Social Sharing

Tips to Amplify your Social Media Marketing With Social Sharing

What is social sharing? This is the act of social media users broadcasting web content on a social network to their groups, connections or even to specific individuals.

The main aim of corporate social media marketing is to increase their brand awareness by encouraging their existing audience to share content.

Why Should Businesses Concentrate On Social Sharing?


Social sharing has exploded over the last few years into the digital landscape. The top three ranking companies in terms of traffic are social sites namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social sharing is a form of organic promotion generated by the public. The consumers are the ones who share blog posts, inspirational images, and products because they want to do it.

The message shared by these consumers resonates more with potential clients that a message that comes directly from the brand.

When someone shares a post, it is seen by a new audience which can further spread it into an even larger network of other new potential clients.

When posts are created with the intention of gaining mass exposure through sharing repetitively it is referred to as viral marketing.

Social sharing provides a critical platform to define your brand. Consumers will not only visit a company’s website to get information, they will also visit their social media pages such as Facebook and twitter.

These social platforms allow businesses to clearly define to their potential clients what it is they stand for and how they give back to the community.

Social media offers a lot more interaction than websites. When users share a post from a company’s page it validates the company’s legitimacy in the eyes of the consumers.

What are the reasons why businesses should embark on social sharing?

Building Your Personal Brand


Social Sharing


This is one of the most selfish reasons to start getting involved with social sharing though it is an important one as well.

As an individual you are a brand just as much as the business you have or the company you work for. When you build your own brand you are able to add value to your company’s brand.

You will also get a platform to demonstrate your strength and knowledge to other potential companies and you will also create so many opportunities by developing your own network.

You can achieve this by creating a discussion around the topics that you are interested in and also sharing content that are related to these topics.

This will help you to get a following as a thought leader in your field. Most employers are looking on social for potential hires thus the creation of a personal brand is important in adding credibility to your experience.

SEO And Organic Impact For Your Company


Even with changes in search engine algorithms and landscapes the one thing that remains constant is user engagement.

The more you share about your company, the more visits, engagements and link-sharing from other people in your social network.

As long as you are sharing relevant content the domino effect will always apply. When you are able to get your network’s network to share you will ensure that your content goes viral.

Sharing content helps to create clicks, links, visits, brand impressions and engagement. This will help to positively impact the company.

Ice Breaker For Sales


Utilizing social channels is a great way to connect with your prospects and also research their needs.

You can actually send your network links when they are searching for recommendations on a product or service to help them in this search. This will help you to build trust and create a rapport with your customers.

When you engage with you network they may get to see something you posted or shared thus reminding them to reach out to you. This is great at breaking the ice and even lead to you closing a sale.

Tips for Increasing Your Social Shares


Social Sharing


• Find the social media network that is frequently used by your target audience. If your consumers are mostly online shoppers then you should utilize Facebook so as to create a relationship which is social and casual.

If the client base you have is mostly businesses and enterprises then you should utilize LinkedIn.

Create meaningful content so as to prevent your social page from being placed in the spam folder.

When creating the content to post on walls or choosing links to share you should be very mindful and only pick those that are of some value to consumers. Let your content be more than just a marketing blurb or a discount offer.

You should be consistent in your sharing. You should make an effort to add content on the social media accounts that your business manages.

If you post messages at random and you only do them to accompany marketing information, people will start seeing them as noise.

Increase your follower base. The more followers you have on social media the higher your search rankings will be. It is important that you increase your follower count organically as using bot accounts will be heavily penalized by Google and it will also damage the reputation of your brand.

• You can improve your link building using social media by sharing links to your website on the social media pages run by your company.

These are considered as high quality links and are one of the most significant ranking factors on Google. The links you share on social media will greatly increase the amount of traffic you receive on your website which also leads to high search rankings for your site.

• You can link your social media accounts to third-party articles with high authority which will increase the chances of other people linking to your website.

The more the number of high quality external links pointing to your website the more authoritative you will be considered by Google and this will increase your rankings.

• You should ensure that the content you post on social media can be easily found and you can use relevant hashtags to assist you in this particular task. This will go a long way in increasing your search rankings.

• Make sure that you disable the option of making your posts private as this will prevent people from seeing your content and interacting with it.

When people are able to search for your posts they will be able to share them with their network and thus make them viral. This will go a long way in increasing your brand’s search ranking.

• You can also optimize your posts with keywords to ensure that users are able to search for them on the search engine.



If you have not yet started utilizing social media for increasing your brand’s popularity then it’s about time you started.

Social media platforms like Facebook and twitter have billions of users who are potential customers who are just waiting to discover what your company is all about and what your brand has to offer.

Engage with these people and get to know what it is they are looking for and what captures their interest.

Social media platforms are a marketing asset to any business or brand out there especially now that marketing and conversion has gone mobile.