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Authoritative Link Building In Light of Real Time Penguin Algorithm

What is the actual concept behind creating an authority site? Is it tons and tons of backlinks? Is it link building on a daily basis?

Or, it is about loads of social media marketing? Knowing what makes a website gain authority on the web is crucial for marketers.

Let’s delve into the topic and find out what it really takes to become an authority site and build links after the launch of Google’s penguin 4.0 update.

The Penguin 4.0 Real-Time Update

The Penguin 4.0 update has a very important role to play in showing the path to quality site building. It tells you in clues and yet quite clearly that you have to work on content.

That is the actual secret to quality site building. Forget about penalties, spam, and unhealthy links, and simply concentrate on good SEO practices.

September 23, 2016, Google announced the launch of Penguin as a core algorithm. After this, there will not be any more need to release updates for the Penguin algorithm as it will keep on updating itself in real time.

This means, no more updates for the users, no more special releases, and no more need to change SEO tactics and link building strategies based on the next Penguin update.

Things will be much easier and conceptual henceforth for SEO experts. That is what is being realized by the Chicago SEO companies.

The Important Points to Note in This Penguin Algorithm Update

Being real-time and more granular are the key points to be noted with this update. This means you won’t have to live in fear of future Penguin updates wrecking havoc on your website’s progress.

Penguin will update on its own in real time without special release notes. The link builders will not have to wait for special updates. Here is a simple understanding of the concept.

By being granular, the algorithm has become much more link and keyword specific and page specific.

It means that instead of the earlier strategy to punish a website as a whole for a bunch of links, the algorithm will detect problematic links that are associated with individual pages.

As a result, the page that has the bad link connecting to it will be penalized.

However, with that being said, Google has also changed policies of demoting webpages. The search engine will also start devaluing useless links.

However, in case of intentional spammy link building activities, the manual action centre will take strict measures, and the webpages/websites will be penalized by being de-indexed or de-ranked.

That makes the granular part of the Penguin update clearer.

What Has This to do With Authoritative Link Building?

Authority building has a deep connection with proper content and proper links. Content is the pillar in the making of a good site. If the site is not made properly, there is no use of links.

Links are simply external sources to point to the site, bring in traffic, and tell Google how well the pages are being discussed. But the inner story stays void and meaningless, if there is nothing at all to discuss, which means no quality content to talk about.

What people are talking about, and what the links are pointing to when there is no content of use, will be the most important questions.

Once this issue is raised, the site may never get that authoritative position that the webmaster wants. Hence, it is crucial that you focus on great content first.

Google had made it clear with important updates again and again that the main trick is in making the content intriguing, useful, and attention seeking. Only when you focus on quality content, you make the proper foundation for proper on-site SEO. Then only the backlinks would start to work.

How to Create Authority for the Website?

Website authority is created when the content is really good enough to seize attention of readers and visitors. That is when people will get something to talk about in other sites, which will eventually bring in natural external links.

That is why if you want the site to create authority, the first point of concern would be to focus on content. Once you know that you have made quality content, you can then focus on link exchanging, guest posting, blogging and other forms of quality backlink building.

Social promotions should only be started only when you are sure about the site’s content. There is no point bragging about the site when there is nothing to hold a visitor.

Only when you are confident that you would give something useful to the visitors, you can brag about it on social media.

Does SEO Really Have an Important Role in Building Authority?

The role of SEO in creating authority is huge. It starts with on-page placement of keywords and it continues as you go on building links in good places in smart ways.

Hence, there is always high importance of SEO in creating the authority. Unless you implement SEO tactics and build links, the useful content won’t be visible and promoted well.

The Importance of Links

While you plan to build links, the importance of the Penguin update and real time updation comes into prominence. You must be really specific while building links and make sure that they come from the best sources.

It all depends on which sources the links are coming from, and which lays the bricks to making your site an authority site. Hence, you have to be very particular about building links, and only choose the best platform for building links.

How to Connect the Links to the site the right way?

Connecting to relevant sites in your niche and associated niche is really useful in quality link building, and Google highly encourages these steps.

Google rewards it by quickly detecting your webpage for the proper content on the niche. That is the way to get to authoritative site building, and it must always be kept in mind.