A/B Testing

Effortless A/B Testing for Landing Page Optimization


A/B testing is an experiment where you simultaneously test two different versions of the same landing page. The following are what we check for in A/B testing:

i. Evaluating existing information

ii. Developing a hypothesis

iii. Testing your hypothesis using an experiment

iv. Measuring your results

v. Taking action on the information you obtain

In general A/B testing is the regular testing of your landing page to ensure that you are able to convert a visitor to your website or page into a customer.

Why should I run A/B tests on my landing page?


A/B Testing

When you perform A/B testing you give your customers the chance to let you know what they like and don’t like about your marketing strategy.

This in turn offers you very many benefits such as lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates and increased sales. Online marketing allows you the privilege of measuring and improving your strategy regularly.

Gain an advantage over your competition


Most people in the marketing world are usually afraid that testing their campaigns because they consider it to be time consuming and expensive.

This comes as a plus for you if you conduct A/B testing as you will gain valuable insight to improve your marketing campaign as your competitors lag behind.

Testing from scratch


A/B Testing

If you happen to be torn about which idea to use on your landing page, you should conduct an A/B test to help you decide on which direction to take.

You should have a landing page for each of your ideas which you attach equal amount of traffic and see which idea wins. This will help eliminate any guess work or assumptions.

Now it’s time to change one thing at a time


Once you have gotten the best marketing idea to use, do not make many alterations at the same time as this might case your page’s popularity to decline.

You should instead make changes one at a time so as to give your target audience time to adjust to the changes. This ensures that your conversion rates remain high. Always test one change at a time to see which version of the concept has better conversion rates.

What exactly should I test?


When it comes to deciding what to test you should not be shy to test every aspect. You can test any of the elements including: headline, sub headline, colors, testimonials, length, photos, font, videos, content, structure and calls to action.

How long should I run my A/B tests?


Knowing the right amount of time to run you’re A/B test is very essential in determining the validity of the results you get. If you run your test for too short a period you may get results that are statistically not valid.

In the event you run the test for too long it might cause you to delay the implementation of some necessary changes to your page.

Want to start discovering the unknown problems on your landing page?
Here is the best tool to use to start optimization of your landing page.

Lander’s A/B testing tool


This tool will enable you to create and test up to three different versions of the same landing page at the same time. This also allows you to create these landing pages under the same URL.

The Lander’s editor will make your testing and implementation of changes much easier. All you have to do is drag and drop your elements into the editor, save the changes and allow the A/B tests begin as you wait to observe the results.

I hope you found this article to be helpful. Keep your page optimized.