B2B Search Marketing

4 Smart SEO Strategies That Always Work For B2B Search Marketing

B2B Search Marketing: Brands conduct an online campaign to increase awareness of their products and services and in return generate more leads for their business.

B2B search marketing is one of the campaign strategies that brands have adopted to optimize the returns they get on investments.

The strategy focuses on the whole process of creating awareness, assisting the target audience with the research through the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and converting the traffic into leads.

How does SEM Fit into a B2b Search Marketing Plan?


You must be wondering if it is really necessary to incorporate SEO into your B2B Search Marketing strategy. And how do you ensure that SEM gives you the intended benefits?

Below are simple tips you can use to make B2B Search Marketing strategy more effective for your business:

1. Use the SEO as Part of the Overall Marketing Strategy


Online marketing is a journey and you should give every single process the maximum effort it deserves to get the best out of it.

The fact that most B2B apps are not click-to-buy kind of transaction makes it even more necessary to pay close attention to each step of your campaign.

You need to direct your paid traffic to a nurturing campaign process to ensure that your visitors get the best experience with your brand.

You should send your paid traffic to an effective landing page with a strong headline and a clear and precise call to action.

In the B2B Search Marketing strategy, you should have a system for adding contacts of your prospects to make the nurturing process easier.

You can use the contacts to engage more with your visitors outside the landing page by sending follow up emails or updating them about your new products or offers.

Tracking the records of your paid traffic also makes it possible to access the sources of these visitors and the time the time they make the actual transactions.

This will help you to make any necessary adjustment in your campaign as well as conducting a more targeting online marketing. You should not ignore any paid traffic on your page. Engage with them as much as possible.

2. Leverage Retargeting to Maximize Returns on Investment

B2B Search Marketing

The cost per click for target keywords can be a pain in the neck sometimes. It is even more frustrating because the click per ad traffic doesn’t turn into actual leads immediately.

Some may even abandon your page without converting altogether for some reasons. The frustration of spending resources without returns to show for it is enough frustration for your business.

There are various reasons that will make your visitors abandon your site without converting.

Distractions, not seeing what interest them, or being undecided or not trusting you enough to give you their email addresses are some of these reasons. This does not make them irrelevant traffic.

Adding in Remarketing will help in improving your cost per lead from SEM as it targets the visitors who did not convert into leads during their first visit to your landing page.

A retargeting campaign is much cheaper than the search ads. You will be able to analyze those who visited your page and the possible reasons why they did not convert.

It will, therefore, be easy for you to make the necessary adjustments, test different messages, engage with the visitors at different times and keep them up-to-date with the current happenings and entice them to convert.

3. Don’t Ignore Brand Name Keywords


In pay per click ad context, you should not overlook paying for clicks for your brand name because:

• Running your brand name Ad makes your brand stand out from the crowd. Your ads will come before the ads of your competitors.

It is general knowledge that visitors will tend to click on the first link to show up on their news feed. You don’t want to give your competitors the chance to siphon traffic from you. Do you?

• Running a brand name Ad allows you to test and choose the best landing page to direct your visitors to. This is not possible if you don’t run brand name ads. Your visitors could even be directed to the home page, which is not so effective in lead generation.

4. Get Creative with Targeting


It is possible to know all your prospects if you are in a B2B organization. Running paid ads ensure that your execution of a targeted branding campaign is efficient and successful.

But with constantly changing trends in the business industry, targeting the right decision maker to work with will be an uphill task in this case.

Conducting search ads display ads and potentially Gmail ads targeting a particular geographical headquarter expands your outreach effort.

Any change in the decision-making process will not have a much negative impact on your campaign.

4 tips to enhance your B2B paid search strategies

1. Understand Goals and Expectations


Although the main goal of most campaigns is to generate leads and increase sales, you should put strategies in place for engaging with your prospects and ensure that the engagement is successful.

You need to understand your goals and strive to execute them. It is also important to understand that the B2B Search Marketing strategy has fewer searches compared to the B2C strategy which limits the traffic creation and conversion rate.

2. Take Advantage of Ad Scheduling


Searches with the higher conversion potential are more during business hours. You need to take advantage of this habit buy running your ads during the most appropriate time to increase the conversion rate and reduce the amount of money you spend to run the ads.

3. Give a Quality Customer Experience


Give your visitors a unique and great experience on your landing page. This will give them the impression that you really value them and they will be hooked to your page and take the required action. To achieve this:

• Remove the main navigation menu from your landing page to eliminate any distractions.

• Have a strong, short and precise headline.

• Use a strong, clear, visible and value-driven call to action to guide the visitors on the next step to take.

• Keep your form copy simple and clear by asking information that is absolutely relevant and necessary for the driving leads.

• Use language that is clear and easy to understand to avoid confusing your traffic.

4. Target Specific Audience

B2B Search Marketing

You should have a background check about your audience. The information you obtained in the background check can then be used to create ad groups with keywords relevant to a particular audience group. You can adjust the ad copy to fit the needs of that audience segment.

Challenges of SEO Marketing


• Most B2B companies still market their products through the traditional ways like the word of mouth and they may consider the SEO irrelevant.

• The main objective of SEO is to increase the Google presence of companies and to drive traffic. This definition does not give much attention to value and some companies may take advantage of this by trying so much to sell rather than providing values.



Leverage the tips to get the most out of the B2B search marketing strategy for your business. If you would like professional help with managing your paid ad search, we are just a call away at Lander.