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The Anatomy of an Effective Blogger Landing Page

Blogger Landing Page: Creating a blog is fun. You have a number of genres to choose from, a lot of different ways to make it innovative and put in your best creativity to showcase yourself.

But latent under this excitement comes a lot of complexity. You witness new things you might have never been aware of earlier, to a world of digital, throwing terms around like— hyperlinks, favicons, plugins and much more.

But there is one thing you really need to know before you complete your blog. It’s called a landing page. A blogger landing page is where traffic from search engines, ads, social media, and other external links are directed.

The goal of a landing page is usually to inform and capture. These pages have one call-to-action. They allow your visitors to do one action- sign up, purchase, capture emails etc.

They do not direct the visitor to go somewhere else. Everything else which can distract the visitor's attention like as sidebar, footer, header or navigation area is hidden except your landing page content.

Therefore, a landing page is a great way to gather information and generate leads. But how can a landing page help your blog?

Blogger Landing Page Tip#1: Generates More Subscribers


According to research, using a landing page for your email marketing can boost your conversion rates by up to 50%. This is because landing pages provide visitors with exactly what they need.

They are given limited options and the chances of people choosing from limited options are high. Therefore more subscribers are welcomed.

Blogger Landing Page Tip#2: Leads them into Sales Funnel


If you have a product or course for sale on your blog, collecting emails will not help. What most of the entrepreneurs and bloggers do is to create a free course so that subscribers are given insight into the main course.

The free course becomes a part of the sales funnel for the complete course. By doing this, the email list increases and helps create buyers down the road.

Blogger Landing Page Tip#3: Directs to Product Immediately


Bloggers usually don’t have a landing page that leads to the product immediately. There can be too much of a chaos and the visitor might lose his interest. So to convert a visitor to a lead you’ll need to create a landing page.

For example, Dropbox’s landing page gives you two options – take a trial or buy their product. Everything on that page directs a visitor to start a free trial, or make a purchase.

How can you make an Effective Blogger Landing Page

A Catchy Headline


The first word on your page determines your reader interest in it. A short and crispy headline will attract the attention of the users and they will be inclined to read more.

Be Precise


Don’t have too much on your landing page. Be clear and precise. Minimise the distractions. Removing distractions can actually increase your conversion rate by 28%.  What can you possibly remove?

1. Copied Content

Don’t have details of the product copied on your landing page. Focus on the benefits of the product rather than its features.

2. Having a Menu

This might be difficult depending on your site’s theme and/or layout, but if you can, remove your menu.

Your landing page is intended to convert and having any navigation weakens that conversion. By simply removing your menu, you can increase your conversions by 100%.

3. Multiple Goals

Have one goal for your blogger landing page. Don’t create too many options for your visitor. Focus on one. The lesser options will create more clarity to choose.

Make It Actionable


If you want your visitors to take action to use actionable words like “get this” “go” “click here” “download” “try it”. It will attract more visitors to purchase your product and make the page more effective.

Make It Personal


Changing the pronoun form you are to my will give a more personal touch to your page. Research has shown it can boost your click through rate by up to 90%.

For example- in the copy button instead of “start the course” use “start my course”. It creates a sense of belongingness and adds a personal touch.

Split Test Your Page


This means try testing different variations for your page. Many landing page creation tools enable A/B testing, making it easy to set up variations of your landing page copy or design and have it randomized automatically. Based on the analyzed data you can make changes to boost your conversion rate.

What kind of landing pages can you create?


  1. Coming Soon Landing Page
  2. Thank You Landing Page
  3. Start Here Landing Page
  4. Promotion-Specific Landing Page

Here are Some renowned examples of landing pages with a blog-


Blogger Landing Page

Plus points


The headline is precise and communicates a benefit

A short form makes converting easy.



Ride with an uber link is unnecessary.


Blogger Landing Page

Plus points


The CTA button draws prospective attention.

The copy is optimized for small chunks

The minimalistic footer doesn’t distract.



A hyperlinked logo allows prospects to escape to the homepage without converting.


Blogger Landing Page

Plus Points


The image gives an insight look to the product

Bulleted content helps in easy reading

The text is separated into small chunks.



The headline isn’t too precise. It creates ambiguity

Numerous outbound links, including the LinkedIn logo and social media buttons, provide way too many options for visitors to abandon the page without converting first.


Blogger Landing Page

Plus Points


CTA button contrast with the background making it visible.

Image of the report enables visitors what they actually will get. However, the image can be bigger.



The copy is written from the company's perspective. It can be replaced with the customer-centric approach.

The form is too long.


Blogger Landing Page

Plus Points


Bullets points- offering clear and precise content

The copy is separated in chunks for easy reading

Text above the form- enabling visitors to understand what they need to do.



The logo is too strong, it can draw the users away.

The CTA button isn’t in contrast with the background. The color can be possibly changed.

Vanishing gray labels within form fields have the potential to annoy and confuse prospects, research shows.

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Your blog is essentially a very popular kind of a business these days. In order to be in a profitable position, have to do every possible step viable and available to you.

Adding landing pages to your blog regulates your content and help you build your list and eventually generate income.

To get started, invest in a landing page creation tool and implement A/B testing to maximize your landing page’s potential. To easily start with A/B testing, you’ll need a landing page creation tool.

There are many WordPress landing page plugins to choose from – and ones that don’t require WordPress as well.

Thrive Architect and LeadPages are to name a few. These were some of the suggestions to make your blog better and efficient.

You can try different techniques for your blog. If you’re website or blog is struggling, you need to clarify what people see and do when they arrive.

As a successful blogger, you should always have plans to maximize your audience and means to achieve it. Now, obviously nothing in this world comes for free, so you have to monetize your efforts. Good luck blogging.

Those are enough tips and insights to help you know why you require a blogger landing page. Better yet, save on costs and time by getting one of our well-priced templates.

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