Affiliate marketing

How to Make Money with Affiliate marketing – Without a Website


Affiliate marketing is an age-old marketing technique that has been taking the internet by storm off-late due to its many advantages.

Given that almost all businesses have an online presence today and so, needs marketing of their products, this type of marketing is the apt option for these businesses to reach a wider audience online and achieve the desired profits with increased sales.

Moreover, it’s a lucrative way to earn money online especially, for the bloggers and the internet marketers who have been marketing online for years.

Having a website was imperative till a few years back for this type of marketing where you could add the links to the websites offering mutual benefits for both the writer and the business.

But with time, it is possible even if you do not have a blog or a website of your own. Yes, you heard it right! That’s indeed possible. But, before we get into how to go about it, let’s get to know in details.

What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing


It is one of the oldest form of marketing that helps promote online products for a business.

Here you need to recommend the company’s products for example; beauty products, software products, etc. by writing about the product and adding a unique affiliate link (provided by the affiliate company).

Now, whenever there is a website visitor who buys the products based on your recommendation, you will be paid a commission for the same.

The commission amount may vary from $1 to $10,000 based on the type of the product you are promoting.

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General Process flow of Affiliate Marketing


1.The blogger or an internet marketer posts a blog or an article about the product on their website.

2. He/she adds the affiliate links across the post.

3. A website visitor decides to purchase the product via the affiliate website.

4. The visitor clicks the links and is redirected to the company’s site that sells the product, for instance, Amazon or Flipkart.

The shopper finally buys a product and the company (merchant) credits the affiliate with his/her share.

How is the Traffic and the Sales Tracked?


Affiliate marketing


A tracking URL is the answer to the sales tracking. This is a unique link provided to you by the merchant. All the sales and the web traffic that you make using your website or other promotional methods, is updated in this URL.

There are still many affiliate programs that work on the outdated concept where shoppers are allowed to add their email or referral information to prove that it was an affiliate sale.

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However, that’s outmoded now and so, does not make for the right way to track sales and traffic.

There are many online businesses these days that offer affiliate programs, for instance Amazon and many more.

All you need to do is to register with the program and the unique tracking link is sent to you. This is the link that you need to use each time you write about their product and want to recommend the merchant site.

If you have attracted enough readers chances are that many will follow the link and some will definitely buy helping you earn commission.

However, all affiliate programs have their terms and conditions. For instance, many affiliate programs provide a 60 day window (cookie period) where you are entitled to earn commission only if the buyer uses your unique affiliate link to go to the merchant site and buy the product within the 60 days period.

What Happens if You Do not Have a Website?


Well, to reap the best results it is better to have a website, however, there’s definitely nothing to worry if you do not have one immediately or cannot afford one at the moment.

Not everyone may need it either. Yes, there are definitely other ways to take advantage of affiliate marketing:

  1. 1. Join an Online Forum

Online forums are one of the best ways to promote a business without having a website. There are umpteen such forums out there, however, make sure that you sign up for one that relates to your content.

While you can discuss about things that interest you in these forums, you can also post the affiliate links smartly so that it does not look out of context.

That being said, you cannot simply post the affiliate links to any forum or for any question. Make sure that you create content that’s useful and helpful within the forum and post the affiliate link in your product signature.

  1. 2. Write an eBook and Share Rights for Free


Affiliate marketing


That’s another way of free publicity of the affiliate products. Write an eBook with information adds value to it, and then share with giveaway rights or what we call as Private Label Rights (PLR) to social media sites, forums, eBay or on a platform like Payhip.

  1. 3. Create a Hub

Hubpages is a site that allows you create a hub, that is, a mini website or a mini blog of 1 page. So, if you do not have the time and money to invest in your own website, this is the best way to create content and start off with earning a modest revenue.

  1. 4. Take to Social Media

Social media is a greatest boon for online marketers these days. Facebook and Pinterest are the highest revenue generators for the online marketers.

So, all you need to do is to share the affiliate link on the popular social media platforms and then write useful content for followers encouraging them to visit the affiliate link in your signature/bio. You can even share these links directly via messages on these platforms.

  1. 5. YouTube Videos in Trend


Affiliate marketing


Remember the last time you viewed that chicken recipe or that makeup tutorial on YouTube? That’s how they market their products or niche via videos.

You can mention the link in the description below with some valuable content added to it.

  1. 6. Go for PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

This form of marketing your affiliate link is gaining popularity with each day. This is an advertising method where you have to pay based on per click.

So, you will need to pay only if someone clicks on your site or the affiliate link. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are the most popular PPC advertising options.

So, whether you have a website or not you can surely start marketing for your affiliates any day. However, having a website is a mark of trust for many big affiliate programs.

While you can still make revenue out of these non-traditional ways, having a website definitely creates that edge and increases the revenue faster.

There are umpteen options these days where you can start a website or a blog for free and then once you are ready to make it professional you can purchase one of your own.

But, if you are not so confident of creating a website on your own, LeadDyno can help you out with your requirements in the best possible way.

So, get going with affiliate marketing today and fulfill your dreams of earning those big bucks.