B2B Marketing Automation

B2B Marketing Automation Guide and Lead Nurturing Tools

Current buyers are becoming very picky about their purchasing which has prompted the need for personalized attention from both the sales and marketing teams at different stages of the buying process. The lead nurturing software can, however, streamline this process for you and even B2b marketing automation to your funnel at strategic points so that your sales team spends less time tracking the pulse of the leads and instead spend the time engaging with them.

The lead nurturing software is multifaceted and thus it can be able to integrate with other tools specifically marketing automation and CRM tools.

These are tools that manage your contacts thus taking some pressure off the nurturing process.

The marketing automation tool can even provide you with qualified leads through the following forms: landing pages, drip campaigns, and online forms.

Tools Helpful To the Sales Team

1. Pipeline deals Lead Nurturing Software


This software combines sales tracking, content and email engagement tools that track data and move it directly to your CRM as well as a lead management platform.

It has a sales focused interface that always keeps reps informed through notification and goals.

This software has a collective knowledge base which can be accessed by all reps and they are able to add documents, workflows, cadences, and templates. The integrations that this software offers include QuickBooks, Gmail, web mergers etc.

2. Inside Sales Box Lead Nurturing Software


This software works as the inside hub between the marketing automation tools and CRM. This tool combines all your nurturing and follow-up processes and places them on one dashboard for easier tracking.

This software will let your team know the actions you have taken as well as where they should go next. The smart email tools on this software are able to gather info on important email metrics such as bounces, opens and unsubscribes.

3. Aweber Lead Nurturing Software


This works mainly as an autoresponder as well as an email marketing platform. It also has a connection to other apps and tools which make it amazing for lead nurturing.

This is amazing software for small businesses that do most lead nurturing via email as it helps them to quickly connect with their leads. The software also has app connections which help businesses build their contact lists.

CRM + lead nurturing tools

Pardot Lead Nurturing Software


This is a B2B marketing tool from Salesforce. When you connect these extremely powerful marketing platforms you are able to create rules that nurture leads all the way down the pipeline.

These great tools also send your marketing team lead updates automatically based on the customer engagements with email and on-sight content.

The sales alert that this software give will help you to pass off leads who are ready to make purchases off to the sales team and prevent you from following cold leads.

Leadsquared Lead Nurturing Software


This is a conversion platform that has been created to combine built-in CRM with marketing automation so as to enable lead nurturing and sales.

The software has a new conversion prediction tool that gives your leads scores and builds on them so as to prevent you from wasting time on prospects who are not going to convert.

This software is able to combine lead behavior with their historical data so as to understand their likelihood of conversion thanks to its machine learning technology.

This will help the marketing team to nurture prospects and set hot leads for the marketing team.

Nutshell Lead Nurturing Software


This software has a combination of CRM and sales process management solution. It helps your team to automatically track and process leads. This software can perform the following tasks efficiently:

• Customer and rep onboarding

• Sales workflow speed

• Notifying your team when the next step should be

This software is great for small businesses which have a per-user, per-month subscription.

B2b Marketing automation with lead nurturing tools

HubSpot Lead Nurturing Software


This software is one of the market leaders when it comes to sales enablement and marketing automation. It has three divisions namely sales, marketing, and CRM.

When you combine the three aspects of the software it becomes such a powerful tool. The sales aspect of the software has the following tools:

• Real-time notifications

• Automation of CRM updates to help track your progress

• Drip campaign

Marketo Lead Nurturing Software


Marketo is a software company that has positioned itself as a thought leader in the B2B sales and marketing industry.

It has a wide database of educational tools at your disposal that will help you build your lead nurturing strategy.

This is a fantastic marketing tool as it sends automatic emails to customers based on their behavior and it also reminds you to follow-up on the customer site interactions.

Act-On Lead Nurturing Software


This software has been able to combine personalized and automated email features with lead scoring and funnel reports that will keep your team on track.

The software allows your team to spend more time on inbound and conversion efforts as most of its features are automated.

Sharpspring Lead Nurturing Software


This is a marketing platform that actually engages website users based on their actions on site. It does the following activities effectively: form fills, email automation and personalizing content.

It sends your team notifications on hot leads to help them stay on top of things. It also sends the team reports on a daily basis while automatically sending content to your users.

The software uses website engagement metrics to gauge which visitors are interested while it uses visitor metrics and reporting to help you understand which area of your website converts and which area is losing leads.

Tips To Improve Your B2b Marketing Automation

The following tips will help you to effectively improve your B2B marketing automation strategy.

B2b Marketing Automation Tip #1: Have a Strategy

B2B Marketing Automation

Before you can start automating any marketing tactic you should first come with a strategy.

Decide what you would like to accomplish, choose which tools you would like to use and how frequently you will use them etc

B2b Marketing Automation Tip #2: Set Up To Save Time


It may take some time to set up initially so as to start the marketing automation process. If you do the set up correctly, you may set up a task in motion that will never require you to redo it again.

If you want to really benefit from the time-saving aspect of marketing automation, you should create templates for the type of campaigns you would like to actually launch.

B2b Marketing Automation Tip #3: Uses Reporting For Your Own Advantage


Reporting and analytics will help you understand how successful your marketing automation efforts actually are.

Once you get the data you should act on it. If there needs to be an improvement then you should make necessary changes to your marketing campaign to bring about the positive change.

B2b Marketing Automation Tip #4: Focus on the Fundamentals


It is very easy to become overwhelmed with the features of marketing automation software but you should try and maintain your focus only on the fundamentals such as lead stages, nurturing and scoring.

Once you master these basics you can start implementing additional features.

B2b Marketing Automation Tip #5: Develop and Use Personas


The persona of the buyer is the most powerful and most underused tool when it comes to marketing. You should tailor your campaigns for each individual person with right campaign.

You can practice message segmentation so as to reach each persona type which will help you to increase your conversion rate when you hit the mark in communicating what each person needs.

B2b Marketing Automation Tip #6: Love Integration


Most marketing automation software today can integrate with a number of different tools that you are already using. Connecting these platforms can lead to less work and also smarter results.

You can also connect your phone system with your CRM so as to create an online log form for your incoming calls. This will enable your customer service reps to log calls and also view customer data.

B2b Marketing Automation Tip #7: Test your Campaigns

B2B Marketing Automation

You should test the different aspects of your campaign. These include forms, CTAs, and other processes.

You should always remember to test one tweak at a time so you can accurately measure the impact that these small changes have on your campaign.

B2b Marketing Automation Tip #8: Use Custom Data To Better Understand Your Demographic


You can learn a lot from how people interact with your brand whether it is through website, emails, product and social media profiles.

You should always analyze this data so as to help your marketing team to improve their results.



The B2B marketing automation and lead nurturing tools will help to reduce the amount of time your team puts into a marketing campaign.

They will also help you to make your marketing funnel more effective and increase the number of conversions that your site receives.

It may take you some time to master marketing automation but it will be highly beneficial to you. All you should remember is to ignore all those fancy features in the automation software and concentrate on the basics.