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Are You Ready to Jump to Mobile?

Today, many people spend more time using mobile devices than they do desktops computers. And they expect businesses that want their custom to respond accordingly.

Satisfy the expectation

Once, it may have been OK to serve mobile users a squished-up version of your designed-for-regular website. But not any longer. Research shows that 51% of mobile users are more likely to make purchases from websites designed especially for their devices. Moreover, a massive 40% are likely to shift to a competitor’s website if it offers a better mobile experience.

And if this rule applies to your standard website, it must apply to your landing pages too. So quit trying to make round pegs fit into square holes, and start creating the dedicated mobile landing pages your customers and prospects deserve.

From desktop to mobile

Master the medium

Here’s four tips to help you get it right:

  • Make It Snappy. Figures show that 85% of mobile phone users expect mobile sites to load at least as quickly as designed-for-regular sites. If these guys have to wait for your landing page to load, they’re likely to move to a competitor’s.
  • So compress images so they load faster, and prioritize the features and content mobile users want most.
  • Focus On Visibility. Ensure there’s high contrast been your page’s text and background. Use color and size to indicate the priority of your links and buttons.
  • Be sure content fits onscreen so it can be read without zooming or pinching. And add shadow to buttons using 3D effects.
  • Make Conversion Easy. For phone numbers, use click to call functionality. Scroll menus, checkboxes and lists are great ways to simplify data entry. Minimize the length of forms and the number of steps needed to complete transactions.
  • Analyse and Test. Analytics enable you to understand how mobile users journey through your site. The best mobile landing page platforms, like Lander, also offer you A/B testing. So you can implement your analytics findings, and gauge your page’s improved performance in real time.

How to create a mobile landing page using Lander

Step by step guide

Like everything we do on Lander, it's very easy to create a mobile landing page. It only takes a few steps and you will have your page up and running.

  • First, you need to go to the dashboard and activate the mobile version of your landing page.
Lander Mobile Landing Pages
  • Then, you need to go to the editor and add the content you want! (Keep the mobile landing pages best practices you've learned in mind).
Lander Mobile Editor
  • When you are done editing, remember to save your changes and publish it!
Publish Mobile Landing Page
  • Your mobile landing page is now good to go : ) It wasn't hard, was it?
Mobile landing pages

People using mobile devices tend to be highly object oriented – around 90% of mobile searches end in some type of action, such as visiting a business or buying something. So don’t miss out on this potentially profitable market – make sure your landing pages are good to go!