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9 Valuable SaaS Landing Page Elements You Need To Consider

Landing pages make up part of online marketing campaign strategies. Their ability to convert complete strangers who may have never heard of a brand before, into leads, make them a great asset to have and that is why you need software as a service – SaaS landing page template.

The SaaS landing page is a stand-alone page that is tailor-made for SaaS. The visitor is directed to the page after landing on an ad and clicking on it.

If your company is having trouble in generating new leads, then it is time to try the SaaS landing page to improve in this sector.

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Tips for an Effective SaaS Landing Page

To make sure that your landing page brings in more leads for you, there is need to take several steps.

These steps aimed at optimizing your landing page will lead to more conversions thus should be considered.

SaaS Landing Page Tip #1: Know Your Client


Who is your client? What are their likes, interests, tastes? Are they mostly old or young? Knowing such particulars as the demographics of your client base is necessary.

It allows you to choose the sort of layout or design to put on your landing page so as to attract them and make them take a further step of joining your email list.

Understanding your client also gives you an idea of what else to add to the landing page as well as what to offer them as you would also be aware of their needs.

SaaS Landing Page Tip #2: Let the Image Work for you


SaaS Landing Page

The image you decide to put on the landing page should draw the visitor immediately they see it. Have a good quality image that invites the visitor to know more about the service in question.

It is the feature that allows you to maximize the little attention that your visitor has to the page.

Use of image allows you to create in the mind of the visitor a better picture of not only what the product on offer is but also on how it will improve their lives. It all depends on the sort of image you decide on.

You can have a large image that is visible and of high quality. Where the image appears may vary. Find samples of landing page templates to see different image layouts.

Do take care that it doesn’t affect loading time for your landing page, making it load slower. This would decrease conversions.

SaaS Landing Page Tip #3: Make the Headline Count


Remember a few seconds is all you have to wow your visitor into taking an interest in your landing page and leaving their details with you. Have a headline that instantly tells them of the offer in a precise manner.

To capture the attention of the visitor, emphasize what they stand to gain from giving their email address. This should have them taking a second look at the landing page to know more about the offer.

SaaS Landing Page Tip #4: Highlight Uniqueness of Product


To stand out from other firms with similar services, ensure that you include the main selling point of the service.

Give the visitors a reason to choose your service over any other they know by giving information on why it is good for them.

Include benefits as well of the offer made to them. You can point out these benefits in bullet form to show the visitors what they would miss by not taking up the offer.

SaaS Landing Page Tip #5: Have an Appealing Offer

SaaS Landing Page

Do not forget to place this strategically such that the visitor sees it. To get the email addresses of visitors, you will need to give something to them in return.

It is an exchange of sorts, and also a selling point to get them to give email addresses with the promise of receiving something they need afterward.

SaaS Landing Page Tip #6: Make Navigation Easy


How hard or easy is it for users to navigate around your page? For a landing page to be effective, there is a need for ease of navigation.

The visitor needs to be able to access any vital information immediately without any form of navigation. Where there is a need for navigation, ensure that it does not distract from the information there.

Also, have the scrolling form of navigation over clicking to move around, as scrolling brings more of a flow and is fairly easier for the visitor.

SaaS Landing Page Tip #7: Keep it Simple


Leave out excess information that is unnecessary. Instead, stick to only what is needed. Having too much information may discourage the visitor from reading to the end.

In fact, most visitors would most likely just scan through to see the main points and quickly move on to other things.

To cater for this, have the main words that explain the offer highlighted, standing out from the rest to be easily seen by those who do quick scans.

Having fewer items also enables you to keep the page free from clutter which may lead to confusion for the visitor.

Have a simple, clear path to the call-to-action button, and ensure there is nothing distracting the visitor from seeing it as well as other important information.

You may use color contrasts to make the call-to-action button be harder to miss by visitors, as well as other key areas like the headline.

SaaS Landing Page Tip #8: Avail Social proof

SaaS Landing Page

The visitors to your page are most likely distrustful of you, especially if your brand is not that widely known.

Social proof serves the purpose of giving the visitors a peace of mind concerning your legitimacy and the goodness of your firm.

Social proof may be in the form of quotes from previous clients who are satisfied with the service, reviews, and testimonials.

Seeing other people recommend your service encourages your visitor to convert as well, dispelling any doubt they may have had.

SaaS Landing Page Tip #9: Test out Different Ideas


Different landing pages work for different people. The differences tend to elicit different reactions from the visitors, and your task is to find which works best for your audience.

When conducting these tests, consider changing one variable at a time, such as try different images first, then the heading, finding the ones that bring most leads so that you can use them. If the whole layout is not working as per your expectations, you may change it as a whole including everything in it.

Also remember that just because one design worked for you, does not mean it will always work in the future. Trends keep changing, together with the behavior of people.

Thus visitors may prefer one design today, and another different one tomorrow. This means that you should keep conducting the tests periodically to ensure you have a design that is beneficial to you.



Finally, you may consider adding social share buttons on your landing page to further widen the field of potential leads.

The people who show interest in your service may know others in their circle who might be interested in the same, and you want to tap into that possibility. We can create your SaaS landing page template incorporating all features to your liking.