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Hot Tips of an App Landing Page That Has Great Sales

Apps need a landing page to promote and get people to try and use it, especially if it is a new app. There is no better tool to help you do that online than app landing page template.

Unless you have the experience and time, why not use one of Lander’s many landing page templates to get your app online as fast as possible.

You will get a template with the best features designed by professional designers and tested by a group of marketers who have determined the best set up and flow for a landing page to convert.

Why Does Your App Need a Landing Page?


The app landing page is an effective marketing component for an application; it will help grow your audience and get those visiting to take an action which should convert them into customers.

Other benefits:

• It is the main depository for all information about your app.

• Helps to shape the app's design identity with its logo, typography, and color palette.

• Helps to showcase its purpose and core features.

• Source of feedback about the app which helps to refine your marketing messages.

• For gathering user feedback and for beta testing.

• A place for interacting and engaging with users to carry on the excitement after launching and to keep broadcasting the benefits of the app.

Optimizing your App Landing Page


Having a landing page is not enough. You will need to make it convert. It’s one thing to have a great site and it’s another thing to have one that does its job. Your sites job is to get you, users.

Know Your Customer

App Landing Page

Getting to know your customer already makes you a step ahead. By knowing exactly what their interests are, their demographic and their behaviors you have a distinct insight what affects them.

Triggering emotions is one sure way of converting visitors into users. This increases your awareness of who you are trying to attract.

Beautiful Images


It has been proven over and over again that captivating images sell products. Your app is a product and should be treated the same way. An aspect that people overlook is as simple as the screenshots they use to convey their app.

The screenshot should be something that will inspire a user to download the app. Use images that will capture the attention of your customer.

All to Action


The standards “get it on Google play” or “available on the App Store” buttons are the commonly used links to apps for customers to download.

People fail to realize that there are also other alternatives to get a user to download your app. A good service for this is Link Texting. It allows users to enter their mobile number on your landing page and get texted a link to your app for free.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

App Landing Page

As shown by research, you have exactly 5 seconds to gain the interest of a visitor to your website. After gaining the interest they have 2-3 seconds to read a few words.

Those words must count! They must be the absolute lead to downloading your app. Get the benefits of your app and you will gain multiple customers.

Know and Address Your Competitors


The fact is that there are other apps out there that perform the same task as your app does. We suggest that you study your competitors; their design, their call to action and their benefits. Therefore, find a way that you will stand out from them .prove that you are the best!



Your app landing page is simply one of many, be consistent. You should have a clear message that you address again and again on every channel you can. Make sure that every one of these channels message aligns with the rest.

Use the Right Lingo


You need to communicate to your customers as if you are there in front of them personally speaking to them. Your website should speak the same way you would in person. Address your audience properly by using correct phrasing words such as “you”.

Let them Share it


You should have sharing icons on your website to enable customers to share the word about your app. They will essentially be doing your marketing and all it takes is having a few buttons correctly set up. Have a pre-filled text ready for sharing!

How Do You Increase Conversions On Mobile App Landing Page?

For a successful mobile app landing page, there are certain elements that you can easily follow.

Show an Image of the Device


This shows the customer that he/she is looking for something for his/her phone. You can include a screenshot or a video inside the viewing area of the image to illustrate how your app will look while being used.

Use Bullets to Shoot Key Features into the Buyer’s Mind


Reading long texts is boring. Use bullets to break down important features of the app and place them at the top. Therefore, your visitors get to have a feel for the app's purpose.

Use a Video To Demo Your App


It shows the real use of the app. You get to see exactly what your app does and the benefits it can bring to your life and whatever benefit the app brings.

Using a video on your app landing page has been shown to improve conversion rate up to 80%.

Social Permalinks for Verifiable Social Proof


Include quotes with linkable social proof. The strongest marketing tool is word of mouth. Use testimonials and include social permalinks to show verifiable social proof to your customers.

Screenshot Your Best Features


Provide a thorough description of your app by using a screenshot to demonstrate it visually.

Easy Access to Customer Support


MaApp Landing Pageke a point of providing a few different contact method s on your app landing page: phone email, contact form, twitter and Facebook are good mediums of engagement.

You can also embed a live chat widget on your page. Good customer service and support is essential regardless of the low price of most mobile apps.

Embrace the New Rule Of Long Page Design


Use clear headlines for each section, insert visual dividers to break up the content and most importantly of all repeat your call to action throughout the page.

Showcase Your Other Apps


Stick them at the end of the app landing page. It will give your customers ideas that you can also create other apps.

How do you make your mobile app landing page template stand out

• First and foremost, you should choose a color and theme that can brighten anyone’s mood. This will make your visitors have the urge to get your app.

• You should add an image of a phone on your app page to give an overview of the app so that your customers get exactly how they are going to see it.

• List the benefits of your app by using bullet points so that your visitors don’t get bored and run away.

• Integrate a video about your app and also integrate social media.

• Encourage your visitors to hit the “like” or “tweet” button on your app page.

Those are enough tips and insights to help you know what you require for your app landing page template. Better yet, get save on costs and time by getting one of our well-priced templates.