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Boost Lead Collection with Landing Pages for Pinterest Ads

A landing page simply a web page that is designed to welcome a visitor on a website. It is a page where a visitor lands whenever he clicks on a link.

It can also be defined as the systematic combination of web design and digital marketing with the main goal of getting more traffic thereby increasing your sales leads both at home and abroad.

Landing pages are pages that are dedicated to one service or product, they give explanations on the product they were created for, which are normally used as part of a promotion either on paid advertising, social media or email marketing.

Landing page is mostly standalone page, that is, it is not attached to any website and does not refer to any website, it’s just there to welcome the visitor and get the details of the visitors, and supply a product’s description to the visitor.

Landing Page for Pinterest Ads

A Pinterest ads landing page is a standalone web page that uses persuading contents like testimonials, pictures of great heroes and benefit-oriented copy of testimonials to convince its visitors to get an offer either by buying a product, to download an e-book or to sign up for a particular newsletter and so on.

Visitors are sent to the landing page after clicking an ad from Pinterest. The Pinterest ads platform is a collection of tools that helps you reach Pinners in new ways. There are three ways to use the platform to increase your reach: through the API, add-ons and Rich Pins.

Landing page can be used for Pinterest ads by adding Pinterest button into your landing page.

The primary goal of every marketer on Pinterest to eventually get the users to click on the pin and back to their website, where the real sales happen.

For this reason, it is very important that you ensure that your business messages and tone is in line with the expectations the pinner had at the time they clicked through the pin.

With over 70 million people making use of Pinterest, it a wise choice to link your landing page to your Pinterest ads.

When people visit your Pinterest ads and they see a product they like, most tomes, when they click on the link, they are referred to the product company’s website where they will need to search for the product out of many other products yourself.

This can be frustrating and tasking, not all customers can go through the rigor of searching for the product, this process will make the customer to lose interest in the product.

But if after seeing a nice product on Pinterest and the customer click on the link and he or she was directed to a landing page where only the product is displayed with full information, the customer will have more interest in the product and has more chances of buying the product.

Even when those that has no plan of buying the product are taken to the landing page that describes the product in detail, a good percentage of such people will think of buying the product.

As simple as a landing page is, it is very powerful at converting visitor to returning buyer. It helps in redirecting the customer straight to the product landing page alone and not the company’s website.

Another important features of landing page it that it helps you to get rid of distractions, the landing page contains the information about the product alone, this make the customer to focus only on the product they want to purchase.

A landing page with no navigation bar will increase your conversion by 100 percent when compared to landing page with navigation bar.

Another feature is that a landing page should only have one call of action. When you have created a landing page for a product, the Call To Action in most cases is to add the “Add To Cart” button to the landing page.

This is because if there is only one CTA button on a landing page, the customers will only focus on the product and nothing else.

A good landing page will not have any of those distractions and will have only one call to action. The customer can then focus on the product so that the only call to action that should matter to the customer is adding the product to their cart.

A landing page doesn’t have to feel overwhelming, it just have to be simple and detailed with product information. There will be more distractions if a landing page have more than one call to action.

For example, a landing page with many promotions, banners, adverts, discounts, black Friday offers and so on will surely distract the customer from buying what he or she wants to buy and might even confuse the customer. All social media buttons should also be removed.

The content on the landing page should all focus on moving a customer to buy the product, this can be made easier by placing the “add to cart” button where it will be boldly visible to the customer.

A good landing page should also include a list of benefits that the customer can gain from the product, it should include a persuasive and enticing description about the product which will also include how the customer will benefit from the product.

The description of the product is the best chance you have to sell the product to the customer because these descriptions are not fully written on the Pinterest ads. The information should be short and straight to the point.

Landing pages are very easy to put together and converts Pinterest ads visitor faster than any other means.

One good thing about landing pages is that, once you’ve gotten a template that best fits your business and services, you can use it over and over again.

Which means you can target different types of customer and also promote different aspects of your Pinterest ads.

Combination of Pinterest ads with landing page is the best thing you can use to promote your products online and have assurance of great conversion.