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Best Tips To Boost Your Page Conversion Rate

Landing pages  translate to conversion. That  is an important element of the ever growing inbound marketing strategies. Organizations that have increased the number of landing pages from 10 to 15, enjoys 55 percent growth in  leads and visits.

With this in mind, you need to reconsider your marketing strategy if getting ahead of the rest of the market means a lot to you.

What generally occurs is the lack of landing page optimization, which leads to reduced landing page conversion rates. To increase your conversion rate, we’ve a step-by-step guide to help you optimize landing pages for an increased landing page conversion rate:

 Understanding your basic campaign goals

The whole point of making a landing page is to direct the attention of the visitors to the company's interest and goals.

Many landing pages have multiple offers . This confuses users and make them lose sight of the conversion aspect of the landing page, thus decreasing their overall landing page conversion rate.

It’s very important to create landing pages that focus on only one offer or solution; this way, your users don’t lose sight or get confused.

 Simple and lucid headlines

You should know that you have only a few seconds to grab the user’s attention. Otherwise most of the visitors will just scroll by your landing page. The key to ensuring the visit to your website is to display a headline that says a lot  in fewest words.

Best Tips To Boost Your Page Conversion Rate

=> We want instant attention, not long term options.

 Design an imperative text flow

Nobody will pay attention to the details that you’ve provided if the information  differs from the mentioned headline. Always try to get to the point and be genuine with your customers about what you mean.

You can add an FAQ section to clear the frequent doubts that a lot of users have, even before you ask them to sign up.


CTA (Calls to Action) is literally the most decisive element of your landing page. It’s not just a single button; it is a path through which users will directly visit your web page.

Your CTA button should have a color that stands out from the rest of the page with a higher contrast rate. The size of the CTA button must be large enough so that the users don’t lose sight of it.

You can only include a few words on the CTA button to increase your Landing Page Conversion Rate, so make it count.

Optimize the loading theme

What use is your designing and creative modification if your page doesn’t even load on the user’s device? All that work and the visitor press the back button.

What we’re trying to say is that the loading time of the Landing page should not be more than a few seconds, or else you can wave your client a goodbye.

Best Tips To Boost Your Page Conversion Rate

Enhance your form field

At the end of all this, if you can manage to grab your user’s contact information, it’s a good day for you. Design your forms in a way that convince your users that they are in for the real thing.

Suggestion : You can also show the form completion progress bar to the users, reassuring them to keep going.

Increasing your Landing Page conversion rate can be a tough task. The above guide should give you a pretty clear idea about framing each element of the Landing Page.