Online Marketing Automation

9 Online Marketing Automation Tools To Transform Your Business

What is online marketing automation? it is a process in online marketing where a software is used for complex and repetitive marketing and conversion tasks, avoidance and reduction of human error, and for marketing optimization.

It is designed to help you prioritize and execute marketing tasks with more efficiency and it helps in conversions of prospects by generating personalized and useful content to turn them into loyal customers.

It generates new revenue for businesses and is an excellent return on the investment. Online Marketing automation can be divided into three:

Traditional Marketing Automation


Refers to triggering emails based on time delays or actions like email opens and email clicks. It fails to supply the marketer with any context about who her leads are, where they are in her funnel, or what they are interested in.

This gives little foundation to automated campaigns based upon solely email actions, and ultimately results in a poor user experience for those prospects.

Inbound Marketing Automation


Online Marketing Automation

This one is centered around the prospect. Meaning, it uses all the information known about a person to understand what their wants and needs are and delivers them the information they need to make a purchase, exactly when they need that information, and in the place, they’re looking for it.

Good Marketing Automation


It should consider and prioritize the evolving needs of prospects, the spend behaviors, and their interactions with your business across all your marketing channels.

Behavioral inputs from multiple channels such as social clicks, viewing a pricing page or consuming specific content give marketers insights to understand what a prospect wants and how to guide them down the sales funnel.

An effective marketing automation will collect data from multiple channels and uses those channels to send out marketing messages thus a marketing campaign fully utilizes the various channels to influence a buyer’s decision.

Businesses often mistakenly get marketing automation under the false impression that is all digital marketing tools for growth and leads generation rolled up in one. It is not.

It will only assist you in ramping up the work you have already done for growing business revenue and getting the right leads by basically filtering the gathered content for the best information to help you achieve your desired marketing goals.

Unless and until you have a steady flow of organic leads flowing through your sales funnel, you will not have the desired ingredients required for an effective marketing automation strategy.

When you lack the right ingredients to start you off for online marketing automation, you have a tool to automate the middle of the sales funnel, but lack the lead generating solution for the automation to nurture.

The result is having to spend more by buying lists of email addresses for leads instead of generating your own inbound leads.

An effective inbound marketing strategy generates a steady flow of new organic leads which is then scaled up by a marketing automation tool.

It nurtures the leads already in the funnel, isolates the good ones, and converts quality leads into paying customers.

There are various pieces to put in place for a successful marketing automation strategy but two principles are key to keep in mind as you develop a strategy to scale up and move with your customers.

Marketing Automation Does Not Market Or Generate Leads


Online Marketing Automation Tools


It can only help to scale up your already successful efforts by building a pipeline of good leads. It generates optimized and relevant content that resonates with the needs of your prospects. This is inbound marketing becoming the building blocks of your marketing funnel.

Center Your Marketing Message Around A Real Person


Treat your target audience like a real person. Have a clear and coherent message and fragmented information dispersed across different marketing tools like email, social media etc.

Leverage all marketing tools at your disposal effectively and paint a complete picture of a person. Nurture them based on their unique challenges and interests.

As discussed above, you realize that marketing is becoming a science and you need the right tool for the management, measurement, and optimization of your efforts to succeed.

There are very many online marketing automation tools to help you accomplish your goals. Below are some of the commonly used online marketing automation tools:

Online Marketing Automation Tool #1: OutMarket


This is the marketing automation tool for quantifiable results. It has a platform that converges social media management, press outreach, email marketing, landing pages, and analytics and is a comprehensive cloud-based solution but simple to use. It helps businesses to beat competition and grow.

Online Marketing Automation Tool #2: Salesfusion


Salesfusion is a leading marketing automation software provider for B2B companies committed to increasing revenue by aligning marketing and sales.

It helps companies to build a large revenue funnel for marketing and sales by creating customized digital conversations easily transferrable between departments.

It enables marketing and sales to participate in and measure digital conversations for the delivery of more lead-to-revenue.

To do this, it targets the right leads, at the right time, offering the right message.

Online Marketing Automation Tool #3: Infusionsoft


Infusionsoft is a leading sales and marketing software for small business owners that helps them get organized, grow sales and most importantly save time.

It is also used by many bloggers for creating marketing campaigns and funnels and email marketing.

It simplifies the creation of a sales and marketing strategy and its execution. This is achieved by centralizing customer interactions; capturing new leads, closing sales faster, and automating repetitive tasks.

Online Marketing Automation Tool #4: Act-On


Act-On’s allows marketers to connect inbound, outbound, and lead nurturing programs together in a cloud software for the purpose of maximizing marketing ROI. It is best suited to small and medium business.

Online Marketing Automation Tool #5: Pardot


This is an easy to use B2B marketing automation suite for the maximization of efficiency and revenue increase.

Pardot features CRM integration, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and ROI reporting for the generation and qualification of sales leads, shortening sales cycles, and marketing accountability.

Online Marketing Automation Tool #6: HubSpot


If you want to transform marketing from outbound lead generation such as TV ads to inbound lead generation to boost visibility, this is the marketing automation tool for you. It also enables your business to be found more organically.

Online Marketing Automation Tool #7: Marketo


Marketo will help you increase revenue and improve business marketing accountability through a cloud-based marketing software platform designed for companies of all sizes for building and sustaining engaging customer relationships.

Online Marketing Automation Tool #8: Oracle Eloqua


Eloqua is Oracle’s B2B cross-channel marketing automation software which enables marketers to plan and execute marketing campaigns through the delivery of a personalized customer experience to improve lead generation.

Online Marketing Automation Tool #9: LeadSquared


This is designed for small and medium businesses to primarily drive revenue. LeadSquared aligns business marketing and sales activities and captures leads from all your sources such as online campaigns, phone calls, inbound email, website, chat, etc.



Marketing automation will not get you the desired results overnight; effective marketing automation takes time, a lot of effort, and resources to implement and maintain to realise revenue growth.

Choose the marketing automation tool that best suits your business needs and your unique marketing goals.

The trick is to focus on results and the long-term partnership so that you can drive up revenue but more importantly, rope in the right prospects to sustain and grow your business into the future.