And Monitor Your Strategy


In your plan and strategy, you need to feature certain aspects. The first thing to do is to have the knowledge of who your target audience is.

This will help you tailor the bot to achieve the target audience. Bots will identify your customers share information with them and will help you reach your goals.

This will make your company cutting-edge in the industry due to exemplary performance in customer service and marketing prowess.

Bot Marketing: Learn How To Use Bots Maximally


You’ll need to learn how to use bots and utilize all the features possible. One of the ways you can use bots maximally is by use of customers data. You’ll need to be able to know how to mine customer data using the bot.

By knowing how to use them efficiently you will notice they will help you record analyze and keep relevant data about the user’s habit.

This will save you the need of sitting down trying to analyze your customer’s habits.

How can one create bots for marketing strategy?

Use of Jarvis


This is one of the most amazing bots we have today. This is because this bot acts as one's personal assistant by reminding you to make phone appointments and also meet other activities you out to do.

This will allow you to turn your energy to more important activities in your marketing strategy.

By use of Chatfuel


Chatfuel allows organizations to use chat bot whose avatar is relevant to their industry. Chatfuel offers tailor-made bots a wide variety of clients, the large medium-sized and small business organizations.

Their services provide a simple platform to use in your marketing strategy. And this makes them one of the best and leaders in development of bot technology

Using Growthbot


Just like chatfuel growth bots provides a simple way to meet our sales objectives. Creators of growth bot is Dharmesh who also created hub spot.

One of the things you can use growthbot is integrating it with social media platforms. Using it on Facebook and Twitter will help you have consistent working habits and increase your online presence which is key in marketing.



Most bot developers know that most of us don’t have any programming knowledge and can’t even write a sing line of code.

Most bots don’t need you to learn programming knowledge. And Manychat is one of them. Without any programming knowledge, you will be able to integrate Manychat in Facebook messenger so as to engage with users.



Bots are one of the exciting things to use when in your marketing activities. Mainly because they are programmed to carry out a lists number of activities of its’s own.

Also, they don’t make errors made by human employees. A correctly programmed bot normally doesn’t have errors and therefore it reduces you the problem of making errors here and there in your marketing activities.

Having errors is business communications can create a great problem for your business. This is because many customers will doubt your online activities and may even run away from your business.

Integrating social media or any digital marketing platform with bots can help boost sales to a much higher level than expected.

This can help you save your costs increase customer service and save you time that you would have used in these activities.

And customers won’t even realize they are communicating with a bot! Having all this mind we can conclude communication is a key factor in marketing strategies. And bots are the best tools for marketing managers can opt for.