Are You Using Emotional, Visually-Compelling Landing Page Images?

Are You Using Compelling Landing Page Images?

If you are going to enjoy maximum success in your online marketing campaigns, you need every part of your “digital machine” working hard to help you convert readers and casual website visitors into enthusiastic customers.

Nowhere is this more important than with your landing pages – more on this in a moment. And a piece of your landing page puzzle that's potentially very useful (and one that many online marketers don't use well) is your images.

Well-chosen pictures on your landing pages can help you enjoy more conversion success. Images that are relevant to your marketing message and draw out an emotional buying response from your landing page visitor can lead to a higher conversion rate.

On the other hand, poorly chosen images that don't relate to your message and are chosen strictly to take up space can cause your conversion rate to plummet. So don't neglect this often overlooked part of landing page optimization. It's important to your online marketing success!

The Type Of Images NOT To Use On Your Landing Pages!

Are You Using Emotional, Visually-Compelling Landing Page Images?

You've probably been to landing pages that use bland, boring, unoriginal stock photos to go with their copywriting and content.

For a moment, imagine you are a company buyer tasked with the job of gathering information on a new, very expensive tech purchase for your employer. You enter a tech company website hoping to be given valuable information that will help you solve problems and find solutions.

You see a homepage link that talks about a white paper, or perhaps a new webinar the company is holding. Or maybe they are offering you a free report that seems to relate to your objective; you can have it if you will join the company's email list.

You are interested but hesitant. After all, you are busy, maybe even overwhelmed, with your job. You already have a lot to read. The company still needs to “sell” you on accepting their latest content offering.

You go ahead and click the link to the landing page for that content piece. When you get there, you see the image we posted a moment ago or one much like it. That image has ZERO relationship to the marketing message of the page.

It was put there without regard to any strategic purpose by a busy marketing team for reasons even they may not understand. Perhaps to take up space.

Anyway, that image does nothing to convince you to sign up for the content piece. It takes space away from a powerful, emotion-generating image that relates to the content offering and could help the company persuade you to download it.

A Lost Opportunity

Bottom line? You end up not downloading the content. The company didn't make a strong enough case. What's the irony in our little hypothetical scenario? It was a great piece of content! It would have given you the answers you were looking for.

The vendor would have won. You and your company would have won. But that didn't happen because of a weak, unpersuasive landing page marred by a lame, generic stock photo like the one above.

In your own online buying activities, has one of these images ever persuaded you to buy? Or even given you the slightest sense of urgency to buy from that vendor? Highly doubtful.

Indeed, one study shows that stock photos drive 30% of prospects away from a website because of reduced credibility. 30%! Do you think if 30% of your website or landing page visitors left your site it could hurt your conversion rates? Of course!

In online marketing, including on your landing pages, every part matters. Every part plays a crucial role. Landing page “real estate” is vital space, and you don't want to waste any of it.

A chief goal of online marketing needs to be to build momentum toward the sale. Successful selling, whether in person or online, is a series of “YES” answers by the prospect.You get the prospect to say “YES” often enough and you win the sale.

Is Your Landing Page A Momentum Killer?

Are You Using Emotional, Visually-Compelling Landing Page Images?

You can have a very strong degree of “conversion momentum” built up even before your potential customer arrives on your landing page. Your landing page can then keep that momentum going and help you make a sale, or it can kill your momentum and cost you a customer.

Your landing page design, copywriting, social proof and your offer all matter. They can all work together to help you make the sale. And images can be a very effective, powerful part of this equation. We've talked at length about what kind of images not to use. Let's talk now about the kind of images you want on your landing pages to help you boost your conversion rates.

Your images need to be related to your landing page copywriting and overall theme. Keeping this rule in mind, try, if possible, to show a landing page image of someone enjoying the benefits, even the lifestyle, your product offers. It really pays off to find an image that people can relate to. Going the extra step to find a quality image from a stock photo site like DreamsTime will do wonders.

For example, if you are selling a health and physical fitness program, on your landing page show an image of a real customer who went from sickly and out of shape to robust and fit because he followed your program.

In your photo caption and other copywriting, talk about how this is a real life customer who underwent an amazing transformation by using your product.

In your image, show him smiling and engaging in a fun outdoor activity your target market would love to be able to do but can't yet because of their poor fitness level. Use this image to give them hope that they too can be like the happy customer you are picturing. For someone who has a nagging problem for which they desperately want a solution, hope is a powerful emotion.

And let's face it: people make buying decisions, to one degree or another, based on emotion. If all you try to do is appeal to them on a logical level, your conversion results will tank.

As we've said before, selling is a transfer of emotion. So use your landing page copywriting and images to build the emotions that will lead to sales. Also, keep in mind that such an image as the one we just talked about leverages the power of social proof, a very potent force in marketing.

The Key Takeaway?

So what's our key takeaway? There are several we could mention, but consider this: your landing pages are critical to your online marketing success. Without solid landing pages that have every part working  to “pull their share of the load”, your conversion rates will be subpar at best. Every part of your landing page – layout, design, offer, copywriting, call-to-action buttons and images, needs to rock.

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