App Welcome Screen

How to Create Optimized App Welcome Screen That Generates Leads

An app welcome screen can prove effective in encouraging new users to stay engaged with you through a number of notifications.

Default messages can be set one the app welcome screen for any new app user. It is, however, recommended that the welcome message is edited and customized to make it unique and personalized as to increase user appeal.

App welcome screen tends to be viewed as only aesthetically useful rather than having an actual function.

It is a common belief that the welcome screens are only in use because it is expected that all apps have one. Welcome screens are, however, important whenever the app in use is resource intensive.

Welcome screens will, however, prove their use when it comes to branding. After an app is launched, the appearance of a launch screen that carries the app's brand will give a user increased enthusiasm.

There are a number of elements that are always in use whenever you are creating a good launch screen:



There are no set rules when it comes to the background. It is, however, advisable for you to create a bold and distinct background.

A bright color of your choice will prove helpful in making the screen and contents stand out but it is also possible for you to select a color that aligns with the brand colors for your application.

A unique and interesting architecture on the welcome screen will better user experience while preparing the user for the experience they are to have once they begin using your app.



A clear and well-designed logo is to be well placed at the center of the app welcome screen. A logo could be in colors that contrast the background. This will help ensure the logo stands out on the page.



Have the name of the application below the logo that is on the welcome screen. This tends to help strengthen and emphasize the brand for awareness reasons. The inclusion of the name is however not a necessity.



Applications that have not garnered adequate attention and have low popularity scores can make use of slogans on the welcome screen.

The slogan can immediately inform a user of the function of the app. A user will, therefore, be prepared and know what to expect once they are logged into the application.

Below are more detailed guidelines regarding the creation of an effective app welcome screen:

Customization guidelines

Have a Thank You Message

App Welcome Screen

This is a message that conveys gratitude to users who’ve downloaded tour app and want to have it on any other electronic devices they have that can accommodate it.

Customized Formatting


Unique formatting can help direct a user's attention to the part of the message you want the emphasis to be placed.



Ensure you provide the users and subscribers with assurances that the app messages will be able to answer to their needs and wants.

Inform on Customization


It is important that users are made aware of the personalization tools that are at their disposal. They should be able to do alterations in certain areas to ensure they suit them well.

Indicate the Notifications to be Expected


Default messages tend to have a limited amount of listed options. Other types that can be used and applied to the app can be listed as well.

Provide Feedback

App Welcome Screen

Engage with the users so that they are able to direct you to what notifications remain relevant. Engagement can be encouraged by providing answers to some of the questions they raise.

Include Simple Instructions


Always place instructions regarding customization that can be accessed at the moment or a later date when one wants to carry out some changes.

Have a Welcome Page that Hints at your UI


A great welcome page is one that will tease the UI of a product without having to do a full display. Great designs will have a user focused on the welcome page as they receive an introduction to the product or service.

Initiate Transparency with Modal Windows


Modals windows accompanied by a transparent overlay can be used to welcome users.

This is a strategy that will encourage a user to focus on the visible welcome page while in the subconscious, the mind is getting an introduction to the application that is visible in the background.

Such a design has been seen to result in anxiety reduction among new users of a site. This is because they develop an idea of what they would prefer to explore the message is done with.

At times a user may need additional guidance before they get used to the product. Modal series come in handy here as they tend to be welcoming by telling a multimedia story that is attention-grabbing.

The only shortcoming to this is that content can be excessively drawn out if the multi-step modal screens are too many.



Using illustrations, offer suggestions and hints as to where important elements can be located.

Welcome page content


Have as little content, particularly text, as possible. Most people dislike reading.

Restate your Value


Restating will welcome users by offering a reminder of why the app is valuable. This will build excitement among users who are about to use your product.

A user will be highly motivated to start and stick with your product. Limit the restating statement to a maximum of 10 words and a minimum of 5.

Send the User on a Mission


Give the user a mission to complete. If the concept is well utilized, this strategy can work for you. The mission should not weigh as heavily as if it were a task.

You could also offer a number of them and let the user select the one they prefer.

Foreshadow with the Button


Text present on the button can be used to foreshadow what the next step should be. A button can always suggest an idea of what is to come.



After the users have been to the welcome page, they can easily leave the app. The rate of exits can be minimized by having a button on the page that redirects them to a page where they can perform a particular task. In most cases, create where the redirecting button will lead to as it presents the most options.

Finally in Your App Welcome Screen


1. Encourage the user that they will not be recipients of spam from you.

2. Let them know that they are in control of the notifications they wish to receive.

3. Encourage the user or subscriber to build a relationship with you.



The initial impression of an app tends to be acquired from the app welcome screen. It is the first thing that is visible once an app has been installed and launched.

It, therefore, carries a lot of importance and should be strategically designed to encourage maximum use of an app.

Lander will assist you with the creation of an app welcome screen as well as providing instructions and effective strategies for the windows to be created on your own.