Tips to Boost your PBN and Generate More Traffic

There is a way to make PBN’s stronger, more relevant to your niche, link them to your site to increase relevance and ranking and make them provide more link juice without creating a link to your PBN and at an affordable price.

The technique is based on a few simple and different SEO concepts. Below is an outline of how it can be done:

1. Under-utilized inner Page Link Juice


During PBN creation, it’s common practice to repurpose old domains that were gotten from an auction, backorder or the expired domains registration.

Such domains are used as they have had white hat links with the passing in time and gathering such links on our own demands time. Such domains are repurposed and redirected to our money sites.

Most expired domains lose links heading to the homepage but not in their entirety.

Link juice from expired pages can be salvaged through creation of permanent redirects from previous 404 pages and having the link juice funneled to your home page.

This can be done by using a plug-in that is identified as Link Juice Keeper. Such an action can however cause deindex.

2. Topical Relevance for PBN’s


In summary, a boost is provided when creation of supporting pages on the same topic contextually linked to the page you intend to rank is done, when one is trying to rank a page on a particular topic.

Simply put, one is creating pages on the same topic that direct a reader to other articles that have better information and articles concerning the topic. This technique is effective when moving pages in SERPs.

Topically relevant Inner Page Links with Juice. Below is how the concepts are both used to boost link juice and provide relevance to the PBN.

i. Know which of your PBN inner pages have the most links.

ii. On those specific URLs, recreate the pages.

iii. Posts related to the theme of your PBN should be outsourced. The same should be done for the money site to be ranked.

iv. Link the inner pages to your homepage contextually.

The outcome of the above actions is that the PBNs will carry increased power and relevance than they previously did. Below is an example:

There are pages with the most links as listed. The www subdomain will redirect to the homepage and the visible inner pages are the intended outcome.

Using a relevant anchor text links the articles back to the homepage contextually. To receive an even better outcome, you can do the following as well.

i. To increase relevance place target keywords in < title > and  < h1 >

ii. For authority outbound links in your inner pages, insert “dofollow”.

Ways Of Generating Traffic To You PBN




It is unknown by many that traffic can increase the power of a PBN more than a link is able to. Below are some of the ways one can generate traffic to a PBN and by extension, improve lifespan and make them more powerful.

1. Ranking Long Tail Keywords


Theoretically, this can be done by using one long tail to lengthen with a number of searches per month, thus easing the ranking of the site without the use of links.

Practically, with a health themed website as a PBN and a weight loss niche, it can be done as follows:

i. Find the target with long tail keyword. It may be a smaller website or authority that has ranking for a term that is broader such as ‘weight loss after pregnancy’.

ii. Ahref/ SEMRush your target. Find the terms ranked by the website currently when you head to organic keywords search.

iii. Find a long long-tail keyword. It should be one with the least searches per month. Consult google for longer keywords.

iv. Using the selected long tail, build a high-quality article. This is easily done through optimization of an article in a manner similar to a money site page. The article should be of higher quality when compared to its competitors using the same keyword.

v. Topical relevancy increase. This is an optional step. It should be carried out in cases where there is extremely high competition in the niche.

This action can be carried out by having supporting content for this subject as well as linking the said content to the main page.

The advantages to using this method is that it is easy to create, the traffic generated is long term and it is easy to search traffic.

The disadvantages are that the method will take quite some time to rank and it may prove difficult from some niches.

2. Sharing On Facebook Groups And Pages




This is generally a method that demands your and your VA’s commitment. It is done by coming up with a persona who would then engage them in groups or Facebook page sin your niche.

You begin by getting pages and groups in your niche using Facebook search. Using Facebook graph is an added tool. After various Q&A’s, articles and contents of high-quality can be posted via link on your PBN site. Below are some guidelines.

i. Use info graphics as they work well. They are often shared.

ii. Offer contributions and remain active before you link out. This is a step that demands time but it helps establish membership and awards certain allowances on the posts.

iii. Have high-quality articles.

iv. Do not speed up the process. Allow for enough time for familiarization.

The advantages to this are that there are high numbers of social traffic, one can click to the money site and there are potential sites.

The disadvantages remain that it is difficult to manage the many sites and a lot of time is demanded when using this method.

3. Answering on Q&A Sites




They include quora.com and reddit.com. In practice, they are similar to Facebook in that they also demand time and commitment to avoid their classification as spam.

Quora.com is a site that is popular thus receiving frequent traffic. To use, one must create an account and fill in the bio.

Input a niche that is of relevance to you. Create familiarity for your account by providing answers to receive followers. Linking can thereafter be done to studies and news websites. Steps to be taken include:

i. Search for a topic regarding your niche.

ii. Take note of the questions being asked.

iii. Have a blog post of info graphic of high-quality that addresses a question or several.

iv. Provide an answer that is helpful with added links at the resources area.

Reddit.com can generate traffic but is significantly harder to deal with than Quora. It demands that one participates actively before any kind of linking is allowed.

The articles should have high-quality standards so that they are permitted by the reddit moderation algorithm. Advantages are that high traffic can be received and clicks and sales from money site are permitted.

Disadvantages are that the account has to be aged before linking is permitted, high-quality for answers and content and difficulty in management.

Fake traffic can be used in some cases but upon testing, fake traffic produced no results when it was compared to sites that were recipients of real visitors.