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The Best Ways to Collaborate on Lead Generation

Collaboration is vital to the internal organization of your business, but it can also be optimized for customer-facing lead generation. Collaborating on lead generation has a ton of advantages and helps your business locate, filter, and convert valuable customers.

In this article, we will define lead generation, walk through how it works, demonstrate the advantages of collaboration, and highlight some specific strategies that can work for your business.

What is Lead Generation and How Does It Work?

Lead generation is the process of finding and pursuing possible users and eventually converting them into paying customers. Such clients can then be easily contacted if you get Get Weave Communications or a similar solution.

Lead generation is not only about increasing your customer base; it helps improve marketing strategies as well. Generating leads helps increase brand awareness, open new marketing channels, find new sales pipelines, build connections, and eventually create a larger customer base.

We will talk about the various advantages of lead generation later, but first, what qualifies as a “lead”?

 There are multiple factors that determine which potential customers are filtered through when generating leads and it isn’t just based on who would use your product/service.

The most fruitful leads always come from people who have an interest in your product/service and are also looking to buy. While those are considered the best leads, anyone who has an interest in your product/service could also be a potential lead and should not be ignored.

It’s a common mistake to market your product/service towards everyone you can think of, and honing in on the key demographics that correspond with valuable leads is a great way to increase lead conversion. 

If you need help defining who your target customer is, try using a persona map or a business model canvas to take a deeper look at your customer base.

Collaboration Strategies for Lead Generation

Lead generation relies solely on the ability to contact potential customers and meet their needs. In order to create the best pipeline possible, it’s critical that your marketing and sales teams collaborate on creating goals and aligning strategies so that they are working synchronously and efficiently

A key piece in getting these teams aligned is engaging in visual collaboration. Visual collaboration is defined as “Visual collaboration is the practice of workplace collaboration driven by technology. It hinges on the ability for people to collaborate using visual elements as tools to expand their understanding and communicative abilities”.

Visual collaboration allows teams to work together on a shared visual interface and collaborate on the strategies they use to generate new leads. It’s an absolutely critical part of your team’s success and works well with any of the following collaboration strategies.

Social Media Outreach

Social media is a great outlet for your team to use when collaborating on lead generation and is a really easy way to increase your outreach.

Just like your marketing team publishes social media content on their personal profiles, your sales team can do the same thing to double the amount of exposure this content is getting.

With more people using the internet and social media for sales and marketing, your content will fit right in and will reach an actively engaged audience.

Posting marketing content on your social media platforms might also fit in well with your company's inbound marketing strategy. Any business that is creating and selling content online is sure to have an inbound marketing strategy, and pushing content on your personal social channels is a great way to increase traffic.

Sharing Data & Feedback

One of the most important collaboration strategies that teams can utilize is to share their data and feedback. This is the first and most important place for marketing and sales teams to collaborate and is the quickest way to create more effective lead generation.

Getting feedback from the sales team is essential for the marketing team because it means they can better target the optimal buyers and cater their outreach towards them.

This feedback can include:


  • Amount of successful sales from the total number of leads.
  • Efficacy of the marketing content.
  • Most successful follow-up strategies.


Having the data shared between teams is a big step in workplace transparency that will surely help your business locate the best possible leads and reach them consistently.

Create a Digital Workspace

Operating as part of a larger digital workspace is a great way to increase the inherent collaboration that occurs during the day and provides much better visibility for everyone involved.

Digital workspaces, usually operated through online whiteboards, create a place where people from any team can gather, include notes about their recent experiences, organize their priorities, and share content with their peers.

By using an online whiteboard, all of your public outreach teams can remain aligned and focus on their shared goals. This forum also makes it much easier for them to pool their resources and maximize their outreach.

For marketing and sales teams, finding creative ways to reach potential leads is vital. Being able to easily create shared goals and pool resources on an online whiteboard means getting creative and generating valuable leads has never been easier.

This way, all of your public outreach teams can remain aligned and focus on their shared goals while increasing their personal efficiency.

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Increase Marketing Automation

One possible solution to lead generation is increasing marketing automation. This doesn’t mean you fully replace your marketing/sales teams, but by allowing them to automate time-consuming tasks they can focus much more time on converting the leads that really matter.

The space for automation comes where the tasks are repetitive, lack serious value, and are simply routine. When routine tasks are automated, it increases the collaborative potential of the people with more free time by pushing them to engage in more valuable activities. The relief of cluttered tasks allows people to focus on converting important leads and building effective outreach campaigns. 

Creating Blog Content

Creating blog content might seem like a silly place to collaborate on lead generation, but as we mentioned earlier, inbound marketing is an important channel for lead generation.

Having a strong online presence and an air-tight SEO strategy drives high-value leads right to your front door, so it’s important that your marketing and sales teams are focusing on pushing this content to the right customer segments.

Collaborating on blog content is a great way for your business to collaborate on creating goals, pitching ideas, and sewing your key customer needs into your website. 

Why Collaboration is Important

Collaboration is important for many reasons in the workplace, but it is extremely important when it comes to lead generation. Here are some of the biggest advantages to collaboration on lead generation. With the help of Aeroleads lead generation tool will help you in finding the hottest leads from your target area. It will also provide you with the list of contacts so that you can directly reach out to them by sending an email or calling them up for further discussion about your services or product.

Shared Resources

One of the biggest http://www.rustburgpharmacy.com advantages of collaboration is the ability to pool your resources together. Having individual members and teams share their feedback and resources means that you gain double the insight, double the feedback, and potentially, double the exposure.

This opens up a ton of pathways for new leads for both individuals and teams and creates a solid platform for them to close on their most valuable clients.

Collaborate on lead generation

Strategic Partnerships

Collaboration is beneficial not only because it pools your resources and helps increase communication, but it helps all parties reach their individual and shared goals.

When different sales teams collaborate with each other, they help fuel their individual and shared success. They also open each other's doors to an increasing number of valuable opportunities.

Collaboration doesn’t just have to occur within teams, however, and it can even be the source of strategic partnerships with other like-minded businesses.

Obviously, there is not the same level of transparency when you’re collaborating outside of your business, but two different companies can very much help each other towards mutually beneficial leads and even help strategize ways to increase conversion.

Accurate and Relevant Outreach

Collaboration with lead generation isn’t just helpful for the sales team and for converting leads, but it’s super helpful for marketing teams as well.

Nobody knows your customers like your sales team, and inserting their personal insight into your marketing outreach strategy is one of the best ways to effectively target potential customers.

Your sales teams can help highlight the most important traits that cause people to buy the product, and you can take these and manipulate your customer outreach to focus on the most common factors in buying the product.

This is just another way that marketing and sales teams can collaborate to increase the efficiency of generating leads.


Collaboration is always encouraged in the professional world, but rarely does it work as efficiently as when applied to lead generation. If you want to learn more about collaboration and virtual workshops, make sure to check out Fresco.