Facebook Welcome Page

Great Tips to Create an Amazing Facebook Welcome Page

Whenever a business has a page on Facebook it is important to create a custom welcome page for the visitors of the site. Such as page will be important as it is able to introduce the work to the visitor. For the page to fulfill its purpose, the Facebook welcome page design should be strategic.

The best work and content can be placed on this page instead of having to send the visitor on a search of the page.

Links relating to your blog, store and website can always be placed on this site. A call to action can be included that encourages visitors to like your page.

Elements of a Facebook Welcome Page


Impressionable cover photo

This is the first noticeable aspect when a visitor arrives at a page. The photo of choice should well advertise the organization and assure a visitor that they have accessed the correct page.

The photo should be of high quality and properly sized so that it is the perfect fit. A logo and other text can be added to the image without crowding it.

A link to the business website should be placed on the photo, homepage or wherever else traffic on the page is to be directed.

Profile Photo


This should be a design element of the cover photo. A logo can be used as the profile photo.

About Section


It should be concise and detailed with information pertaining to the business. This includes business listings.

Information provided on such a page should remain accurate and should be constantly updated. Provide summary information that could be of interest to the visitor.

This is the most visited part of many Facebook pages. Include a few creative touches and encourage feedback from visitors.

Call to Action

Facebook Welcome Page

This is a button that should be placed under the cover photo. It can be customized to suit your preferences. The CTA button can be linked to the web page of your choice.

A CTA button is meant to elicit an immediate response and encourage an immediate sale. The CTA should be simple and direct.

Engaging Timeline


The page should not only attract visitors to the page but also keep them on the page and have them returning at later times.

An engaging timeline is bound to help with this. Content updates should be regularly done but remain interesting. Include videos of your posts. To keep a regular track of such activities you can also use Facebook analytics tools available in the market.

Integrate with other Social Media Sites


Put links for your other social media pages on this Facebook welcome page.

Important Milestones and Events


Showcase important awards, achievements, anniversaries to the Facebook welcome  page. They will help display your brand in good light and enhance your reputation. They also help tell the story of the brand.



Encourages visitors to the page to like and follow the brand. This will help keep them informed on offers, events, changes, new products, and services etc.

Brand awareness is bound to increase with the increase in the number of people who like the page.

See First


One may not be able to see all the posts you have despite following you as Facebook tend to use algorithms to prioritize posts.

Encourage followers to add you to their see first list so that they are able to view all your posts and not miss out on anything.

Pinned Posts


This feature helps prioritize previous posts. For seven days, previous posts can be placed at the top of the timeline before returning to its previous position.



This should be included on the page so that you can convert the visitor to the site. A form should be short so as not to discourage visitors. Simply ask for an email address then you can communicate from there.

Newsletters, opportunities and upcoming events can be placed on the welcome page.

Steps were taken when designing a personalized welcome landing page

Select an App


There are a number of apps that are able to help you with the creation of a custom welcome page.

The app of choice should be able to provide a number of options that are inclusive of page templates.

After selecting an app that works best for you, provide authorization using your credentials before proceeding. You can always create a new template or upload one that has already been created.

Select your Page Template


Pick a template that is able to allow the display of all your content on the landing page. Content to be displayed can range from videos, image and also text. The template of choice should cover all the above.

A Facebook welcome page template can be chosen from the 6 that are commonly available. The choices are:

• Lead generation template

• 2 step lead generation

• Click on template

• Webinar template

• Mobile app template

• ‘thank you’ page template

Add Content to the Facebook Welcome Page

Facebook Welcome Page

With a text editor that accompanies the app, add the content by scrolling down while adding page elements.

When adding content of the image variety, an image editor is able to help with the cropping and editing of the image.

A hyperlink can be added to the text, image or video. Customization can also be done by changing some aspects of the contents such as background color, text color or even font style for the text.

While customizing your Facebook welcome page;

• Choose a heading that sends the message of choice simply

• Communicate and converse with the media to get attention for the page

• Use bullets, short paragraphs, and sentences so as not to tire a reader

• Include testimonials so as to increase trust in your products

Completion and Installation


Free and paid options are made available once the creation is complete. One should, therefore, scroll down and select ‘install' so that the link for the customer page can be added to the menu.

The link will direct to the fan page where you can select the edit page and head to ‘manage permissions’.  At the ‘default landing tab’ pick the page that has you’ve just designed.

The page creation has just been finalized and you are now able to view the page and the content on it.



Publish the page you have already created. Choose Facebook from the suggestions offered.

Select a Page to Which You Will Add the Just Created Page


A box will appear on the drop down and from there select a page on which the just created one can be added before selecting ‘add page tab’.

Promote the Facebook Page Using a Custom URL


After choosing the page where the landing is to be published, a URL is generated and it can be used to guide people to the page.

Edit the Custom Tab on the Facebook Welcome Page


The positioning of the page is important and Lander is able to provide brief videos on how this and the other aspects of page design should be done.



When it comes to a Facebook welcome page design, the results may and benefits of the page may not be immediate or noticeable to the business. The page will, however, help with the achievement of the set marketing goals.

The page should, therefore, remain a representation of the brand while engaging a visitor and the target audience.