Affiliate Email Marketing

How to Find the Best Affiliate Email Marketing Program

Affiliate email marketing is a performance-based type of marketing where a business rewards one or more of its affiliates for every visitor who is brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

This market has four main players who are: the merchant who is also known as the retailer, the network which is the one that takes care of payments and also contains offers that the affiliates can choose from, the publisher who is the affiliate and finally the customer.

There has also been an emergence of second tier players such as affiliate marketing agencies, specialized third party vendors and super affiliates due to the increase in complexity of the market.

Most often affiliate email marketing will overlap with other internet marketing strategies.

This is because most of the time affiliates use regular advertising methods such as: paid search engine marketing, organic search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing and even display advertising.

There are other times when affiliates will use unorthodox methods such as publishing services offered by a partner or reviews of products.  What are the amazing affiliate email marketing strategies that pay off big time?

Affiliate Email Marketing: Maintain Multiple Email Lists For Niches


Affiliate Email Marketing


If you are already using email marketing then it is time to optimize our email list so as to advance the effectiveness of your email campaigns and consequently drive up your sales.

The key to achieve this is to find out what people are interested in and then use this information to adjust your email campaigns accordingly.

You can get this information by simply asking your subscribers right from the start when they opt into your email list.

The topic that you are tackling as an affiliate is your niche and what you need to find out from your subscribers are the sub-niches.

You can use your subscription form to inquire about these sub-niches. You can use a multiple-choice opt-in form to give your subscribers a chance to tell you exactly which aspect of your website they are interested in.

This will enable you to provide them with the relevant opt-in offer that is specifically tailored to what they are interested in. You can also ask people what they are interested in through an email.

You can invite them to reply your email and tell you what concerns them, interests them or made them choose to opt into your email list.

Once you have gotten this information you can separate them into groups and put them into different email lists.

This will ensure that you promote the right products to the right group of people who will find the product interesting.

Using this technique will enable you to tailor your affiliate marketing promotions to each group within your niche and this will result in an increase in referred sales and thus higher revenue.

Affiliate Email Marketing: Chat with Your Subscribers


The best way to achieve success as an affiliate marketer is to build trust with your subscribers. People need to trust your recommendation before they can even consider making the decision to purchase the product.

One way to make people trust your emails is to let them know that the website is run by actual people by making them feel special and appreciated.

One of the best ways to do this is to encourage conversation between you and your customer.

When you have a conversation with your subscribers you get to know more about each individual subscriber and at the same time, they get to learn a little more about you.

You may get an additional advantage from this technique as Google may move to remove your company’s emails from the spam folder because people will be seen to reply to your emails.

Affiliate Email Marketing: Promote Cornerstone Products with Auto-responders


Affiliate Email Marketing


Cornerstone products are those products that have already been tried and tested that you recommend repeatedly to your subscribers.

These products will apply to almost all the segmented email groups you have no matter what their sub-niches are.

When marketers are using this technique they will mainly rely on these base products to refer sales.

When you use a number of bonuses and incentives you make the cornerstone products more appealing to your subscribers.

Ensure that you dress up your affiliate products with irresistible offers that will make your subscribers jump at them. People will be more likely to make a purchase if your incentive is tempting enough.

Using cornerstone stone has another added advantage which is it builds a relationship between you and the seller.

These sellers are more likely to cut your subscribers a deal if you keep recommending their products.

This is another exclusive bonus that could go a long way in attracting your subscribers. You can achieve this technique by sending emails where each email contains a subtle link to the product you intend to sell.

The big push for your subscribers should come in the last email where you will directly market your affiliate product.

When you use this method, every email you send provides value to your subscribers and builds up the expectation for the product you want to promote.

This technique makes sure that by the time they get to the last email they are that much closer to the end of the marketing funnel. This is the perfect time to bring in your affiliate product.

Affiliate Email Marketing: Take Advantage of Curiosity to Get a Higher Email Open Rate


Curiosity is one of the best tools a marketer could have. You can use this technique easily by sending your emails in a series.

This will help in leaving your subscribers with questions that you will answer in the next email you send them. You can even decide to end your email with a cliffhanger which is even better.

They will always be forced by their curiosity to open your email as long as you leave them with something to think about.

The most important thing to remember is that you should never leave your subscribers waiting for too long. If you do they may forget what the cliffhanger is all about in your previous email.

It is best if you send the email series within one or two days of each other. This will help you to capture and maintain the interest of your subscribers.

Affiliate Email Marketing: Focus On Your Email List’s Value, Not Its Size


Affiliate Email Marketing


You may have a large email list but it’s not converting as well as you would want it to. As a marketer you want your subscribers to add value to your business and not just be in existence.

This requires you to lose some of the non-converting subscribers. When you find out those subscribers who are not adding value to your business you can send them an email informing them that you are considering to end your relationship with them.

You can send them an email asking them to reconfirm their subscription. This will give the subscribers the option to either end their subscription or to stay with you.

This will help to clean out your email list and lower your cost as well as ensuring the quality of your email list.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope the information provided was helpful to you.