AdWords Landing Pages

Hacks To Evaluate AdWords Landing Pages

Barnum, a museum owner in the USA in the 1840’S devised a clever method to increase client circulation. He knew curiosity drove people so to keep them moving, he posted a sign, ‘this way to egress’.

People were fascinated and only to find it was an exit. This created the result he wanted. It led people who were lingering on too long to the exit.

Well, this is exactly what a landing page does, create curiosity but instead of people going towards the exit, you need to keep them in. Most people however, after clicking on the page will be offered something different.

This will be a put off and clients will be confused and click out of your site. The idea here is to create an impression and deliver as promised. Here are some solid tips to get sales through Adwords Landing pages;

  1. Adwords Landing pages: Send visitors to a landing page

The Homepage is mainly for general business so everything is displayed there and might confuse clients and lose them. Google came up with ratings for PPC ads.

Sending people to your homepage gives your ad a low quality score. A landing page is more precise.

  1. Adwords Landing pages: Title And Ad Headline Match

Website visitors are always on the move. If they click on an ad and later find out that the content provided is not what was advertised, they quickly retrace their steps back to the exit.

Google Adwords Landing Page

It should be your goal to be precise with your title and headline, make it easier for surfers to find what they want.

  1. Adwords Landing pages: Each variation of ad needs a unique landing page

People like trying out new and unique things and it is best if you make new variations of your ad, stand out and attract the client’s eye. This way you create just the right kind of traffic.

  1. Adwords Landing pages: Provide Visitors with a great landing page experience

Make your page relevant, clear and give enough information. There should be effective ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’ buttons, it ought to be easy to operate site.

Don’t ask for too much buyer information, make it easy for them to want to come back again and again.

  1. Adwords Landing pages: Set up Sales Tracking

To find out the effectiveness of your PPC ads you need to track client activity. Lay down a process that is easy and comfortable for the client. Let it be a warm, productive experience.


AdWords Landing Pages


Set the steps which the visitor takes; clicking your ad, going to landing page, check out items, and finally a thank you click.

5 Reasons to Use the AdWords Landing Pages Grader


It’s really important to know how your ad scores to know how you can better your clients landing page experience. To know what more you can do to make you ad count.

To find out how you rank among other competitors in the industry. This is a niche area so a comparison is very specific.

1. Know how relevant your landing page content is.

2. Ensures your landing page is following common rules in advertising. Practices such as having many ads leading to the same landing page are not encouraged.

3. Find out if landing page forms are optimized for conversions.

4. Get to know if your PPC ads are accessible through phones since everyone uses them and traffic from them is major.

After all this done, well you can only expect more traffic on your website and definitely more dollars. What a way for you to go smiling to the bank. This will ensure that you simply nail it!