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Hot Tips To Design Beautiful Landing Pages

We all know that the Landing pages are the pages a visitor arrives at after clicking on a banner ad or a promotional link .They play a crucial marketing role by converting leads into customers for the business.

When it comes to a landing page design , one needs to be clear before a launch of any landing page on the nature of the desired visitors’ action. Is increasing newsletter signups your goal? Then design a CTA with the message “Signup now to our newsletter”.

Do you aim to have trial purchases from visitors? Say so. Generally speaking, the essential recipe is to make your landing page express this offer as clearly and as enticingly as possible.

So here are some quick tips to help you get ahead when you’re designing your own beautiful landing page:

  • Avoid False Expectations on your Landing pages

  • Your landing pages should carry consistency with the hints you provide on the original ad, or vice versa. Visitors have to find on the landing page what you promise in the ad they click. Otherwise, they will loose trust in the website and they might not visit your website ever again.
  • The only thing that will give your users a reason to link to your page again is credibility. So focus on providing true information as much as possible.
  • Use of Images and Videos

  • Though a catchy headline is a good start to capture your visitors’ attention, it is not enough to maintain their interest. In order to keep their eyes on the page, you’ll have to include a video, an image, or both. In fact, using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%!
Landing Pages
  • To help maximize the effectiveness of your visual aids, it’s important to only use one or two relevant images at most and keep your videos relatively concise. Remember, the visuals you use should help focus visitors’ attention, not  distract them!
  • Write Concise, Consumable Copy

  • Once your visitors’ eyes have wandered from your headers and your visuals, now they’re going to end up on your copy. To make sure you don’t lose them at this stage, you have to write a copy that truly keeps them energized and interested.
  • How do you do that? By using short messages that pique your visitor’s interest, and really help drive your point across.
  • For example, a short, bullets of list of facts and statistics can create compelling sales points, all while keeping it incredibly simple for the reader to understand, and at the same time keeping your landing page beautiful.
  • Using Smart Forms for Impressing Users

  • Though it’s certainly great when a new visitor downloads your content, it’s even better when they come back for more. Why? Because now you know you’ve established yourself as a trustworthy authority in their eyes.


 Landing Pages
  • You also know that your nurturing is working as well! To help increase the aesthetics of a landing page, you can make things clearer by eliminating the questions that they’ve already answered from your form.
  • Not only will they be less annoyed, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask new, more detailed questions that can help you better understand their need and will boost the look of your Landing page.
  • Remove All Navigation

  • If there was ever a “Golden Rule” for making your landing page look beautiful, this would be it. When a visitor visits your landing page, now it is your opportunity to pitch your offer to them.
  • With that in mind, it’s crucial that you eliminate any distractions that would cause them to stray away from your page – including your site’s navigation bar and other external hyperlinks.
  • With nowhere else to go, now your visitor can focus all their attention on the offer at hand, and at the same time appreciate how good your page looks.

There are many things inbound marketers must do to help improve the look of their landing pages. By following these basic guidelines, however, your landing page will be well under way to generate more leads for your business.

A beautiful landing page is the most important prerequisite of your business, and you will surely see results by following these tips.