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Best Facebook Ads Campaign Elements and Examples To Copy

Facebook Ads Campaign: Marketers have found Facebook to be one of the best social media platforms to reach out the maximum target audience and generate leads.

Facebook has almost 2 billion active users and almost everybody these days is actively present on Facebook and according to a survey, spends 2-3 hours daily on an average being online on Facebook.

So, marketers took full advantage of it and started promoting their products and services in the best possible way. There were promotions done in the form of Facebook Ads Campaign, carrousel, Facebook status etc. etc.

Out of all the marketing ways Facebook Ads Campaign came out to be the master of all. Facebook Ads Campaign has helped many companies to promote their Brands and increase their revenue.

So, there are no chances that you should delay incorporating the same into your marketing strategy.

Let us take a look at the tips to make your Facebook Ads Campaign a big hit:

Know the Target Audience

Facebook Ads Campaign

It is the foremost step to begin the planning for a successful Ad Campaign. Having their geographical, demographical metrics is very important for the success of the Ad campaign.

It helps in making the Ad Campaign according to the target audience to make it a big hit.

Set Up Clear Goals


It is very important to sit and spend a good amount of time in setting up the clear goals for the Ad Campaign. It should be clear what end result is expected from the Ad Campaign.

Whether you want to increase the followers or you want them to purchase your products and services, the objective of the goal should be clear to the marketing team who is working on building the Ad Campaign.

Give an Attractive Offer

A good offer on your products is the real hero in making generating your sales. You don’t even need compelling lines from the marketing team if you are giving the audience and good and genuine offer.

You should think out of the box for the same and make the audience believe that what they are buying is their idea, not your strategy. People love to buy stuff but not what is being sold to them.

Offers like “free shipping over $50 etc.” does no longer work. So, be creative and bring in an amazing offer for your audience.

Build Engaging Facebook Ads Campaign


It is important to pay complete attention to making of the Ad Campaign in order to make it attractive and enticing enough for the audience.

You can try by dividing the Ad and test different element and then working on each part separately. For example:

Ad Design






Males/ females

Relationship status


Hobbies etc.

These are some of the parts in which you can break your Ad and test different things in order to see what works the best for your Campaign.

Optimize every Element of the Ad

Once, you are ready with the making of your campaign. It is very important that you optimize each element of your Ad in order to come in notice of the audience.

Creating an Ad and running it without optimizing doesn’t harmonize with the market. So, it is important that you optimize it and then start the campaign.

Keep a Track of Sales

Now, when you have launched your Ad campaign and have got desired number of views and likes, so now what next? It is very important that you don’t get driven by the number of likes, views and shares.

The reason behind this is that the main motive of every Ad Campaign is to generate leads and if there is not even a single form filled or query generation, then there is definitely something wrong with the Campaign. So, it is important not to get moved by the number of likes and views only.

These were some of the tips on how to make your Ad campaign a successful one. Now, let us take a look at some of the best Facebook Ads Campaign that has generated leads for their respective companies:


Facebook Ads Campaign

Ad’s of the Shopify have always been really attractive and interesting. They run a unique theme in every campaign of the company and come out with the most viewed and successful Ad Campaign.

This image is from one of their Facebook Ad and we can see how compelling it is for the visitors who are planning to start their own business. From Shopify we get that these things work in making their Ad’s a big success:

• Minimum content, clean images, and beautiful colors

• Inspirational content

• Questions in the copy

Green Blender

Facebook Ads Campaign

The Ad Campaign by the green blender is also very unique and engaging. This company sends ingredients and superfoods to its customers in order to make healthy smoothies.

People these days are very conscious about their health and are attracted towards such offers.
We can see Green Blender is using such colorful, fresh image that is so deeply connected to their Brand. They have used all the important elements that make an Ad a big success:

• Clear Headline

• Copy using the customer’s testimonial


Dollar Shave Club

Facebook Ads Campaign

As from the name itself we can get a fair idea that this company is all about the shaving products needed for men grooming.

With the men’s grooming industry gaining popularity every day, Dollar shave club follows the path of attractive Ad Campaign to stay abreast of the competition.

From this Ad of the company, we can clearly analyze the style of the Ad and feel how compelling it is for its viewers to purchase the products. We can learn from their Ad strategy a lot to make yours a rocking one:

• Make the Ad simple yet attractive

• Write an engaging copy and make it a little funnier

• Know your target audience and buyers persona


Facebook Ads Campaign

We all know the pain of going to a doctor and then waiting in long queues to see the doctor.
Even routine checkups take up a lot of time of the patients. Heal makes this easy for you and your family.

Heal lets you meet the doctor on a phone call in just $99. Let us take a look at the beautiful way Heal has started its Ad Campaign to make everybody know about their time-saving plan.

We can see that the advertisement is pretty soothing, easy to understand and well formed. This advertisement makes us learn that

• Focus on the problems customers face related to your product or service

• Include trust signals if possible

• Be clear in spreading your message

There are many Facebook Ads Campaign that is worth learning from. But, these were a few which included all the major points that are required to make every Facebook Ad Campaign a big hit.

Those Facebook Ads campaign examples will inspire and give you an idea of how to do it right. For converting facebook landing pages engage Lander’s team of online marketing experts. You will save on costs and time by getting one of our well-priced templates.