Behavioral Email Marketing

Hot Tips on Building a Behavioral Email Marketing Strategy

In online marketing, behavioral email marketing refers to the strategies, techniques and automated email systems that are used by online merchants and marketers in collection of data about an email subscriber so they can send specific campaigns to that person on basis of their behavior.

The data about the user is all collected in a database that integrates both web analytics and email data.
A marketer will ensure that he/she is sending a relevant email to that specific email subscriber when using the strategy of behavioral email marketing.

Behavioral email marketing is one of the most successful email strategies currently in the market but is unfortunately the most underused method.

This has been found to be caused by the lack of technical know-how and also lack of strategic vision which makes using behavioral email marketing quite difficult.

This article will walk you through the process of coming up with a proper behavioral email marketing strategy.

Behavioral Email: A Primer


Behavioral Email Marketing


This is the art or practice of sending automated emails that are targeted to the contacts you have on your database.

These target emails are dependent on the interaction of the subscribers with your company across different platforms which include email, your website, social media and other channels.

The main agenda of behavioral email marketing is to ensure that every interaction your company has with a subscriber has a predictable and appropriate outcome.

This type of email marketing is all about taking a user-focused approach when sending emails. In other terms the action of your site visitors will dictate what emails they will receive and not a decision made by the marketer.

Behavioral Email Marketing Framework


Now that you know what behavioral email marketing is here are steps to follow in implementation for this type of email marketing at your company or business.

Track How Many People Interact With Your Business on a Daily Basis Online


Behavioral Email Marketing



This is the first and most important step when coming up with a behavioral email marketing strategy. You need to ensure that you carefully study what activities HubSpot can listen to, interpret and act on.

You need to learn the different behaviors you can use as triggers when it comes to sending email campaigns based on subscriber behavior.

There are so many channels that the modern-day marketer can use to attract, interact and convert people into customers.

These include email, social media, your company website and different marketing activities such as conducting surveys and running webinars.

Each of these interactive channels is an amazing opportunity to listen to your prospects and learn more about their needs and behavior.

You can then start a conversation with your users based on your findings on what their behavior is like.
This will necessitate you get a system that will help you track, store and surface information about the visitors to your site.

The nerve center of all your inbound marketing efforts is your contact database. The database works almost identical to your brain by getting data, analyzing the data and finally reacting to it appropriately. The contact properties that are stored include:

• Email engagement of your subscribers

• Website activities carried out by your visitors

• Social media activities of your subscribers

• The form submissions by visitors to your site

• Conversion information from your landing pages

• All other data from other integrated software

Once you have accumulated this information, you can use it to send emails to people based on their activity.

The contact database and the different ways to trigger a lead are the only resources you will need to come up with a behavioral email marketing strategy.

Determine the Important Actions a User Might Take


Since behavioral emails are based entirely on the activities that users take, they are never really a surprise. They are just an expected reaction to the action taken by a user.

The thing that makes behavioral email marketing so powerful is the fact that they are activated by the user or subscriber and not the marketer.

The only decision the marketer has to make is to decide which user action he/she should react to. The following are some of the actions you should consider reacting to:

View Specific Content on Your Website


You should make sure that you send your target follow-up content. Send someone relevant follow-up content depending on what captured their interest when they were on your page.

Form Submission for content / eBook


You should send the subscriber an email confirming the download or transaction.

Engagement or Lack of Engagement Emails


You should send your subscribers an email with another CTA or you can start running another contact re-engagement campaign.

Other actions you could consider undertaking include:

• Actively engaging with your users on social media
• Encouraging your users to subscribe to your blog or asking them to read a specific blog post
• You can also encourage the visitors to visit a pricing page

Once you discover what user activities your database system tracks then everything becomes very easy and the only limitation you will have will be your creativity.

Start a Conversation With the User Based on That Behavior


Behavioral Email Marketing


Once you have gotten a good handle on the data that your database tracks and stores, you will have identified some of the most important activities that may be taken by your subscribers.

The last step in the behavioral email marketing strategy is to write a compelling email that will help you in starting a conversation with the user based on his/her behavior. If you are doing things right, then the email should be a conversation.

The only way you can make most of the behavioral emails you send is by taking advantage that these types of emails lay at the center of the following three important email practices:

Creating a Segment of One


This is the most important aspect of any email marketing strategy. With behavioral email marketing you are able to create an incredibly highly personal experience.

Making the Email Personal


When using social media or blogs for marketing you use the same message for every user but with emails you are able to come up with a different message for each individual user using information from your contact database.

c). With behavioral emails you are able to create an immediate response to an action that the user has just undertaken.

You can create a unique experience for each individual that interacts with your company through various online platforms by using personalization.

You should make sure that you make use of software that allows you to automate the emails that you send to your subscribers.

This will make your work as a marketer easier and also efficient. If you had not yet taken up behavioral email marketing as a business or company we suggest that you start strongly considering it now.

It has greatly revolutionized email marketing and has proven to be more successful than the traditional email marketing strategies.

As a business your main goal should be to always get a leg up above your competitors and this method of email marketing will help you stay a step ahead of your business competition.

Thank you for reading this article.