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9 Resources to Tap for Your Content Creation Needs

Today's world has become a virtual world, encompassing the worldwide web. And, in this online realm, content is key. In order to be seen and heard online, you need to have great content and lots of it.

But, good content that can effectively draw people in takes a lot of resources - both time and money.

If you choose to hire and employ a full-time writer to create content for your company, you'll be paying them week to week, regardless of how busy they are. If there are weeks with very little work to do, you'll unfortunately be paying them just the same.

What are your options, when it comes to superior content creation, while still managing within a reasonable budget? Outsourcing your content creation has become a widely used, financially viable and budget friendly option to acquire great content without having to pay a full time writer.

Pay for only what you need, when you need it. And, within this vastly expanding online universe, there are so many resources you can tap for excellent content from highly skilled professionals.

Here are 9 resources, among countless others, that you can use to seek out the content you require.

1. Content Writing Services on Demand Scripted

The SmartMatch technology of Scripted matches your needs to the skills of a professional writer. Outline your specific requirements in order to be provided with the best possible content creator.

Pricing for blog post creation starts as low as $39, and will change as your requirements narrow down the field of available writers.

An available Content Budget Tool allows you to analyze your marketing costs on a monthly basis.

2. Creative Marketplace Krop

Your resource for searching for and finding top creative talent online. Register with Krop for exclusive access their database of over 100,000 resumes and portfolios of available content creators, ready and willing to take on your project, whether it's a one-off or a long term assignment.

3. Custom Writing Service BoomEssays

For customized writing when you need it urgently, look no further than Boom Essays. Content is completely personalized and tailored to your exact specifications.

Services offered through Boom Essays are affordable for everyone, from students to businesses. The skilled writers specialize in academic writing, for all levels of education and in all subject matters.

4. Content Creation NewsCred

Captivating storytelling is exceptionally effective and can go a long way towards driving long term business growth.

NewsCred is the world's leading resource for marketing content, partnering with brands to help them alter and improve their interaction with people, build their name as a brand and increase their customer base.

5. Writing Wizards at Upwork

Post your project on Upwork and choose from the available writers, who are all competing for the opportunity to create content for you.

You'll have the ability to read feedback from their past clients, and hire as needed. And, you can review all of the work and request any changes to be done before you approve and pay for anything.

6. Freelance Marketplace Speedlancer

Speedlancer prides itself on sourcing out the best content creators in the business. Offering services in design, marketing, writing and research, they provide only the highest level of quality at the fastest speeds.

Some of their available writers have worked for well known publications, including The Huffington Post and The Guardian.

7. Assignment Help EssayRoo

Creating customized, original written content, EssayRoo touts itself as the most popular and trusted writing service in Australia.

Each writer they use holds a degree and professional experience in the subject which they are writing about, so you're sure to get quality content from someone well versed in the field.

8. Content Marketing Platform Rallyverse

Rallyverse is your complete content marketing platform, giving you the resources to create more content, increase your traffic and engage with people at a higher level - all while saving time.

They will assist in content creation for all of your brand assets, connecting blogs to videos and images, to help get the most exposure for them.

They'll also make use of your social networks to help drive and increased number of views, and help your content show up where it's most relevant, increasing your conversion rates.

9. Teamwork at Zapty

Collaborative efforts are made so much easier with the help of Zapty. It's a project management and collaboration tool unlike any other, that acts as an information center for any team working on a project.

Distance and time zones are rendered insignificant with the seamless collaborative powers of Zapty.

Traditional means of communicating are no longer necessary, and are instead replaced with the technology that allows teams in the modern world to work together more easily in spite of any physical obstacles that may exist.

Final Words

Making use of the technology available today has had incredible effects on the availability of resources for content creation. Businesses are no longer bound to hire and employ individuals on a full time basis.

This may not even be a budgetary possibility for some small businesses or start ups. The rapid expansion of the online world has opened up the opportunity for businesses to find and hire content creators on demand.

It allows you to easily manage your content creation and marketing budget, by sourcing out work as needed and paying only for what you require at the moment.

For those businesses who are unable to take on additional employees to complete this task, this is the perfect solution. And, for businesses that have an occasional increase in their needs for written or other content, they are able to seek out qualified professionals to fill in the gaps as needed.

Qualified professionals are available in a wide variety of fields of subject, in all manners of content creation.

Outsourcing your content creation allows you to acquire the content you'll need for a strong online presence, letting you drive traffic and increasing your customer base, while giving you the opportunity to focus your time and energy on other areas of your business growth.