Are These Online Marketing Myths Hurting Your Business?

Are These 4 Online Marketing Myths Hurting Your Business?

In the world of online marketing, you and I face many obstacles. And one of the most challenging is the sheer volume of  misinformation. The online marketing world is full of myths and misconceptions. Much of the information we hear is flat out wrong.

It seems like everyone has an opinion about online marketing. An opinion they can't wait to share. And when we hear these incorrect opinions over and over, we tend to believe them. It becomes harder to separate fact from fiction.

Today, let's explode some of these pervasive online marketing myths. Since successful online marketing requires you to have and use a number of tools in your “toolbox”, let's talk about myths regarding different areas of online marketing including social media, email marketing and content marketing.

Four Online Marketing Misconceptions

1. “All You Need For Effective Online Marketing Is ____”

Are These 4 Online Marketing Myths Hurting Your Business?

Just fill in the blank with “video”, “a website”, “social media” and so on. There's a tendency among many online marketers to think that just one tool is all you need. Not true. You need to a multi-pronged marketing approach. As we've said more than once on this blog, you need to have and use a “well-stocked marketing toolbox".

This online marketing myth is perhaps most often associated with social media, which can, by the way, be a very effective tool in your marketing toolbox. Social media has become extremely popular in the last few years, and the hype and misconceptions around it have grown at a dizzying pace.

Instead of engaging in the futility of trying to use social media as your only online marketing tool, why not use it for what it does best: driving traffic to your website or blog, distributing your marketing content, and building your status as a thought leader in your field.

This incorrect notion of “all you need for successful online marketing is ___” is closely related, if not identical  to “shiny object syndrome”, a situation where marketers become obsessed with a new tool because it's “cool”, exciting, trendy or popular and fall for the wrong idea that that tool is the answer to all of their online marketing problems.

So please do not fall for the misconception that you only need one tool for online marketing success. Use a well-stocked marketing toolbox. Not every marketer needs the same tools as everyone else. Your situation will be unique. But you need more than one tool. Tools most marketers should consider include email marketing, social media and mobile marketing.

And of course, everyone needs a conversion-optimized website to which they drive plenty of traffic. In addition, every business needs compelling, persuasive, reader-centered copywriting.

2. “Shiny Object Syndrome”

Are These 4 Online Marketing Myths Hurting Your Business?

This is closely related to the previous myth. When we get excited about a new marketing technology or idea, we often put too much of our attention on that, thinking it holds the solution to all of our marketing problems, and ignore common sense and solid marketing strategy.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

One of the biggest mistakes many marketers make is to base their efforts strictly around tactics (tools). For maximum online marketing success, it's imperative that we put together a solid strategy first. We then need to adopt and use the tools that are most likely to help us effectively carry out that strategy.

And not every online marketing tool, regardless of how cool or hip it is, or how strong its “Wow!” factor might be, is right for every marketer. Using popular social media tools to make our point, let's consider two at the opposite ends of the spectrum: LinkedIn and Pinterest. There are people who think everyone needs them both.

But does everyone really need both of them in their marketing toolbox? I think not. Consider these two tools and the different crowds they attract. Do you really think a seller of cute, funny costumes for pets is going to find an engaged audience on LinkedIn? Do you really think a B2B supplier of industrial solvents is going to find an interested market on Pinterest?

I highly doubt it in either case. So what's my advice? Set up a viable marketing strategy first, and work from that. Use only the tools that match with that strategy.

3. “Email Marketing Is Dead”

Are These 4 Online Marketing Myths Hurting Your Business?

This myth seemed to pick up steam when social media started to skyrocket in popularity. But email marketing is far from dead. It's proven. It has stood the test of time. And it still works. And if you aren't using it, chances are you should be.

Done right, it's a powerful, effective tool for driving website traffic, generating sales, including repeat sales, building top of mind awareness (TOMA) in your prospects' and customers' minds, and strengthening customer relationships.

 4. All Content Needs To Do Is Educate Your Reader

Are These 4 Online Marketing Myths Hurting Your Business?

As with so many other marketing ideas, trends and technologies that have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, the subject of content marketing is surrounded by hype and misconceptions.

And one of the biggest is that “all your content has to do is educate your reader”. I disagree. And so does Bob Bly, one of the world's wealthiest, most successful content marketers.

According to Bly,

“Content marketers need to remember that we are in the business of selling, not giving away free stuff. The prospect is there not merely to be educated. You also have to sell him on why he should buy your product vs. other alternatives – including doing nothing. And that’s not content marketing. That’s copywriting.”

Now one of the cornerstones of solid content marketing is that it does educate. Don't discount the importance of this. Your content needs to offer valuable information to your reader that will benefit him and help him solve a problem or reach a goal even if he never buys your product.

Like online marketing expert Jay Baer says, “...your awesome content – so inherently useful that customers would pay you for it.” So make your content valuable. Educate your reader, by all means!

But make sure your marketing content does more. Use solid copywriting to make it persuasive. After you've educated your reader, you want to convert him. You want him to take the next logical step, whether that is to pick up the phone and call you, buy an item from your e-commerce store or download your latest white paper.

Overcoming these myths and misconceptions, or not falling victim to them in the first place, will help you be more successful in your online marketing campaigns. It will save you a ton of frustration and lost sales opportunities.

Make This A Strong Link In Your Online Marketing Chain

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