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How to Build an Effective Affiliate Program With Squeeze Pages

Marketers in affiliate program always wonder whether it is wise for them to use squeeze pages or it’s just better to send prospects directly to the sales page they are marketing for.

I would say that it’s better to use a squeeze page and drive the traffic to your own affiliate program so as to build your email list which is very important.

The following reasons will help to solidify your resolve to use squeeze pages in your affiliate program campaigns.

The Email List Is Key in Your Affiliate Program


The size, quality, and relationship of your mailing list is the biggest asset you can ever have as an affiliate marketer.

As a marketer, you have to work really hard to build your mailing list and so you have to protect it with everything you have because without it you cannot do your business.

The only way for you as an affiliate marketer to build your mailing list is by using a lead capture page which is ultimately the squeeze page and driving all your traffic there.

Email Marketing Is the Most Effective Form of Marketing


Affiliate Program


Though social media marketing has come a long way over the years they have not been able to achieve the success that email marketing has achieved.

Most people might not visit your social media pages on a regular basis but they will check their emails every day at least once if not multiple times.

A Squeeze Page Has the Lowest Possible Barrier to Entry


It is much easier to convince someone to give your email address rather than their money.

A squeeze page enhances this even further by offering their prospects something of value in exchange for their email addresses.

This process is very easy and thus people want to do it over and over again. As long as the offer you are giving is valuable enough the conversion rate for your squeeze page will be high.

Once you break the initial barrier to entry people will feel free to do business with you. Once the transaction of the email and free gift is successfully carried out then the chances of them actually buying the product that you are promoting also increases.

In your affiliate program, you can still send the prospects to the sales page after they opt-in on your squeeze page or you can even use an exit pop up just in case they decide not to opt in.

In the event that they do opt in then you will have established a relationship with these leads that will make them feel more comfortable doing business with you and they will feel special for receiving the free gift from you.

Once you get the email addresses you can communicate with your prospects and they will get to know you better and even like you and evidently, they will come to trust you.

When this comes to fruition then these prospects will buy from you over and over again.  What are the elements for creating an effective squeeze page in a successful affiliate program?

List Segmentation


When you group your mail lists according to your leads likes and interests you will be able to create offers that will appeal to specific groups of people and thus you will get higher opt in rates.

Give Freebies to Your Prospects


The free gift that you offer the visitors to your page is often referred to as a lead magnet. The quality of the offer you have will determine the number of people who opt-in to your squeeze page.

People love receiving free things and they will free to share their email address with you when you give them something they consider valuable for free.

Reduce the Number of Fields on Your Opt-In Form


The only thing that you really need to get from your visitors should be their email address. You can have a field for a name but that is not really necessary.

When the opt-in form fields are few you make the process easier for your visitors and thus their chance of sharing their email address will be high.

Make the Opt-In Form Noticeable


The main aim of squeeze page in your affiliate program should be to build your mail list which can only be done by visitors sharing their email address with you.

This makes it very vital for your opt-in box visible enough to attract the attention of the users by either using color contrasts or using arrows to direct the users to where the box is.

You Can Have a Share Button


Affiliate Program


This allows the visitors to your page the opportunity to share your offer with their friends on a different social media platform.

This will help to give your squeeze page a more viral spread and thus generate more traffic for you. This is an amazing tool as it helps you use your prospects as your own personal marketing team.

Clearly, Tell Visitors the Value of Your Offer


People like to feel special and thus they would like to know that whatever you are giving them in return for their email address is something valuable.

It is important to ensure that whatever you are offering prospects is something that they cannot get anywhere else on the internet. It has to be something that is privileged to those who opt into your email list.

Limit the Number of Actions


It is important that you ensure the number of actions a visitor can take on your squeeze page is limited to maximum 3.

The best would be just 2 which are subscribing to your mailing list or leave your squeeze page. This eases the decision-making process of the visitors and thus increases their likelihood of opting in.

Remove All Distractions


It is important to keep your visitors on track of what you would like them to do. This is vital to remove anything that would divide the attention of the prospects from their main purpose on your squeeze page such as background content and multiple CTAs.

You can dim the background so as to leave your squeeze page standing out thus getting the attention of the prospect. You should also limit the number of CTA buttons on your squeeze page to just one.

Establish Your Authority


It is important to let the visitor know that you are good at what you do so that they can be able to trust you.

You can post achievements that you have attained in your field that shows your expertise in your industry.

Create Curiosity within Your Prospects


Affiliate Program


You should give them a sneak peek of something that they would find interesting. You can achieve this by giving your offer an interesting heading that makes the users want to know what it’s all about.

This will make more people sign in so they can find out what you are talking about on your offer.

In your affiliate program always remember that your email list is where your money comes from and thus you should work hard to build it and also protect it with everything you have and this makes squeeze pages the best approach for you.

A squeeze page in an affiliate program is a great tool and avenue which every affiliate marketer should employ to boost reach and success.