B2B Copywriting

B2B Copywriting Actionable Hacks to Get You Started

A B2B copywriter is someone who applies his/her writing skills to a commercial writing. In the B2B copywriting world there are about 7 different types of copywriters. The following is a list of all 7 types of copywriters.

1. The Creative Copywriter


These types of copywriters are able to communicate their idea in a short and memorable phrase. They usually utilize their skills in consumer ads where they earn a lot of money so as to come with catchy lines that will get the consumer’s attention.

The rise of consumer enterprise IT will bring about the rise of creative writers in the B2B marketing world.

These writers are very good at coming up with punch lines that will stick in the minds of consumers but they will never write any value adding copies such as eBooks.

Creative copywriters are good in the following fields: headlines, ad copy, straplines and campaign concepts.

Their business value is that they are able to create ideas and phrases that are sure to get your brand noticed by consumers and also be remembered.

2. The Digital Copywriter


These are writers who come up with the micro-copy that gets app users and website visitors to click on the right thing on the website page and also enter the right information.

They are the ones who come up with what should be written on a website page’s CTA button. These digital copywriters are good at the following: button copy, social media copy, Call-to-action, micro-copy and on page navigation copy.

Their business value is that they come up with the copy that will entice people to buy, try or even sign up for your offer.

3. The Marketing Copywriter


This type of copywriter is part psychologist and part writer. This is because they not only know how to capture the attention of prospects but they also know how to make them feel like your product is the one thing that is missing from their lives so as to be complete.

The market copywriter will immerse himself/herself into the psychological state of the buyer until he/she understands the target audience better.

The insight that they get from this exercise will be used to write copy that will be able to educate, inspire and gently guide the prospect towards your brand.

This type of writer has the ability to sustain an argument in the right tone and over a long-form piece. Marketing writers are good at doing the following: writing eBooks, coming up with email campaigns and writing video script.

Their business value is that they are able to develop a strong bond between your brand and your target audience.

4. Explainer Copywriter


This is a writer who has the ability or expertise in presenting a case that is both logical and rational about investing in a product or technology and does so in a way that is clear and easy to read and understand.

Explainer copywriters are good at the following: product/demo video scripts, white papers and datasheets. Their business value is that they help prospects in building an internal business case when it comes to investment.

5. The SEO Copywriter


This type of writer is likely to be an explainer copywriter, brand journalist or marketing copywriter who creates original, engaging and intelligent content that will guide prospects to a decision of making a purchase.

SEO writers are good at the following: online articles, web page copy and blog posts. Their business value is the fact that they make sure that you get high site rankings in the relevant searches.

6. The Brand Journalist


B2B Copywriting


This is a type of writer that helps a brand to tell their story in an engaging way. These brand journalists borrow some techniques that are used in newspaper and magazine journalism such as reporting news from the brand’s ecosystem, interviewing experts, curating opinions and ideas and using graphics and supporting facts in order to come up with a copy that is well written, fresh, interesting and quite enjoyable to read.

Brand journalists are exceptionally got at the following: curated pieces, multimedia extravaganzas, blogs, case studies and articles.

Their business value is that they are able to turn your website into a must-visit, high-profile and share-worthy media property.

7. The Technical Writer


This type of writer is a hybrid of a tech expert and a writer. He/she knows which bit plugs into what and they are able to clearly and simply explain this to the end user of the product.

Technical writers are good at the following: user manuals, knowledgebase articles, data sheets, FAQs and any other technical instructional manuals that are needed.

Their business value is that they are able to keep your users happy and reduce any expensive calls to your customer help desk.

Essential Tips For B2B Copywriting

The following are some tips that will help you transition from B2C to B2B copywriting.

B2B Copywriting Tip: Learn The Business Model


When you understand all that your client is looking for you will be able to write a copy that is consistent and persuasive enough to your clients.

B2B Copywriting Tip: Learn The Language Of The Business


Every type of B2B business has its own jargon and even though you won’t use it in your copy it’s important that you understand what each one means.

Knowing the little details like whether your client refers to his prospects as customers or clients can go a long way in building your credibility with anyone who reviews your work.

B2B Copywriting Tip: Write For The Specific Audience Segments


B2B Copywriting


As a B2B copywriter, you have to ensure that you use the right vocabulary for each audience segment that you are writing for. You must ensure that your details and value propositions are right for each segment.

B2B Copywriting Tip: Avoid Trite Phrases


These are phrases such as “win-win” as you are communicating with people who need to see that you are a serious individual.

It is important that you don’t try to think outside the box when it comes to B2B writing or try to revolutionize the already existing industry.

B2B Copywriting Tip: Make Your Writing More Lively


Most B2B copy writers tend to be monotonous and dull when it comes to their copy. It is important to realize that the audiences receiving this copy are people who have feelings which will play a huge part in them purchasing your product.

It is important that you infuse a bit of humor, emotion, and style in your writing so as to draw readers in and entice them to take action.

B2B Copywriting Tip: Be Specific


Never make vague claims in your B2B copy. Ensure that you use actual statistics whenever you need to.

B2B Copywriting Tip: Avoid Using Hyperbole


Hyperbole includes phrases like “tremendous”. All B2B readers want to read facts when they want to make a purchasing decision because they will have to defend this decision.

When you give them valid facts, then you arm them with the right and solid argument.

B2B Copywriting Tip: Bottom-line Your Copy


Ensure that you lead with your key points so that readers know what is in it for them, right off the bat. Make sure they are simple and clear enough to understand.

B2B copywriting is an essential ingredient for e-commerce success- these insights on B2B copywriting will guide you in your B2B marketing campaign.