B2B Search Engine Marketing

3 Principles to Know About B2B Search Engine Marketing

Online marketing is a great way to market your products to people. It has been found to be very effective as it gives one access to a vast potential market in the form of internet users. B2B Search engine marketing is, therefore, a strategy to be looked into by any company for that boost in increasing clientele.

This sort of marketing is valuable to both the client and the business itself. For the B2B search engine marketing works just as well. Having this kind of marketing work for your B2B brand is where all the work is at.

Unlike other businesses, B2B brands require to have a different method, use tactics specific to it to run successful marketing campaigns. So what exactly are these strategies, and what budget should you have?

 B2B Search Engine Marketing Strategy #1: Content Marketing


B2B Search Engine Marketing

Previous studies show that most B2Bs have embarked on content marketing where they provide useful information about their products.

This may be in the form of YouTube videos, written articles on blog posts, slide share presentations, and infographics among others.

This move would allow you to get an audience that is suited to your needs, and relevant to your company.

You will be able to give information that is valuable and consistent to this audience and attract them to purchase your products or services for use in their business, or possibly attract more potential clientele.

A high percentage of B2B marketers are already invested in content marketing, with some even having a team for this specific purpose of creating new content for marketing their brand to potential clients on the internet.

This is done with the expectation that there will be profitable customer action driven by the technique.

Most of the content shared is usually accompanied by a share button. This encourages the audience to share with others on social media sites, enabling the company to have a wider reach.

While adding the sharing option, do consider that social media sites are big on images and videos, thus these are most likely to have better results than written content.

 B2B Search Engine Marketing Strategy #2: E-commerce


B2B Search Engine Marketing

B2Bs have also been seen to open up e-commerce stores to sell their products, as a strategy to get more traffic to their companies.

They may not be running a full-on online store, but they have shifted their customers to the online platform.

Reports by the e-consultancy show that these companies that have adopted an online presence have witnessed a 44% increase in the Average Order Value (AOV).

Running a successful e-commerce website will require the following elements:

• Good customer experience

• Ability to handle complex catalogs

• Easy navigation for the visitors

• Good search functionality and effectiveness

• Relevant information

• Good, attractive interface for the users

• Great management of the accounts

These are said to be the selling point for the customers, as well as what will keep them there, giving you more sales.

As you approach the e-commerce website, it would be important to note that the time it takes for your page to load.

Ensure that the page loading time is as little as possible. Faster loading pages have higher success rates.

You do not want to lose potential clients due to waiting for too long for pages to load and losing interest altogether.

Fast loading also makes your page easily visible on the search engine, as it is ranked higher on Google site speed analysis.

Use of appropriate keywords relevant to the search engine is also the key to greater success rates for your B2B.

Ensure you use keywords in the title, within the content, and in the descriptions as well. Finally, your site must be available to search engines, to ensure that nothing blocks it in any way from appearing on the search engine.

B2B Search Engine Marketing Strategy #3: Mobile Optimization

B2B Search Engine Marketing

Looking at today’s world, you will notice the increased use of mobile phones. Smartphones are used across the globe for different needs of the inhabitants, including for online shopping.

This provides an opportunity for B2B marketers to take their online marketing to smartphones. We cannot ignore this chance.

To take advantage of the use of mobile phones, one needs to improve the mobile phone user experience on their site.

Adopting your site to mobile phones is imperative as it influences the behavior of the consumer towards your company.

Ensure you optimize mobile sites and apps for great user experience and with SEO best practices to get enough traffic to your site. Tap into the potential market of mobile users.

Mobile optimization also points to an effective web design that is used to attract and retain potential clients.

The page or app should provide a good user experience across all browsers if possible. Do try to view the site from different browsers to see how usable it is for the users and improve it where necessary.

The use of keywords is also important in mobile optimization, as an SEO best practice. The successful B2Bs have been seen to use the right keywords and have them appear in a correct structure also including Meta tags and mark up for social sites.

The other practice that has been used is the use of small, easily downloadable file sizes. These allow the page to have a faster loading time, as it eliminates bulky files that would slow down the loading process.

With these practices, you are likely to have high conversion rates. Just add a hard to miss call to action button for the internet users to be able to subscribe or download the app where applicable.

You can provide premium subscription as well and offer exclusive services for those who opt for that option for a small fee.

 The Effectiveness of B2B Search Engine Marketing


SEM has been seen to be popular across all digital marketers including B2B marketers. Its popularity can be attributed to several factors:

• B2B Search engine marketing allows you to have a targeted audience, where only those with an interest in your products are taken to your site, weeding out the rest of the people.

• Vast market availed to you, all at your fingertips, with a large number of internet users each day.

• Quicker passing of information: Your content will be able to reach a larger number of people in a shorter time as many can access it at once, and share it easily as well. Making changes is also made easier, for the content that is not working for your company.

• Retargeting is made possible where people who have viewed your product before can continue to view it, and remain in their mind in case they need such products in future.

B2B search engine marketing is a very effective method compared to other methods like print, physical banners and other such marketing techniques that are done offline.

Any B2B marketer who has tried both offline and online marketing can attest to this. With a good working budget and the tips to having a successful search engine marketing campaign, your B2B is likely to flourish.

Go ahead and get to online marketing. Different ways may work for you, so give content marketing and search engine marketing a try to find the one most suitable for your needs.