8 Best Practices To Get Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a special type of landing page which is particularly geared towards capturing email addresses. Such a page typically includes limited form space, usually limiting it to name and email address only. Sometimes an optional space for phone numbers are also provided.

A squeeze page can be used for getting event registrations, sales leads or subscribers to content channels. 

This is indeed the job of marketers to also understand how visitors arrive on his website, with clearly defined channel paths. This includes driving traffic from various content marketing channels, which can either be purely organic or may include paid ad budget as well. 

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How To Get Traffic To Your Squeeze Page?

Below are the 8 best practices for getting traffic to your squeeze landing page:

  • 1. Native promo on highest organic traffic pages

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page is to source traffic from your highest traffic organic pages. Typically these will be informative blogs or articles that are ranking for keywords and can be easily located using Google Analytics. 

The stress is on organic traffic specifically, and not all types of traffic sources since organic traffic is relatively more stable since keyword positions are more stable. This is unlike email promos or social media sharing which drive traffic momentarily only when shared, unless you have a viral article. 

If you have invested decently well in creating and ranking content on search engines, you should have a steady flow of traffic on these pages. These pages also have more engaged audiences since inbound visitors are more intent driven vs outbound which is pushed onto users. This is why conversion rate for organic traffic is also higher than other outbound means.

  • 2. Email/newsletter marketing

Newsletters and email continue to be the key drivers of content marketing, other than organic and social. A well engaged list of newsletter subscribers who depend on engaging content from you can be targeted using newsletter banner ads/ a slot in your content listing in the letter.

Full length email promos can also facilitate quick conversions, although rate of conversion for email is usually lower than newsletters (since they are more informative). Emails should only be sent to a special segment of audiences that have already shown interest in the type of product, service or event you might be offering in your squeeze page.

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  • 3. Social media distribution

Promotion on social media channels, especially on your business page and special-interest groups can be a significant source of traffic and conversions. Social media groups, especially those with large memberships can be great places to post your landing page, prefixed with engaging and interest-raising content. 

If you already have a business page with a large, and more importantly, engaged following, you will find larger chunks of traffic from this page. 

Using relevant hashtags, tagging key people, asking influencers to re-share etc social media strategies can be utilized to ensure that your squeeze page post gets the maximum views.

It is safe to post your page 2-3 times a day in on your own page and once or twice a week in groups (spamming may lead to exclusion from the group). A thumb rule can be that 20% of your total posts can be used for promotions, to ensure that you are not flooding your channels with promotional content and are not disengaging/ dissuading your brand’s followers.

You can of course use paid page promotions on Facebook and Linkedin. If budget permits, you can also pay influencers in your domain to promote your page on their social pages/handles.

  • 4. Podcast marketing

Podcast plug-ins are a great way to transfer engaged audiences to your squeeze page. Since podcast are informative in nature, audiences pay more attention to the speaker and a quick 5-10 sec voice plug in can be used to point listers to a link.

This link can be placed on the live chat of the podcast, as well as in the description section of the page where it is saved on the channel.

You can also leverage influencers and paid promos on popular podcast channels to run ads, if you have an ad and paid media budget.

  • 5. Youtube and video marketing

Much like podcasts and social media, video sharing platforms are also a good channel that you can leverage, although, compared to organic pages, the conversion rate and volume of traffic might be much less. However, if you have a YouTube channel/ video page on your site and you get some views on a regular basis, might as well leverage it for the intended outcome.

YouTube is by far the most popular video content sharing platform and your videos can be leveraged for promo of your squeeze page by:

  • -Inserting time-bound links on the video with a voice over to guide them
  • -Inserting links in descriptions
  • -Pinning comment on top with the link 
  • 6. Other websites promos

Promoting on other websites largely requires a paid budget for either paying a fixed rate to the publisher to post or link your squeeze page, or running ads on the website.

However, other than paid means, you can also use the following free methods of promo:

  • You can do a link exchange with writers/ publishers where you will link from one of your valuable and high traffic pages and they will link from one of their’s.
  • If your squeeze page is promoting and event and it is newsworthy, you can reach out to media professionals who may be interested to write a story on the topic and plug your landing page in it
  • You can collaborate with other blogs/ media site to write to write a shared piece of expertly written informative content where you can plug your squeeze page link.
  • 7. SEO Optimizations

While SEO optimizations are available in limited form for squeeze pages because of their limited content length and goal, some basic optimizations may help your page rank for long tail keywords. Of course, these will have to be very targeted and should face least competition from articles or other detailed content types. 

For example, if you are promoting an ebook, you can rank for [keyword] + ebook, like video marketing ebook or real estate buyers guide etc. 

While this will bring in very limited traffic despite ranking, you may find still find good conversion rates since these will be very direct keywords and the searchers are already looking for exactly what you are offering.

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  • 8. Include Page sharing options

One of the best sources of conversion is user recommendation. This is why it is always great to add social and Whatsapp link sharing options on your squeeze page, so that they users who are converting/ filling their information may also share it with their contacts who they know to be interested in the same offering. While overall traffic from this source may be low in comparison, conversions from trusted sources like recommendations by someone you know, are always high, even higher than organic traffic.