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Best Squeeze Pages Elements and Examples That Make You a Unicorn

A squeeze page is a type of landing page that serves the purpose of opt-in pages, collecting customers’ email addresses. The objective of collecting the emails is to increase customer conversion rates. It is therefore very important for you to create the best squeeze pages to generate more leads by:

• Increasing the number of subscribers to your blog.

• Creating a committed audience for your promotions.

• Getting repeat website customers.

• Re-targeting and conducting repeated promotion campaigns to select the audience.

• Building a list of potential clients and creating a personal and close business relationship with them.

Tips to build the best squeeze pages:

Best Squeeze Pages Tip #1: Solve Pain Point in the Headline


Your visitors will first read the headline before anything else. Make it active and value driven. It should also be clear and in bold for easy visibility.

If the headline is not eye-catching and attention-grabbing, customers will just click away from the page before giving out their email addresses.

Best Squeeze Pages Tip #2: Highlight the Benefits of Your Offer In The Sub-Header


Use the sub-header to briefly explain the benefits stated in the headline. This will build some sort of coordination on your page and encourage the customers to continue reading further.

Best Squeeze Pages Tip #3: Use the Right Font Size


Use a clear and easy to read font size. For best effect, make the headline most bold and the sub-header less bold. Texts in the other parts of the copy should be easy to read.

Best Squeeze Pages Tip #4: Customize the Submit Button


Avoid using the term ‘’submit’’ on your form button as much as you can so as not to make people shy away from performing the required tasks. You can instead opt for statements that relate to values to be achieved in return.

‘’Get your FREE diet guide’’ is an example of the statements you can opt for instead of the generic ‘’subscribe.’’ Ensure that the button you are giving is big, bold and colorful.

Best Squeeze Pages Tip #5: Add Images and Videos


It is a general knowledge that the brain processes images faster than words. Utilize this fact to your advantage by dedicating at least two sections of your page for visual display to enhance memorability.

Use clear and compelling images that tell the readers the values your landing page offer. Include an alt-text to your image. It will act as a reserve plan in cases of failure on the visitors’ browser.

Best Squeeze Pages Tip #6: Optimize Email Auto-Responders


Send automatically generated emails to your visitors to update them about your current offers or any new content on your page.  You can get these emails immediately they show interest in your offers.

You do not want your visitors to abandon your page without doing what you want them to do. Do not assume that they will just know the action to take, instead, entice them to perform the task.

A call to action can be in the form of a button, a link or a sentence.

General guidelines for your CTAs

• Make the CTA stand out and easy to locate.

• Use a button with contrasting color from your design and make the button large enough.

• Use strong and actionable words with a sense of urgency, such as ‘’download now’’

• Give the value one will get from taking the action.

• Make it the obvious next step by not giving many options

• Ensure it is short and clear to avoid confusion

• Have great values, otherwise, they will be considered spam.

• Relevant and related to your business niche.


Best Squeeze Pages Tip #7: Remove Navigation Menu


Remove the navigation menu to allow concentration and focus on your landing page.  This will prevent your visitors from abandoning the page, thus a higher conversion rate.

Best Squeeze Pages Tip #8: Provide Statistics


People believe that the best products are used often and will be in limited stock after a short time.

Utilize this belief to the advantage of your fitness page. Give limited offers to encourage them to purchase the products as early as possible.

Best Squeeze Pages Tip #9: Reduce Anxiety With Proof Elements


People tend to resist giving out their personal details due to spam related issues. To counter this, add security features to your landing page to eliminate visitors’ anxiety. These features include;

• A private message which indicates visitors’ email address will not be shared

• Security seals, a BBB rating or certifications for sensitive information.

• Testimonials or customer logos to leverage social proof and reinforce credibility.

• Include awards you received in your line of business to boost trust and confidentiality.

Best Squeeze Pages Tip #10: Use Prominent Name And Logo


The main objective of your sales page should be creating and building awareness about your product and encouraging people to buy the products.

Use a name that is instantly recognizable and which your target audience can easily relate to generating more leads. Clearly, feature the name above the fold. This prevents people from skipping over your idea from lack of clue about your name.

Increase the subscription of you blog with these landing pages

5 Best squeeze pages


Best Squeeze Pages

What worked for Microsoft:

  • Short, precise and easy to digest information.
  • Bullet points enhance easy readability and make the page less crowded.
  • A simple form copy with clear and simple instructions.


Best Squeeze Pages

What worked for Uber:

  • A strong headline with clear benefits.
  • Short and easy to fill out forms.


Best Squeeze Pages

What worked for PayPal:

  • Bullet points allow easy readability and organize the page to appear less cluttered.
  • The enticing big blue call to action button encourages people to subscribe.
  • Adding the word ‘’ free’’ is more enticing.
  • An additional bonus of an eBook is enticing.


Best Squeeze Pages

 What worked for HubSpot:

  • The headline and sub-headline are strong and value- driven.
  • An image which gives customers the reassurance of the product benefit.
  • A simple form with a clear, strong, and attractive call to action button.
  • An additional offer of an eBook to get email addresses from the customers.

Examples of WordPress tools to create a squeeze page

  1. Thrive landing pages

This provides you with a variety of options to choose from. This tool enables you to create any squeeze page you want.


  • It is easy to get started. All you need is your desired professional template.
  • Here, the pages are optimized, thus allowing quick customer conversion.


  • It is more complex to restrict the lead forms from being seen by the users.

WordPress landing page plugin

There are both free and paid WordPress landing pages plugin. It has the ability to pre-populate forms and clone the landing pages.


  • It is easy to create squeeze page using this tool because of its visual editor.
  • You can check the rate of lead generation and make necessary adjustments.


  • You should purchase the paid for ads to access advanced functions of the tool.

Optimize Press plugin

This tool creates squeeze pages as well as creating membership portals and mobile friendly sales funnel.


  • It has a unique webinar that helps you convince the customers to sign up.
  • The real-time live editor makes it possible to quickly create a squeeze page.


  • It is complicated and expensive for the new users.

You can create the squeeze pages using the tips we discussed, but if you are stuck we suggest you seek professional help from Lander because they are the best at creating landing pages as well as the best squeeze pages.