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Best Adwords Copywriting Tips That Will Grab Anyone’s Attention

The business market is very competitive and always need to fit in all your ad copy in a small space which sometimes it can be difficult. You, however, need to stand out by having the best AdWords.

The business world is full of those with phenomenally good and successful AdWords while others have just the worst.

On your landing page or even website is where this AdWords comes down and either gets clicks and is successful or not gain clicks and be quite unsuccessful.

Ideally, when doing some research it is found that good ads that have been running for a long time have high rankings in the competitive market.

So to stand out, your ad needs to be good enough. The following shows how these best adwords work.

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1. Use of numbers - you will notice that good AdWords use numbers in plenty. It breaks blocks of words and makes the ads stand out.

With their usage, there is also an addition of specificity to the ads and as a result, people are able to be informed about what exactly they are getting. The mention of prices also enables you to have only relevant clicks.

2. Use of ASCII characters. This includes characters such as plus sign (+) which are used in the ads. It makes the ad to stand out from other competition as it will appear unique and thus more eye-catching.

3. Great offers. You can also offer good offers in your ads to attract more people. You can always guarantee your customers a money back guarantee with your product. A great offer will usually in many cases attract more visitors.

4. Call to action. It easily shows what people need to do by directing them to take actions such as clicking a certain button. It is always attractive, therefore, attracting more.

You can also consider the following AdWords strategies to come up with the best ads.

Best AdWords Tip #1: Start with Negative Keywords

Best Adwords

This is a very important step. Having keywords that work for you is a single but essential step which can be very profitable for your company. You need to find the exact keywords that trigger your ads by using the search report.

After that, get rid of negative keywords and replace them with better ones. There are however two important exclusion categories which are:

Irrelevant Searches


Depending on the broadness of your ad, you will always need to get rid of homonyms and misspellings.

Use a keyword that is unique and that one which people will search and come directly to you and not to other searches.

Also, spend enough time in your search term report to know well about your customers.

Unqualified Traffic


This is the second type of exclusion which can prevent searches from people who are not ready to buy but cost you a click. With that, it is very important to focus on the lead quality.

You may not know, maybe users who look for free tools in Google convert well on a free trial so you will need to adequately use traffic rather than exclude it for free products or resources.

There is three keyword match types which you can use to filter out keywords with more precision and reliability.

The negative broad match is one of them. Your ads will not show if all of your negative keywords are present in the search query. In addition, there is a negative phrase match.

For example, if your negative keywords are “orange pudding” and will show multiple results concerning pudding such as “does pudding with oranges taste good?”,

Also, you should look out for extra words for example if your negative keyword is “red train” the ad will show for example, “red train in Miami”.

Hence, you really need to look at your negative keyword so that it doesn’t match other companies.

For best keyword practices, look for people who are searching for great action words like “purchase”. Other popular keywords which can lead to action include, free and trial.

Consider using the keyword planner tool to do simple searches and see what pops up. Start building a negative keyword list if there are patterns and terms which are not relevant.

Best AdWords Tip #2: Strategic Remarketing


It is a rewarding way when done well. You can get started with these few tactics.

Bid on Conversion


Every effort to retarget should be centered on the value that you are offering to your audience. Show a different message basing on where the user dropped off. If there is a shopping cart, consider offering a discount and thus attracting more.

Time Delayed Retargeting


Targeting someone for a very long time can get very annoying. Therefore, creating a time-delayed campaign can significantly reduce fatigue as you are providing new information in a different order.

 Best AdWords Tip #3: Target your Competitors’ Customers with Gmail Ads

Best Adwords

There are up to a billion Gmail users and you can use this as a great advantage. You can target people who visit a specific website or those who are communicating with certain domains.

A high cost per action isn’t a bad thing. Just determine your customers’ lifetime value and bid accordingly.

Best AdWords Tip #4:  Challenge Competitors’ Keywords


You can take the initiative and target competitor’s keyword on the search network. Just make sure that your content is relevant to the ad and search term.

You are allowed to bid on your customer’s brand names but you are not allowed to use those brand names in your ad copy.

Best AdWords Tip #5:  Win Click-through with Extensions


Extensions are just added information that you can put into your ad to create a more effective selling proposition.

When you are targeting competitors, let extensions lead the user to a competitor comparison page.

With that, the competitors' keywords are on the site and this will increase the quality score for ads that bid on the competitors' terms. You should thus, believe that your product is better.

Best AdWords Tip #6:  Use Countdown Timers to Trigger Loss Aversion


We are usually more motivated by the idea of losing more than the idea of gaining. This is called the loss aversion and it can be a great way to boost your AdWords click-through and rates of conversion.

You also need to send an end date of your ad and include it in real time. Visitors will be motivated by the fear of running out of time and thus convert fast.

Best AdWords Tip #7:  Keep your Ads Current


Certain things are relevant with time. Certain things that happened recently will be more catching to the eye than those that happened a long time ago. This is also true with your AdWords.

Best AdWords Tip #8:  Make Things Personal


Using words like, “We” and “us” can sound egocentric and may fail to focus on the customer’s needs and can affect negatively the chances of getting a click and even gaining a conversion.

Rather, use words that involve the customer such as “you” which will stand out and excite the customer.

In conclusion…

Best Adwords

To have the best AdWords, you need to make the effort. You have to know your competitors by doing multiple searches so that you know if you are standing out or not.

If not, look for better ways of improving your AdWords and you will have the best in the end. At Lander, we are experts in website marketing and we can guide you in making great AdWords.