Are you recruiting AWS Developer? Here are quick tips!


In case your company or business has any interaction with the cloud, you probably require an Amazon Web Services (AWS) software, developer. In recent times, the enormous development of cloud spending has formed a new business paradigm. Cloud computing and related apps have turned out to be the new infrastructure for digital businesses. Since the cloud platforms enhance scale, speed, and security, innovative and progressive companies are forming compelling business models that depend on cloud computing for development.

In case you are a software developer, you know every amazing platform needs a good and professional developer: somebody requires using those tools and managing the entire data. Of course, you have to pick a good AWS developer for your organization if you do not have one.  These days’ companies require to have dedicated professionals with the capability to deploy code 30 times faster than that of the competitors. They must not just have extensive knowledge of Python and Linux but even that of the key components of AWS like that of Route 53, simple Email service, and even Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

One of the finest ways to hire intellectual developers is that you should begin to look for candidates who have a tremendous knowledge of AWS and also DevOps tools.  Once you hear the word DevOps, it means the blend of cultural philosophies, practices, and even that of tools that get used to improve the organization’s capability to deliver applications at a quicker pace. Such services not just simplify the deployment of application code and automation of software release processes, but they even monitor the application and infrastructure working.

A few competencies you should look for

Coordination & Management of Changes to AWS Resources

Another vital competency AWS developer must-have is that they must own good command over cloud formation, form, modify, and terminate various AWS resources making use of pre-defined and reusable infrastructure templates.  Once a candidate has the knowledge of AWS service catalogs is a plus as it helps organizations to form and manage catalogues of IT services that get approved for use on AWS.

Developers should know how to deploy and scale the online applications and also to integrate extra AWS services such as Amazon RDS or Amazon ElastiCache. Tools or instruments including AWS OpsWorks that helps to put together additional AWS services like Elastic Load Balancing and even that of Amazon RDS instances are extremely necessary for organizations tackling with AWS. Hence, developers require to be experienced enough in tackling with such tools.

Proper Inventory and Configuration Tracking of AWS Resources

Inventory and Configuration Tracking is the most significant skills that you require to take care of when you hire AWS DevOps engineers. These fellows must know how a resource was configured in the past by making use of a detailed inventory of the current configuration of AWS resources. These individuals should have extensive knowledge of making use of predefined managed AWS rules so that they can comfortably evaluate AWS resource compliance.

OS and Apps Stack Management

The developers must be in a position to work on managed services of AWS like that of AWS Elastic Beanstalk that is used for deploying infrastructure and AWS OpsWorks gets used to automate, configure, deploy, and even upkeep servers and stacks across AWS.  These are the skills that are absolutely crucial to working on AWS. The recruiters require looking for such skills when they recruit developers as these skills help you move to the cloud and scale automation across the organization.

Partners and that of Third-Party Tools

It is crucial that you look for candidates who are great at configuring and integrating third-party instruments to provide additional capabilities. Some of the common third-party instruments of AWS are like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and Salt. Others are like:

  • Stack-Level Tools: these are used to evaluate pre-defined template repositories that are appropriate to the organization’s stack configuration needs and OS.
  • HashiCorp Terraform: it is used to separate infrastructure deployment planning from the execution phase.
  • Topologies - Developer should be in a position to determine whether to make use of a push or pull model based on needs.

 The crucial skills

 Proper knowledge of tools and technologies

New tools and technologies get introduced almost every week whether you are into any software development procedures. That is the reason, it gets important for AWS developers engineers to have a broad understanding of freshly introduced tools, they should be in a position to produce new ideas, and welcome fresh challenges to grow and scale the organization.


This is extremely crucial for an AWS DevOps engineer to own advanced testing skills. Automation of code and its deployment might be a worrying process sometimes, but with proper testing, every single function can stay intact coupled with the implementation of fresh sets of features.

Proper security

Though combining development and operations together is a wonderful way to streamline processes and for a faster cycle, it even brings a lot of vulnerabilities. Therefore, the developers and engineers must be in a position to do writing secure code to protect applications from any sort of malware, as well as defend against simple cybersecurity threats.

Collaboration is must

A skilled and seasoned developer is able to help team members, discover blockages and resolve them quickly. The developers must know how to work in collaboration with other team members so that the whole team can move ahead.


The interview is always important and here too it stands crucial. Even if you have employed a proper programming test to measure the AWS developer aspirants; it gets important that you do proper interview too. The interviewers have to make sure that they ask the technical questions regarding AWS and the overall cloud system. It is to ensure that the working is smooth and effective.


Thus, since you have an idea about how to look for AWS developers, make sure that you follow them and execute them in the best manner. You can get the finest developers recruited in your organization if you use the right tests, sets of questions and interview in your recruitment program.