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Landing Page Traffic Vs App Store Optimization

App store optimization is the process of increasing the rank of a mobile app in an app store’s search result. This will help increase an app’s visibility to your target audience.

The goal of app store optimization is to increase the number of visitors your app page receives which can ultimate lead to a lot more conversion.

The app store optimization process requires that you understand your target audience and knowing the keywords that this audience uses to search for similar apps.

This will give you a better understanding of your prospects’ language and also give you a critical lead in your marketing strategy.

Why is app store optimization important?


About 60% of all applications are discovered by users through app store searches. Those who are using app store optimization for their applications are increasing their chances to be discovered by users and ultimately getting their apps downloaded.

The app market is full of so many competitors and the only to get a leg up on all your other competitors is to utilize app store optimization.

Main factors of app store optimization

1. Title


App Store Optimization

You should ensure that the keyword you use in your title is the one that is commonly used to search for related apps. It is important to make sure you do thorough research on the commonly use keywords before coming up with a title for your app page.

This will help prevent you from constantly having to change the title for your app page to match the trending keywords.

This will also help you to avoid losing prospects because as your app’s search rank increases, its popularity will be spread by word of mouth and the users will go searching for your app using its original title.



Using the best and relevant keywords can help increase your app’s ranking in the store which will evidently lead to increased conversions in terms of increased downloads.

You should also closely monitor your competitors to see how you compare from week to week.
Secondary factors

a) Total number of downloads


The number of downloads your app gets is really important when it comes to app store optimization though you have no control over this aspect.

b) Ratings and reviews

This is another important factor that is beyond your control. You can only ask the users who are happy with their experience using your app to rank it and offer a review.

Are keywords in the title worth it?


App Store Optimization

Link building is an important aspect in increasing your app’s optimization. There is an increase in app related results being displayed for web searchers.

This has provided an amazing opportunity for apps to optimize beyond the basic in-store keyword rankings.

Why we need to focus on web traffic


App Store Optimization

Most time when you conduct a Google search on your mobile device, it will display an “apps” section that lists the apps for the corresponding store whether it is play store which is for android devices or App store for iOS devices.

This has enabled apps to generate traffic through web searches. Each app has a URL that will be ranked in search if they are backed by backlinks from sites that are considered reliable by the search engine.

This is an additional method you can use to generate more traffic outside of the app store. It is important to ensure that your app is visible on the web so as to increase the number of prospects you direct to your apps page.

I hope you found this article helpful.