Best CPM Advertising Tips to Make Money from Your Blog

CPM or Cost per Mille refers to the amount it costs an advertiser per every thousand page impressions. Every single time an ad appears on a certain website is an impression, thus the advertiser pays for every other thousand impressions.

Why CPM?


This is a great way for a marketer to make some cash especially if they run a blog as they can earn using ads.  CPM is recommended especially for the blogs that have a high number of page views but lower click-through rates.

Cost per mille Google can be used instead of Google AdSense. This is advised for those with lower click-through rates, low payouts per click and high page views.

Using the pay per click is good for those with a higher click-through rate but if you do not have this, you can utilize the traffic on your site.

Embrace the CPM which will result in increased revenue for the ads. Sounds like a plan, right? You do need to have good knowledge of the kind of traffic that comes to your site.

For instance how many people view your website and how many of them do actually click through the ads displayed and such information. All these will help you choose a good ad unit.

What Next?


Once you have decided to go with CPM, the next step will be how to use it. How do you go about setting up CPM to start earning?

You will need to use the Google Ad Planner. This enables you to specify which kinds of ads you want appearing on your blog or website.

Remember you do not want just any ads appearing on your site. You want the kind of ads that will pay.

You will need to set a minimum cost per impression. This is just to weed out the ads that fail to meet the criteria for appearing on your site.

Open Google Ad Planner Account and AdSense


The first thing you can do is sign up for a Google Double Click Ad Planner account as well as an AdSense account. This is assuming you do not already have one of each.

These two tools will help you make your site one that makes money, keep track of things and decide the amount you want to charge per thousand impressions.

Connecting AdSense to your Site


Once you have accounts on AdSense and Google ad Planner, you will then need to implement AdSense on your site.

This is done by retrieving a code from AdSense interface and pasting it to your site. This gives Google permission to display ads on your website or blog, and you will also be able to receive payment for every other time someone views the ads.

Periodic Reviews


Once you are up and running, you will need to review the statistics for your earnings every once in a while.

Your AdSense account should show you how much you are earning per thousand impressions with the ads on AdSense.

This gives you a figure to work with when deciding the amount to put on Google Ad Planner.

The importance of this move is that it ensures you do not earn on CPM less than you do for AdSense ads.



Charging for your ads depends not only on your preference but also on the amount the other advertisers are charging. Do your homework. Check out what other advertisers are charging.

You can get a hold of this information on Google Ad Planner by looking at how much it would cost to advertise on different sites.

Once you know what the different advertisers charge, you can then form a figure that will work for you.

CPM Networks


CPM also has a number of networks for its members to join. Some of the more popular ones include:

• Burst Media

• Value click

• Right Media

• Tribal Fusion

• Casale Media

The problem with these networks is that it is usually quite hard to join especially if the blog you run is new.

They usually require for one to have very many page views on a monthly basis. In fact, they usually have as part of their requirement, a minimum number of monthly page views that is quite high especially for a blog that is just starting out.

So what should you do if you are just starting out? Well, there is always another option.

There are several networks whose requirements are not as strict as the ones mentioned above. All you need to do is find a network that has entry requirements which you do meet.

Some networks like ADSDAQ are quite good and are more accommodative of relatively new blogs. You can get networks that even give you the power to set your own CPM rates.

You may find that the network you do join has a low fill rate for the ad units; others even tend to fill out some of your total impressions.

Find a network that also allows you to make use of other ad programs together with it. You can use other programs like Google AdSense for the impressions that fail to get filled by the network you are in.

The Golden Rule


This may be the most cliché message on this earth, but it cannot be said enough times.

Have great content. Success for any online marketer whether you run a blog or another type of website is the king of content that it usually has.

The content should be of good quality. It should be able to draw and capture the attention of the viewer, whether they are the ones that the ads target or even as potential clients to have their ads appear on your site.



Before you start looking into different ads plans for your blog, you need to make sure that you offer something valuable to your viewers.

This enables you to acquire a good following. Do not be in a hurry to start earning from ads before you build your blog. The more followers you have the better a chance you have at this marketing business.

When you do start displaying ads on your site, try to avoid having too many ads at once.

Yes, we know it can be very tempting because you do want the money, but then again you do not want to have too much going on.

Your readers may become irritated by the many ads, and you would lose them. Keep to a small number of ads per page for best results.

CPM is a great payment method for people. It has been used by many online marketers who keep increasing their earnings.

The best thing about such online marketing is that every other day there are many companies, those already in existence and others coming up, and they will always want to put up ads of their products or services.

This means that the kind of potential that is in online marketing is quite large.



If you have your website or blog and are interested in Cost per Mille Google, all you will need is to follow the steps mentioned above, have some bit of patience and start earning.