B2B Landing Page

3 Outstanding B2B Landing Page Examples

You might have devised a new product that is ideal for businesses or you offer services such as consultation services, or you simply connect businesses.

You need to figure out ways of generating traffic and getting the word out there that you give those particular services or products.

An ideal way to create traffic and, ultimately, create that conversion is through the creation of a B2B landing page. This marketing strategy is most effective for businesses that understand how to use the digital platform.

A B2B landing page ought to captivate the audience into wanting to know more about your business, hence translating into conversion for future sales leads.

We shall look at a few B2B landing pages of different businesses and note down key features that make a phenomenal B2B landing page.

B2B Landing Page Example #1: RBC


B2B Landing Page


RBC has an attractive and fascinating landing page. It offers good use of headlines and the information provided is exact and to the point. The page is short and non-repetitive.

It provides the audience with clear-cut information and emphasizes the point of saving money; every business’s dream. Similarly, it provides the duration and fee with which you will need to complete the procedure of signing up and creating an account.

It provides a section where the customer submits their personal information for purposes of receiving newsletters. In my opinion, this is a great way to stay connected with your audience.

B2B Landing Page Example #2: Avalara


B2B Landing Page


By taking one look at Avalara landing page, you get an instant understanding of their business. Taxation is no longer a difficult subject.

First, they display a bold headline at the top of the page to enable the targeted audience to comprehend what they are viewing. Secondly, the landing page presents a diagram that displays visual data for visual readers that skim through texts.

Finally, they give users their values worth by offering a free tool to gain access to tax rates in different US locations. Avalara’s landing page takes up an empathetic face when dealing with its customers.

B2B Landing Page Example #3: Halogen


B2B Landing Page


Halogen is a well-accredited marketing leader in performance management software. Its landing page clearly shows all services it provides to its client.

It presents an information form to its customers to enable them to fill in their personal information and later, get a free trial of their software.

This generates tremendous traffic to the landing page and the site. However, there are a few adjustments that Halogen can put into its landing page to improve its business.

For instance they can shorten the lengthy data on its page and using more images to keep the page lively.

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Ideal practices to create the best B2B landing page


After looking at the above examples of B2B landing pages, we are able to deduce the best features in a B2B landing page. The landing page has to show good, presentable and understanding copy to its audience’s needs.

It has to put the user first and answer his/her needs. This is done if the business acknowledges its audience and communicates with them effectively. Use of visual images is important as it attracts attention to the page.

Ensure that information on the landing page is comprehensive and captivating to the audience. Once you understand your audience, you will be able to customize the quality of information you present.

Use a professional tone to convey information. It is important to set up security and transparency on your landing page. You can achieve this with the use of testimonials, highlighting other companies that have used your services or products or even brand stories.

Many customers come to trust businesses once they view positive reviews.



B2B landing page generate leads and customers and get the word out there that a particular business exists. Once used properly, the effects are unbelievable. A good B2B landing page builds relationships and creates relevancy.