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The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Marketing

Have you developed your own mobile application for your brand? Now, you want to make your app discoverable by people. Getting your app discovered by people is the fundamental challenge that every app marketer faces.

As you know that there are millions of applications across Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and other platforms; therefore, it is quite difficult to make your app apart from other apps and make it discoverable.

Today, the mobile app market is challenging and it’s getting difficult to stand among all the obtainable applications. After launching a mobile app, the major mistake that entrepreneurs can make is not conforming to app marketing .

If you as an entrepreneur do not put any efforts to let the whole world know about your application, no one will know that a well-crafted and feature-rich application is obtainable on the app store.

Even before you launch your application, you should make sure that there are people, who are interested in your application and waiting to use it. This is the reason why mobile app marketing plays an important role and considered as a part of the app development process. Marketing an application is equally important as designing, coding, and testing.

However, there are lots of app promotion companies that are known for developing a business plan to analyzing user feedback. These companies deliver high-end quality marketing campaign for any mobile application.

In case, if you are not looking forward to hiring any app promotion company, you can consider this mobile app marketing guide to learn more about app marketing and promotion strategies.

Checkout Mobile App Marketing Guide That Should Be Considered Before & After Launch of App

Before Launch of App

Know Your Competitors

Once you developed your high-end mobile application, it’s time to market it to your targeted audience. But it is important for you to know your competitors and track their activities. You can check that which apps rank high in the app store related to your category. You can look at the feature sets of that app.

With enormous applications in the app store, you will surely find a complete list of competitors, who are offering products like your product.

You can do is make a list of all your initial competitors and research on this complete list of potential competitors and filter the heavy competitors based on similarity of your app. Make sure that a 5-star app without thousands of reviews is your real competitor rather than the 1-star application with some reviews.

Choose Your Keywords

In the application world, a keyword plays a very important role as your user will look up to comprehend what your application does. If you want to successfully market your application, it is essential for you to understand the keywords that matter for your app.

For example, there is one beauty application, so the vital keyword of this app is the beauty. Having a keyword in the name your application helps your app get found quickly by users. However, it should be also there in the description.

If you are finding it difficult to choose keywords for your app, there are keywords tools like MobileDevHQ’s App Store Optimization tool that makes it a lot simpler to know which keywords will be frequently used. To make your app marketing successful, ensure that you chose strong keywords.

Select the Right Category

Do you know that choosing the right category for your application can influence the ranking for that specific arena? You can select the category not only based on relevancy but also based on the level of competition. It is true that all the categories are not created equally.

Apple introduced subcategories as part of the iOS 8 along with the primary category. These subcategories divide the Appstore into micro-segments and allow developers to rank higher in specific fields. You make sure that you choose the category that gives potential users a sense of what your app does and enables them to search you in a relevant search.

After Launch of App

Try to Gain More Visibility

Once you launch your application, you should try to gain more visibility, and there are many ways to gain visibility for your app like:

You should submit your application to app promotion sites like Rate My Startup and Launching Next. Through these services, you can gain extra reviews from users and other entrepreneurs; thus, you can increase attention for your app.

  • You can also publish your app in alternative app stores.
  • You can spend some funds on online advertising like on Facebook and Twitter and get much attention from people.
  • Apart from this, you can make use of in-app contents and giveaways to tempt more and more users.
  • In case, if your app is paid, you can offer some discount offers and give your app a chance to be featured in various lists of “on sale”.

Give Attention to Your App’s Page in the Store

You should give attention to your app’s page in the store. You make sure that your app’s description should be short and engaging one and has no mistakes. You should mention clearly that what problems your app solves.

Highlights all the main features and provide more tips regarding your app’s page in the app store. Try to make the screenshots of your app attractive and informative.

Moreover, you can use the right keywords in the description so that the app can be searched easily. You should restrict the description for various markets so that you can reach more users.

Encourage Users to Rate and Review Your App

Where an application ranks in search results depends on how many ratings it has and how many ratings it has and how high those ratings are. It is vital for your app’s success to get as many 5-star ratings as possible. With lots of different ways to encourage your users, you can allow them to rate your application.

You can simply ask for ratings from within the app as users are more engaging with it. If they have used your application for two to three times, you can easily implement this request. You can also think something out of the box for interesting and potentially more effective ways to get your users to rate your application.

So, this is the complete guide to mobile app marketing that you should consider before and after launch your application. However, app promotion is not a one-time endeavor as it begins during an app’s planning phase and continues until the end. In case, if you are facing any difficulty, you should hire a professional mobile app development company that has expertise in the mobile app industry.