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Easy Tricks How to Write Powerful Headlines That Convert

Lead generation is the main objective of an online marketing campaign. The content of the promotion is structured to grab the visitors’ attention and entice them to take the required action. Brands use sales headlines on their landing page to achieve this goal.

Simple Steps to Write Strong Headlines


If you intend to compete fairly in the digital world, you must create strong headlines for your posts. You should know how to write consistent and great headlines for the growth of your business.

At Lander, we specialize in creating landing pages. Our experienced team will show you how to create powerful headlines for your landing page.

Below are simple steps to create powerful headlines:

1. Use Specific Numbers and Data


The headline contributes to more than 50% of your blog post’s effectiveness.


• Use specific statistics to make your headline more enticing. Besides, human digests and record numbers faster. Numbered headlines will generate more engagement on your page.

• Make the numbers odd. Visitors tend to believe odd numbers more than even numbers. Odd numbers also make it easy for your audience to understand and remember your content.

• We advise you to use numerals numbers, for example, ‘’5,’’ instead of ‘’five’’

• Don’t include more than nine steps if you are giving your clients a stepwise guide on our products or services. Nine steps are just too much for one brain to record and recall.

• Include as many numbers as you want if you are describing your products.

2. Use a Unique Rationale


You may have a great content. But how do you let your audience know that your content is valuable? You can easily communicate this at your headline.

Give your audience a strong reason why they should read your content. The reasons should be convincing enough, otherwise, your audience will just consider it a bluff.

Below are examples of the rationale you can use:

• Facts

• Tips

• Lessons

• Tricks

• Ideas

3. Call for Attention


People have a short attention span. They also have a lot of stuff that requires their attention. It is upon you to make your content their priority.

Strong headlines will draw people into your website. It will also encourage your audience to continue reading deep into your content. It should call and grab their attention.

Rules you should follow to call for attention

Make the Headline Unique


Make your headline original and different from others. Make sure that you test the uniqueness of the headline. Simply plug the headline into Google and enclose it with double quotation marks. The double quotation marks will give you the exact number of other similar headlines.

Use Ultra-Specific Headlines


The headline should be focused and well planned with a clear vision. You should know what your potential and existing audience want, how to respond to their inquiries and what values to give them.

Be precise to command more authority in your industry. This will enable you to develop a strong relationship with your customers. Being precise will enable to communicate specific objects rather than confusing your readers with vague and unrealistic objectives.

Convey a Sense of Urgency and Scarcity


It is the human belief that quality is scarce. Take advantage of this belief by providing limited offers. Connect with the emotions of your audience.

Make them believe that what you are offering them is the best and they may miss out if they don’t act fast.
You should also provide limited time for the offer.

This will make your audience know that they will not be in a position to access the offer after the elapse of the offer period.

The ‘urgency and scarcity’ theory works the best for the clients who are yet to make a decision about a product. An urgent based headline will grab their attention and curiosity.

Your Headline must be Useful


Your headline should be practical, informative and valuable to give your audience a great experience. It is pointless to have a unique or urgent headline that does not add any value to your customers.

Use value-driven words in your headline to show your readers what they will get in exchange for their time and effort. If the offer is useful, your audience will scroll through your content and take the required action.

Ways you can Write a Strong Headline


• Use simple and easy to understand terminologies in your headline. Taking a lot of time to figure out what you are talking about will not excite your readers.

• Use interesting adjectives to describe the nouns or pronouns in your headline, for example, “Incredible.’’

• Employ the flagging technique in your headline. Address the reader to increase your interactions with the readers. Use ‘’you’’ as much as possible. This will make them feel special and believe you actually wrote the content, specifically for them.

• Use emotional words to trigger the emotions of your readers. Just make sure you know the goal you intend to achieve then use words that stir up the desired emotions for the goal. Don’t use emotional words to deceive or manipulate your audience as this will reduce trust.

4. Use Headline Formulas


The structure of your headline will make it good or bad. Your headline should be structured in such a way that you first identify a problem, offer solutions to the problems and finally give a promise to the readers.

3 headline formulas you can adopt

“Who else wants” Formula


The right question leads to the right answer. Question-based headline makes the readers feel like they are part of the campaign. The reader will read the question and consider if it gives answers to what they seek or not.
You should ask relevant questions to generate more leads.

 “Get Rid of [problem] Once and for All” Formula


If you are in the cleaning or health industry, then this is the best formula for your headlines. The idea of completely getting rid of a problem that has been disturbing them for long is exciting.

It also creates anxiety and curiosity. The audience will want to try out your idea just to see how it goes.

Headlines that are structured to reveal a secret or offer a solution to a problem will trigger the following actions:

1. The user will click on the headline.

2. Read your introduction to weigh if you can truly deliver your promise.

3. Read other parts of the content or take the required action to get the solution to their problem.

 “Little known ways” Formula


This formula requires you to use emotionally driven words in your headline. If you adopt this structure, your followers will easily share your content with their contacts on Facebook, Twitter or any other relevant social media platform.



The marketing world is dynamic with new marketing trends emerging every day. Besides, there is no one single approach that fits every marketing campaign.

Business goals are different and keep changing every time. Consumers’ needs are also dynamic. As a brand, you need to continually improve your sales headline to remain relevant and competitive in the market.

You should also give a lot of attention to your actual content. It will be pointless to have a strong headline if your content is not valuable.