Lead Capture Strategy

An Electronic Billboard in Every Pocket

At Lander, I assist new clients in implementing high traffic landing pages.

Normally breakthrough marketers who are seeking to surge past 20,000 visitors monthly and use our platform for higher conversions.

One of the most interesting aspects of working with new clients in our business is gaining insight into their perspective on marketing in the digital landscape.

It’s always fascinating to find out what companies are doing, what their priorities are, and where they see themselves tomorrow and a year from now. For some business owners, I have encountered a strange perspective on the digital visitor for their online presence.

This can be found with businesses just beginning their marketing footprint online.

If the internet is a vast playground with monolithic jungle gyms in the horizon, and the visitors are billions of glass marble flowing in every direction, sliding over every surface, then what does a landing page--or SEO, or a new adwords campaign, strive to accomplish? By what tactic and intention?

Despite what some clients may think, marketing it isn’t trickery. Subterfuge is only going to pay a dividend once, and then a customer walks away. No amount of surveying will entice them back or even tell you why they walked.

The answer is simple. People are not novice pilots. They are skilled operators online, and for the purchasing orders of their own life, they’re formidable project managers.

Every new medium creates subculture service industries. Barnacles on a ship, so to speak. The goal of email drip campaigns, or PPC ads, or a strong SEO ranking shouldn’t be to hopefully catch a few of those marbles on the playground, tilt the cup uwards, and pray that by some conversion algorithm a few sales will be made.

The Electronic Billboard

The mindset of volume digital marketing cannot be subject to the same methodology that hindered sales in certain industries: big net, not tightly woven. The idea isn’t without worth.

Something must stick right? With so much traffic won’t the numbers take care of themselves? Maximum effort can achieve results.

For maximum results, tactical effort should be the tool of a new age online marketer like myself. Some still ask, large volume traffic strategies will still produce regardless, right?

They will and they won’t. A number’s game is a great way to play, but any business should be optimizing constantly. The thing to remember is we’re in a very different advertising age. There is an electronic billboard in every pocket.

Marketing is being seen while people are on the bus, while they wait in a doctor’s office and when a free moment comes up to scroll.

You could cold call a hundred times in a day, but how many times will your phone hit that window on the bus ride? Digital marketing makes sense. But business should never be seen as accidental.

Online users have tolerance. We shrug off mass emails and we raise an eyebrow to unknown numbers. Data consumption is nearly a utility.

With every rise and fall in search engine ranking, we are fighting for one thing: the attention of a very skilled visitor. A visitor who is safeguarding their attention density with time spent.

That’s why landing pages and strong website design are imperative. Big flashing buttons, calls to action, discount codes, exit overlays, these are all fantastic tools.

But nobody is fooling anybody. You can kill a web browser with the flick of a wrist and it doesn’t even hurt anyone’s feelings. The goal now for digital marketing is to convey the information clearly and quickly for the skilled visitor.

Landing Pages: The Menu Outside the Restaurant

Search marketing or backlinks get everyone in the ballpark, but the battle is won before the page is ever visited. A landing page is the menu right outside the restaurant. This is what we have.

This is what it costs. As you can see from inside, we can accommodate any order size you may want.

Sometimes they come in and order.

Sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes they come back.

The important thing, is that the menu is outside for all to see.

In the world of landing pages and front-end friendliness, I’m a new face. Hailing from a long history of B2B ranging from commercial to government to small business, I find the mindset of businesses I now encounter in this role should be similar.

When your visitor comes to your landing page, or your first touch point, it helps to treat them as a business representative. They have a lot to do, and they need the value and the hard numbers readily available.

Saving someone time saves you time. By outlining proper barriers with direct information you can keep possible stragglers from ending up in the wrong place. Even if they don’t end up as conversions, they will thank you for it.

For new clients with Lander, I remind them: a website shouldn’t be a “set it and forget it” mechanism. It shouldn’t be some strange thing you pay for that lives...in a cloud...and you pay your hosting and registration...and a few fees you don’t understand.

If that’s how a business owner feels about their online presence, a perspective shift must occur. Get those account managers on the phone, have them walk you through everything, or their client through everything. Be integrated, not inundated.

Final Words

By graduating a novice user to intermediate, we can create a trajectory for goal aligned success with both service and client.

Part of that is introducing new digital marketing clients into the idea that even though this web based world is moving at lightning speed with thousands of visitors per second flying everywhere, each one is an expert in their own needs and purchasing process.

The clear, the upfront, and the swift approach allows the value of attention to remain in play. Attention is malleable. It recharges at different rates, and we must do our best not deplete it.