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Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate With These 8 Lead Magnets

Landing pages are designed with one thing in mind: conversions.

Today, I’m looking at one conversion in particular: the email subscription. Specifically, how do you get more people to opt-in to your email list?

Almost every website now asks you for your email address. And there’s a good reason for this. As a marketing channel, it consistently drives high sales.

At the same time, web users are more reluctant to hand over their precious email addresses (the struggle for inbox-zero is already hard enough!)

So what’s the answer? How do you convince your visitors to gladly hand over their email address?

The answer is a ‘lead magnet’.

What’s a Lead Magnet?

I’m glad you asked. A lead magnet is a free gift for your visitors. It’s an incentive that encourages them to sign up to your mailing list. Like an eBook, a training course, or discount code. It usually looks a little something like this:

Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate With These 8 Lead Magnets

The more enticing and unique your lead magnet, the more email signups you’re likely to get.

You might be asking yourself, why can’t I just sell something instead? Well, the hard truth is that 98% of people don’t buy anything from a new website on their first visit.

But they’re much more likely to download something for free and sign up to a mailing list. And then you can convince them to buy later.

Generating email signups is a form of ‘lead nurturing’. You slowly build trust and nurture the lead until they’re ready to buy.

A juicy lead magnet is the first step.

Steps a Perfect Lead Magnet

Before we dive into our 9 examples, here are a few key points you should bear in mind if you want the highest possible conversion rate.

Leave them wanting more, then give it to them - Your lead magnet has to appear at the perfect moment: right when they’re hooked and intrigued. It should also add tremendous value. Make sure it’s something your readers can’t find anywhere else on your site. Ideally, it ought to be something they can’t find anywhere else, period.

Would you download it? - You visit tons of blogs, right? You’ve seen the same old eBooks, reports, and white papers. What would make you stop and hand over your email address?

Highlight value, not just content - Explain how the lead magnet will help them achieve something. Try to avoid a plain ol’ explainer. Make them a promise. Appeal to their goals and ambitions.

A fair swap - Make sure your subscribers feel like they’re getting a good deal.

Now that we’re all on the same page, what exactly can you offer your readers? I’ve rounded up some of the highest converting lead magnets and presented them below.

1. The Content Upgrade

This is arguably the most effective lead magnet out there. There are some high profile bloggers reporting outrageous conversion rate increases (529% at Backlinko and 492% at Crazy Egg, for example).

What’s the secret? Well, the content upgrade ditches the traditional eBooks and general lead magnets. Instead, it offers the reader something highly relevant and useful to what they’re reading right now. It sits within the content, and looks like this:

Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate With These 8 Lead Magnets

Want another example? A great lead magnet for this blog post might be a video showing you how to set up a lead magnet on your site.

Since you’re specifically reading this post, I know you’re particularly interested in the topic of lead magnets. You’re much more likely to download something relevant over a general eBook on digital marketing.

The only catch is that it can take a little more work to create and set each one up. But, as you can see, the figures are worth it.

2. Free Trial

Some of the biggest companies in the world use the free trial method. Netflix, Spotify, ahem Lander(!)

Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate With These 8 Lead MagnetsA free trial is great because there is no obligation to buy anything. Your visitors get a ton of value in exchange for just an email address. Your users get a great deal, and you get a new lead.

You’re also a whole lot closer to converting them into a paying customer. Once they experience your product, you can leave them wanting more. Keep the free trial restricted, and you’ll soon encourage them to upgrade to the paid service.

3. Webinar or Video Training

Most people reading blogs, especially in the digital marketing and sales niche, are looking to learn. They’re looking for untapped information to improve themselves and their business.

That’s why a webinar or video training is a great lead magnet. Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners. In other words, they’ll get more value from a video demonstration than reading through a lengthy blog.

Here’s a webinar set up by Lander to see how it looks in real life.

Webinars and videos are also fast and effective. Most of us want our information fast! Your visitors will happily sign up if you can give them what they want quickly. Offer a shortcut to their answer and you’ve got a gold-mine.

4. Discount Codes

Everyone loves a bargain. In fact, 121 million Americans used a digital coupon last year alone. It’s a great way to hook your visitors.

Offering a discount code works particular well for online retailers. H&M use the discount lead magnet as encouragement to sign up to their newsletter. Online fashion store Asos do a similar thing.

Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate With These 8 Lead Magnets

However, it’s also useful if your primary product is software, an app, or subscription service. One of the key functions of the lead magnet is to draw people closer to the sale, and a discount code does it seamlessly.

5. eBooks, Guides, and Reports

Earlier in the article, we suggested that specific lead magnets are better than eBooks and guides. However, that’s not to say they’re useless. In fact, if you create a highly authoritative guide, it will convert huge numbers of visitors.

The quickest route to creating one of these monster documents is compiling some of your best blogs into one big resource.

However, if you’re truly going to convince people to hand over their email address, I believe you need to create something unique from scratch. It should be packed full of data, case studies, and information your readers can’t find anywhere else.

Finally, make sure the ebook is specific and helps your readers achieve something. For example, “Learn everything you need to know about HTML in one week”.

6. Swipe Files and Templates

Your readers will appreciate you making their life easier. That’s what a swipe file does. Essentially, it’s a collection of tried and tested templates, headlines, or copy that your subscribers can use themselves.

Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate With These 8 Lead MagnetsRather than tinker away at their own email template, offer them a 10 free versions you know already work. Offer them your 50 highest converting social media headlines so they can just copy and paste into their strategy.

Any time you can make your readers’ lives easier, you’ll gain a subscriber.

7. A Quiz or Survey That Produces a Personalised Report

I love this option for two reasons. Firstly, it offers your reader unique, personal advice. And secondly, it’s interactive, which instinctively draws them to convert.

It’s also your chance to get creative. Websites in the financial niche often use this trick. They’ll use a mortgage questionnaire to calculate how much money you could borrow. Or they’ll use a quick questionnaire about your spending habits to suggest some budgeting tips.

The trick is asking for their email address just before they get the answer. By then, the reader is committed and intrigued. Think about how you could adapt this to your niche.

8. Locked Content

The perfect time to convert a reader into a subscriber is the moment they become intrigued. There’s a sweet spot where they’re enjoying your content and they’re beginning to trust you. That’s where your lead magnet should appear.

Not too early that it seems pushy. And not too late that they’re already moving on.

That’s why locked content works well. You do just enough to hook your readers with juicy content and actionable advice. And then you ‘gate’ the rest of the content.

Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate With These 8 Lead Magnets

The Financial Times do this after you’ve read two articles on their site. The principal is simple. Leave them wanting more, and then offer it to them in exchange for an email address.


Me, I’m using the content upgrade almost exclusively on my sites. It’s the most powerful conversion tool I’ve come across in my niche. But I’m always looking to hear from other people’s experiences.

Do you currently have a lead magnet on your website? I’d love to know what you’re using and how well it’s working out.