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Adwords Landing Page Guidelines: Creating the Best Landing Page Experience

Google has defined landing page experience as what a person’s experience will be once they reach your landing page. Search engine optimization can be used to increase traffic to a site and most especially landing pages. Landing pages may have different goals and contents but the AdWords landing page guidelines should apply to all landing pages.

Google uses Quality score assigns scores to pages based on the landing pages. The scores affect the decrease of advertising costs and also influences page position.

Landing page guidelines are useful when it comes to improving customer experience on a page.

It is important that:

• A landing page remains relevant to the keywords and ad text.

• Important information is provided relating to the landing page and the product or service that is being promoted

• A site retains information that is unique and of use to the target market

• You use strong and eye-catching headlines

• You remain focused on benefits rather than features

Importance of Paid Advertising


There are paid advertising channels such as Google AdWords that are accompanied by tips regarding what to do and what not to do.

Results that are organic remain subtle in terms of strategy as compared to paid advertisements that directly sell products and services.

Paid ads will increase the chances of a visitor following the ad to the accompanying landing page.

Google AdWords primarily deals with paid advertising. New clients can be reached and businesses can see significant growth as a result of building campaigns, bidding on keywords and matching ads to the landing page.

Visitors to a page are often led away from the page. There are a number of ways one can direct sales from PPC ads.

Direct them to a Landing Page


Customers who click on ads are often searching for items or services that have been described in an ad.

Sending them to a homepage can lead to a loss of interest. It will also result in a lower quality score from Google, meaning that your page is less likely to be offered to anyone searching using the keywords.

Have a Page Title that Matches the Ad Headline


Most of the people on the web are searching for solutions to a problem. By clicking on an ad, they are faced with the choice of staying on the page where they end up or leaving it entirely.

Visitors may head back to previous pages to seek a more relevant solution if upon a quick glance they are not faced with what they are in search of. The page title, therefore, has to match the ad title.

Have a Landing Page for the Different Ad Variations


Pay per click campaigns tends to carry a variety of versions of an ad. This is because the ads need to appeal to a group of people who may have a number of interests.

The ads have to agree with a number of keywords and keywords combinations. Each had is better off having its own landing page that has an identical heading.

Offer a Great Landing Page Experience

Landing Page Guidelines

There are exact guidelines that are offered by Google on how to create an online advertisement. An experience can improve by adding images, captions etc.

Landing Page Elements


An AdWords landing page guidelines;

• A headline that remains relevant and related to the ad

• A tagline that is supportive

• A list of the benefits of the page rather than features

• Testimonials

• A CTA button

• A form

• Images

Landing Page Guidelines

Use quite a Number of Sub-Headlines


This will help the visitors to a site that opt to scan through a page rather than read it. The sub-headlines will give assurances that the visitor is on the right page and at the same time convey your message.

Ensure the Pages Load Quickly


Visitors tend to tire of the page quite fast if it takes too long to load. A low-quality score will be the penalty. Images are more often than not the major cause of slow loading of the page.

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A CTA Button

Landing Page Guidelines

It should be included on a page and remain simple. Information that is asked should be minimal. Use a contrasting color for the CTA button so that it can stand out from the background that is in use on the landing page.



This will always give proof to visitors that there have been others who’ve enjoyed your product or service. Images of people reviewing your products and services are an added advantage.

Lander is able to offer more information on improving a landing page experience using a number of guidelines. Videos of these are inclusive.

Include Sales Tracking


Most people tend to limit the tracking to click-through rates of pay per click ads but this should not be the case. Ads should be tracked on their own so as to determine what ad is yielding the most results.

The AdWords visitor’s path can be tracked using Google analytics.

Consider the Goals of the Landing Page


Changes, adjustments and the general landing page is dependent on the goals set. Such goals include generating sales.

Optimizing and creating a landing page is not enough to generate and retain visitors while increasing conversion.

AdWords landing page guidelines have to be used for the campaign and landing page to ensure you are always generating leads. The landing page and its associating ad should remain connected and relevant to each other.


Landing Page Guidelines

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Use a headline that is both clear and relevant. Ensure the keyword is used in the headline.

Breakdown of the Content


Breakdown the content within the landing page into bulleted or numbered lists with additional images makes the content more eye-catching and easier to skim through.

Make the Page User Based


When creating a landing page, ensure it is user-friendly. The design and content on the page should all be aimed at ensuring user satisfaction.

Keywords Use


Avoid the use of too many keywords in a group. Excessive use of keywords tends to make the search for ad message difficult to achieve.

Optimize the Page for Mobile


Create a mobile version of the landing page as it is increasingly the most common device used to access the web.

Avoid the use of Pop-Ups


It has been shown that these tend to annoy the visitor more than actually result in any conversions.

Have a Thank You Page

Landing Page Guidelines

This is where the user should end up once they have clicked on the CTA button.

Have Conversion Tracking


This helps determine what works and what doesn't work for your pages. Tracking helps to get insight and understanding into what keywords and landing pages are yielding the best results.

Conversion rates are generated afterward to display the performance of the AdWords landing page.



Search advertising contributes to a large extent to internet advertising. A search ad and a good quality landing page can reduce the cost of acquisition for a customer.

Using AdWords landing page guidelines will help build a high-quality page that can increase conversions and improve your quality score rank.